Samsung Maintains Lead Over Apple in Q4 2015

Samsung in the last quarter of 2015 managed to retain its lead over Apple to remain the top smartphone vendor according to the latest shipment data released by market research firm Strategy Analytics.


The research firm has come out with its report on global smartphone shipments by vendor in Q4 2015. where it claims that Samsung shipped 81.3 million smartphones worldwide which was more than Apple’s 74.8 million shipments during the same period. The shipments helped Samsung capture 20.1 percent of the market, ahead of Apple’s 18.5 percent in Q4 2015. As per Strategy Analytics data from Q4 2014, Apple had tied with Samsung as world’s top smartphone vendor with both garnering 19.6 percent market share.

The new data also claims that Samsung had an above-average 9 percent annual growth compared to same period last year. Samsung shipped 74.5 million units in Q4 2014, as per Strategy Analytics. The research firm further added that this was Samsung’s fastest growth rate in almost two years while Apple saw only a slight rise in shipments. In Q4 2014, Apple shipped 74.5 million units. Notably, the report adds that Samsung shipped 319.7 million smartphones in 2015, compared to Apple’s 231.5 million. The report also corroborates IDC’s numbers for record smartphone shipments 2015, to 1.44 billion.

The research firm added that Apple captured 18 percent market share in Q4 2015 which hardly changed from a year earlier. Strategy Analytics said that “Apple’s iPhone growth is peaking” though pointed out that the company will have to expand into new markets including India and Nigeria in order to reignite iPhone growth this year.

In the Q4 2015, smartphone industry registered “slowest growth rate of all time” of 6 percent, according to Strategy Analytics. The smartphone shipments saw a rise from 380.1 million units in Q4 2014 to 404.5 million in Q4 2015.

Chinese handset makers including Huawei and Lenovo (and Motorola) grabbed third (8 percent) and fourth (5 percent) position, respectively. According to the research firm, Huawei shipped more than 100 million smartphones in 2015. This was first time that the Chinese company crossed the 100 million shipment milestone.

Lenovo and Motorola, despite the merger of the two companies, saw a decline in overall smartphone shipments. In Q4 2014, Lenovo and Motorola combined shipped around 25 million units while the number came down to 20 million in Q5 2015, as per Strategy Analytics. Xiaomi held the fifth position and grabbed 5 percent market share in Q4 2015.

Another research firm claimed almost similar results for smartphone shipments in the Q4 2015. Counterpoint Research also claimed that Samsung had an edge over Apple in Q4 2015 while the other top five smartphone vendors were Huawei, Lenovo and Motorola, and Xiaomi.

Some of the interesting points made by Counterpoint Research suggest that 3 in 5 smartphones shipped in 2015 were LTE capable. It adds that 900 million LTE smartphones were shipped globally in 2015 while 3 in 5 smartphones shipped in premium segment in 2015 were iPhone models. It also added that close to 850 brands were competing in smartphone market; however, the top 20 were commanding almost 85 percent of the total smartphone shipments in 2015.

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iPhone 8 concept is the most beautiful smartphone

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus might represent the fastest-selling smartphone duo of all time, but some people find certain aspects of the phones’ design to be “appalling.” We also discussed some questionable design decisions in our in-depth iPhone 6 review, though we didn’t feel quite that strongly about them. Either way, it makes sense that people would begin looking toward the future in search of new iPhone designs, since not everyone is happy with the look of the current iPhones.


Now, a new iPhone concept attempts to look beyond the next few years, where Apple’s iPhone of the future is the most beautiful handset the world has ever seen.

Forget next year’s iPhone 6s. Forget the iPhone 7 expected in 2016 and its sequel, which will likely debut in 2018. A graphic designer who goes by “Steel Drake” took to Behance earlier this week to share his vision of the iPhone 8, a device that likely won’t debut until sometime in 2019.


And if Apple’s actual iPhone 8 looks anything like Drake’s vision, 2019 can’t get here soon enough.

Via Concept Phones, the concept renders on Behance show a unibody smartphone case formed from a single piece of glass that covers the front and back of the iPhone, and also wraps around the top and bottom of the device. Aluminum inserts on the sides are then home to buttons and antennas.

A design like this is absolutely outside the scope of reality in 2014, but a lot can happen in five years.

Several additional images of Steel Drake’s iPhone 8 concept follow below, and the rest can be seen by following the link down in our source section.


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How to Delete Location History in Apple Google Maps

The applications like Apple Maps and Google Maps are very useful in situations where you don’t know the route in which you’re going. These apps will locate your Geo-location and then show you the correct route to reach your destination. However, these applications will save every location that you visit or even the search history, as it will help in speeding up your future searches. But, what if you wanted to keep your location history, a secret?


It is very simple! Just like the way you delete your web browsing history, you can clear your location history too. Below are the instructions for doing so. The process is same for both Android and iOS devices.

How to Delete Location History in Apple Maps?

It is a bit difficult finding the location history in the Apple Maps. Carefully follow the navigation mentioned below.

1. Open the ‘Apple Maps’ app > tap the ‘search bar’, followed by ‘Favorites’.
2. Tap the ‘Recents’ tab found at the bottom of the screen.
3. Next, tap the ‘Clear’ button found at the top-left corner.
4. Doing so will enable the option to delete all your recent travel history.

Unfortunately, you cannot delete individual location history as of now.

How to Remove Location History in Google Maps?

Unlike the Apple Maps, it is easier to clear location history from the Google Maps.

1. Open the app > select the ‘menu icon’ found inside the search bar.
2. Tap on ‘Settings’ > go to ‘Maps history’.
3. You’ll now be able to see all your recent searches along with the location history.
4. Tap the ‘X’ mark found next to each location you wanted to delete and confirm ‘Delete’ to permanently remove it from the history.

Unlike the Apple Maps, you can delete your individual location history in Google Maps. However, if you wanted to delete all the history, then from your web browser, go to Google’s history page > Maps > select all > remove all items.

iPhone 7 Plus larger battery and 256GB storage

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 7 Plus could bring big improvements in storage and battery life. According to a new report, this year’s iPhone 7 Plus will come packing the biggest battery we’ve seen in an iPhone to date, and up to 256GB of internal storage.


The claims come from Chinese website MyDrivers, which cites sources in Apple’s supply chain who say that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in the same 4.7- and 5.5-inch sizes as existing models, but with big upgrades under the hood.

One of those could be a new 256GB storage option, which is twice the amount of storage you can currently get in an iPhone. It’s unclear whether Apple would offer this as an additional option, or whether it would finally eliminate the 16GB model and offer more storage in the cheapest iPhone.

The sources also say the iPhone 7 Plus will have a 3,100mAh battery, which is around 12.7 percent larger than the battery in iPhone 6 Plus. This would provide even better battery life — which is already impressive with 6 Plus and 6s Plus — but we wouldn’t get too excited just yet.

Recent rumors have claimed Apple’s next iPhones will be even thinner than those on sale today, which suggests there will be no room for larger batteries. Of course, those reports could well be wrong, but we suggest taking the latest claims with a pinch of salt for now.


Other changes to iPhone 7 could be the removal of its headphone jack, a water-resistant design, a faster A10 processor, and wireless charging

Apple Has 800 Engineers Working on iPhone Camera Alone

A roadside signboard reading shot on iPhone 6 reminds me of the toil that Apple has put behind to build up the one of the most awaited camera. This guess over iPhone’s camera is jostling looking at the fact that if a company like Apple can invest millions in advertising then it must have invested a good amount of time and labour in camera as well.


Recently, we shared a 60 Minutes segment on Apple that detailed some inside stories of Apple. According to this report, 800 Apple employees are working solely and dedicatedly just over iPhone’s camera. This comprises of not only engineers but also other specialists in their fields – guess what they might be! The team is currently being led by the Graham Townsend.

Through iPhone’s camera testing lab, Graham Townsend also demonstrated the camera performance under various circumstances and Apple simulates those conditions.

These test conditions include sunset to dim lit indoors. There are over 200 separate individual parts in an iPhone’s camera. And looking at the sheer number of people working towards just a camera and money spent over advertisement of iPhone camera, it can be said that Apple loves flaunting out things which is one of it’s kind in it own.

In the same interview, Tim Cooks also outlined the qualities that Apple expects in a future Apple employee along with some tips to get a job at Apple.

Best upcoming smartphones 2016 Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony’s

We all know there’ going to be an iPhone 7 next year. That’s easy. What’s a little more tricky is knowing when all the other major smartphones are going to launch. Here at Alphr, we have a calendar that keeps track of when we expect the year’s upcoming smartphones to launch, which allows us to prepare for them. So, under the flag of goodwill we thought we’d share that information so you can plan your purchase(s) accordingly.


To help you with your decision, here’s a list of the best upcoming smartphones 2016. Be warned: the list below isn’t based on official release dates, but on internet rumours instead, so try not to hammer me in the comments section if some predictions don’t turn out to be 100% accurate. Dates, in particular, can change.

Upcoming smartphones 2016:

– Samsung Galaxy S7 – February
– Sony Xperia Z6 – February
– LG G5 – March
– HTC One M10 – March
– Huawei P9 – April
– Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – August/September
– Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ – August/September
– Apple iPhone 7 – September
– Apple iPhone 7 Plus – September
– Nexus 5 (2016) – October
– Nexus 6 (2016) – October

Best New Cell Phone coming in 2016 iPhone 7

Some smartphones are worth waiting for, and there are some stunners coming in 2016. These are the best new phones coming in 2016, including the best new Android phones, best new iPhones, best new Windows phones, best new Samsung phones, best new Sony phones, best new HTC phones, best new LG phones and more.


Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 will be Apple’s brand-new flagship phone for 2016, and following tradition should be announced in September. Although the final release date is still many months away, that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill going crazy over the upcoming iPhone.

We’ve already seen rumours that the new iPhone will feature big design changes, with an all-new D-jack headphone jack, waterproofing protection and an eSIM. Loads of rumours are circulating about the screen too – will it get bigger? Will it feature a curved edge? Will it have a Touch ID display, or edge-to-edge glass?

One things for sure, the new iPhone will be faster than ever, with an A10 processor and embedded M10 motion co-processor, plus 2GB of RAM.

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