BlackBerry Keyboard app on the Google Play Store receives update

The BlackBerry Keyboard app, found in the Google Play Store, is available to users of BlackBerry branded handsets that run on Google’s open source Android operating system. The virtual QWERTY keyboard features BlackBerry’s flick typing that allows users to see different possible choices for the next word in their sentence, and flick it with their finger into the email or text being written. The video at the top of this story details some of the things that the BlackBerry Keyboard can do.

The app has just received an update that among other things, automatically capitalizes the first …

New OnePlus 3/3T update brings improvements to Gallery, Switch app, more

While OnePlus 5 and 5T have already received Android 8.1 Oreo via an open beta update, the other two smartphones launched by the Chinese company, OnePlus 3 and 3T got updates the add a handful of improvements, but not so many new features.

The Gallery gained the highest number of improvements such a new design for Collections tab, a reorder function for Collections and recently deleted Collection.

OnePlus Switch, the app that allows users to switch to newer devices easier, now features support to migrate application data. The new option that wasn’t initially available will surely …

App for iOS allows the Apple iPhone 7 Plus to copy the black Portrait Lighting background from iPhone 8/X

Those with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus might understandably wish they had upgraded to the Apple iPhone 8 Plus or Apple iPhone X, especially if they like the Portrait Lighting feature on the new models. With Portrait Lighting, users can create certain depth effects with the background of a portrait, including a black background that completely hides the location where the portrait was snapped.

Until now, those with the iPhone 7 Plus had to jailbreak their phone in order to access the feature. But now, a photography app named Focos that has already been sitting in the App Store, has added a new …

Samsung releases Experience app for Galaxy S9/S9+, so you can get a feel for what they can do

It’s true that Samsung has already set up Galaxy S9/S9+ promotion studios where people can come and try out its new flagships before buying one, but these are hardly available everywhere across the globe.

On top of that, you might not be able to head to one of these promotion studios, or don’t have time. So, the South Korean company thought it would be best to give consumers interested to buy the Galaxy S9 or S9+ the option to try out some of their features directly on their phones.

The new Experience app for Galaxy S9/S9+ offers exactly what it says: a virtual experience of what …

Google adds new languages to Gboard keyboard app for Android

Google has just confirmed that its Gboard for Android application now supports more than 300 language varieties, covering 74% of the world’s population – quite an impressive achievement for a keyboard app.

But that’s not all, as Google announced Gboard has been updated with Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and Korean – plus twenty additional languages. Apparently, these were the top two languages that users asked to be added to the keyboard app, and Google delivered.

Google also said that it’s equally focused on making sure lesser-known languages, such as Manx and Maori, …

Google Lens now rolling out to some Android handsets with the Google Photos app installed

Last month, we told you that Google Lens was coming to other Android handsets besides the four Google Pixel series phones. Heck, Google is also going to offer it to the Apple iPhone. Google Lens is a way to see the results of an internet search for the subject of a picture. Or, if you own a flagship model from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony, and Nokia (HMD Global) with Google Assistant, you can just point your camera at something and learn all about it.

Well, Google used the Google Photos Twitter account today, to announce that it has started rolling out Google Lens to Android handsets …

Download this: Slopes app makes ski tracking even better


This week, Apple gave skiers and snowboarders a bunch of new reasons to get a new Apple Watch.

The company finally delivered the long awaited Apple Watch update that adds new workout-tracking features designed specifically for skiing and snowboarding. And with the update, Slopes, already one of the very best ski tracking apps out there, just became an even more essential tool to bring to the mountain with you.

The iPhone app lets you track your runs in meticulous detail throughout the day. Start recording when you first get to the mountain, and the app tracks every stat you could possibly want, from your altitude and speed at any given moment to how much time you spend on each run and lift. Read more…

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YouTube app gets fancy new AI that removes background like a green screen


While artificial intelligence may one day evolve into the godhead, right now it’s being put to a more prosaic use: funny backgrounds in YouTube videos. 

Engineers at Google have developed a new tool that uses AI and machine learning to filter out and replace the background in videos much like a green screen does. They call it mobile real-time video segmentation, and it’s here to up your YouTube game — assuming you have the limited beta stories, that is. 

That’s because, for the moment, the feature is only to be found there. Even so, it looks like it could have a big impact. After all, just imagine what the wonderfully twisted minds of the internet will do now that they can easily digitally replace the boring scenery behind them with, I don’t know, maybe a mural?  Read more…

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Soundscape – the app which will help blind people in city navigation

Microsoft has launched its Soundscape app for iOS. It is aimed to help visually impaired people navigate through cities and find shops and landmarks. It is available on iOS currently and nothing is known about an Android launch.

Soundscape works by allowing users to set beacons for different landmarks, which will play sound effects when you are near them. This way, visually impaired people will be able to navigate even if they are in a city they’ve never visited. Currently, the app has three modes – ‘Locate’, which tells your location, ‘Around Me’ …

Amazon app allows you to shop in AR on certain Android and iOS devices

Thanks to the release of Google’s AR platform ARCore 1.0, certain Android handsets will allow you to access AR View and shop on the Amazon app in AR. This means that you can look for home furniture, decor for the home, Amazon Echo products and even toys using Augmented Reality. Certain products will be listed on the app with the phrase “See how this product fits in your room.” You will be able to see a new office chair sitting in your personal work space at home, allowing you to see how it looks in the room without having to buy the chair and take it home.

Before you open the Amazon …