In full-page ads, Zuckerberg apologizes for Facebook's failure to protect users' personal data

A letter from Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears in nine Sunday papers today in the form of a full-page advertisement. The letter, which includes the Facebook logo and Zuckerberg’s signature, contains an apology of sorts. Citing the data on 50 million Facebook users that researcher and former Cambridge University professor Aleksandr Kogan leaked to Cambridge Analytica without permission (some reports allege that Kogan sold the data to the consulting firm), Zuckerberg says that this represented a “breach of trust.” In addition, the executive said that he is sorry that Facebook didn’t …

Samsung apologizes for putting Verizon SIM cards in Sprint's Galaxy S9 packages

If you are a Sprint customer, and have preordered your Galaxy S9 and S9+ directly from Samsung, you might have been in for a funky surprise upon going to the porch, and taking the wraps off the shipment. 

The Sprint Galaxy S9 packages seemingly contained… Verizon SIM cards, as you can see above. Samsung has apologized for the mismatch, and is reportedly now shipping the correct SIMs to their Sprint customer orders as we speak. 
Adding insult to injury, the unlocked Galaxy S9 costs just $719.99 over at the Samsung USA store, while Sprint and …

HTC apologizes for delaying Android 8.0 Oreo update for U11 in Europe

The US version of HTC U11 has already been updated to Android 8.0 Oreo for more than a month now. Unfortunately, customers who bought the smartphone from other regions will have to wait a while longer for the update.

HTC UK has just issued an apology aimed at customers U11 owners in Europe. Apparently, the company started to deploy the update globally but ran into some unforeseen issues that forced HTC to delay Oreo for the U11 in Europe.

We’re sorry for the delay in delivering your Oreo update for the HTC U11. We have started to roll out the update globally …

Andy Rubin apologizes for Essential's privacy gaffe

You might remember our previous report about a possible phishing scam that Essential might have fallen victim a few days ago. Some customers who pre-order the Essential Phone received an email that asked for sensitive information like pictures of an ID and address.

Well, it appears that there was no hacking involved in the privacy issue, but rather a huge mistake from Essential’s part. According to Andy Rubin, the reason some customers received those mails asking for personal data was an email account gone rogue.

It appears that the company made an error …