Register to Download Super Mario Run for Android

Super Mario Run is on the decline over on iOS, so Nintendo is probably feeling like it’s time to get it going on Android. They’re preparing themselves to do so with this latest move.


You can now pre-register to download Super Mario Run for Android. By doing so, you’ll get a notification on any of your Android devices you’re signed into when the game becomes available to download.

In case you haven’t heard, Super Mario Run is an endless runner by Nintendo, and it’s their first proper game after launching a chat app called Miitomo and having a limited role in launching Pokemon GO. It was first available on iOS, but likely delayed for Android due to some sort of exclusivity deal.

Super Mario Run features super simple gameplay. Mario runs on his own, and you tap the screen with a single finger to help him jump over, under, through, and on top of obstacles. You collect coins just like you would in any Mario game, too. Youtube Video

The game will be free to try for 3 levels, after which Nintendo is expected to ask for $10 for the entire ordeal as that’s the asking price over on iOS. Head to Google Play to pre-register if you want to know the moment this thing goes live. Unlock to LIKE and Get Register Link to Download

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