Xiaomi to announce entirely new phone series with stock Android and "flagship dual camera"

Xiaomi is set to unveil a smartphone with a “flagship dual camera” from an all-new lineup on September 5. The manufacturer’s initial teaser for the event only mentioned the high-end dual cam setup of the handset.  This led us to believe that this was just going to be a global release for the China-exclusive Mi 5X, as its camera is identical to the composition of the Mi 6 flagship. 
However, a new teaser has emerged recently on Xiaomi’s official Twitter account:

The possibilities are endless and it begins …

Asus to announce new ZenFone 4 smartphones on August 19

After unveiling the ZenFone 4 Max (which is currently available only in Russia), Asus is now getting ready to announce more ZenFone 4 handsets – possibly including a regular ZenFone 4, a ZenFone 4 Pro, a ZenFone 4 Selfie, and a ZenFone 4V.

At least some of the smartphones mentioned above will be showcased on August 19, when Asus is hosting an official ZenFone 4 event.

As seen in some previously unveiled teaser images, the ZenFone 4 series should be all about dual cameras. One of the upcoming handsets, the ZenFone 4 Pro, will likely have a dual rear camera …

Foxconn’s CEO and president Trump announce plans for a $10 billion LCD factory in Wisconsin by 2020

President Trump’s election campaign largely revolved around making “America great again” and bringing businesses into the country. Trump has been quite engaged with the tech sector in particular, where bringing the production of iPhones to American soil seems like one of his top priorities in the business field. While it is not clear whether Tim Cook actually promised Trump last week to build three ‘big, big, big’ Apple plants in the US, the president has apparently been involved in a previously rumoured venture with Foxconn that was officially …

Apple likely to announce new iPhone 8 on September 6th

The Apple iPhone 8, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are coming soon. At least that’s what our experience tells us: Apple has a tradition of unveiling its new phones in September, which is just two months away.
With so many rumors floating around about all three new iPhones that are expected to get unveiled this year, it will be hard for Apple to keep it all a mystery.
We already seem to have a general understanding of the new iPhone 8: rumors paint a picture of a phone with a larger OLED display with a new aspect …

Samsung and PayPal announce PayPal integration for Samsung Pay in the USA

Not falling behind Apple and Google’s competition, Samsung announced the addition of PayPal as a payment method for in-app, online, and in-store purchases paid using Samsung Pay. At first, only US users will have access to the functionality, but it will gradually be expanded to other countries.

Following Samsung and PayPal’s agreement, customers will be able to access and use their PayPal wallet and balance anywhere Samsung Pay is accepted. The payment system works on almost every terminal where a card can be tapped or swiped.

Merchants will also be able to accept Samsung Pay as a …

TNT and TBS announce major updates to both networks' streaming video apps

Cable networks TNT and TBS have announced that major updates are getting pushed out now for the pair’s streaming video apps. Those using the apps on mobile platforms like iOS and Android will receive the update, as will users of Apple TV and Amazon Fire. The updates will include complete redesigns of the apps and will also add new platforms such as Roku, Chromecast & VIZIO SmartCast. Later this year, the apps will be offered on certain game consoles and connected televisions.

The redesigned TNT and TBS apps will be the first from major television networks to employ a technology called …

National Geographic photographer Cory Richards and Fossil announce limited edition Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch

Cory Richards, the famed National Geographic wildlife photographer, and Fossil have just announced the upcoming availability of a new limited edition Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch.

Dubbed Fossil Q x Cory Richards, the new smartwatch will be launched on March 27, although details about the price haven’t been disclosed yet. Design-wise, the smartwatch draws inspiration from the Fossil Blue, the first watch Richards received in his early twenties.

The Fossil Blue soon became “a piece of art” as Richards wore it everywhere, even while climbing in Yosemite and on …

Sprint and US Cellular announce LG G6 price and release details

Following T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular today also announced when and for how much they’re going to sell the LG G6.

Just like Verizon, Sprint is ready to accept pre-orders for the G6 starting tomorrow, March 17. Also similar to Verizon, in addition to offering a free Google Home speaker with the G6, Sprint will give you a free 49-inch LG 1080p HDTV (normally priced at $349.99). These are limited time offers and will be available only with online registrations.

Sprint will sell its LG G6 for $29.50 per month over 24 months, or $708 …

Infinity Blade creators announce Battle Breakers tactical RPG for mobile devices

Epic Games is mostly known in the mobile gaming industry for its Infinity Blade series, but the studio is the owner of the Unreal Engine technology, which is widely used in the PC gaming industry as well.

As part of its keynote at GDC (Game Developers Conference), the studio announced it would launch a new mobile game called Battle Breakers. The game will eventually make its debut on PC as well, but we are more interested in learning about the Android and iOS versions.

Battle Breakers is a tactical role-playing game (RPG) made with Unreal Engine 4. Epic Games …

Microsoft to announce Surface Phone on October 6th

Recent rumors suggest that the software giant will reveal a Surface Phone during its Windows 10 Hardware event on October 6th.


Microsoft has scheduled its Windows 10 Hardware event on October 6th. As expected, rumours are taking over the world of internet, preparing us even for the first transformer in history.

However, the facts point to a much more practical and realistic revelation, given that the company is craving to get back to the smartphone industry.

For starters, let’s all take a deep breath and agree to something that we all have been knowing for a long time, but only a handful of people dares to admit openly; Microsoft’s Lumia series was a failure, even though Nokia – the once world leader in the smartphone industry – was involved in the manufacturing process.

The whole ecosystem was not enough to support and give a sufficient boost to all the services and apps that had to go against the equivalent of Apple’s and Google’s operating systems and services.

Apple is currently attracting the spotlight with its new iOS 9, as well as the latest addition to the iPhone family, the 6S and the 6S Plus. Google, on the other hand, is also developing the new Nexus phone and making slight, but notable improvements on its Android OS.

So, how could Microsoft answer to its two arch rivals, you ask?

Well even though it is just a rumour for now, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The company could easily surprise us with a Surface Phone. Its Surface Pro tablet line-up has met great success – and for a good reason we may add –, so combine that with the Windows 10 Mobile, which is set to be unveiled on the same day, and you get the perfect product at the perfect time.

According to the same rumours, this Surface Phone could easily prove to be a hard to beat challenge, even for the iPhone 6S Plus or recently launched Galaxy S6 Edge+. Whispers brought by the wind talk about a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with a 1440 x 2560 resolution, a 64-bit Intel processor and 4GB of RAM, which might be the greatest proof that Microsoft visions the Continuum in the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile platform.

That would essentially allow users to fit the power of a Windows 10 PC into a 5.5-inch handset.