Apple releases iOS 11.3 software update: battery health tool, new animoji and more

Starting today, Apple has released the latest iOS 11.3 software update and millions of iPhones will be updated with new features like a battery health tool, new animoji, newer version of Apple ARKit, business chat and more.

To manually start the update, unlock your iOS device and go into Settings > General > Software update.
There, you will see the iOS 11.3 software update, a big update weighing 2.18GB. Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and grab a cup of coffee or do something around the house as it will take a while for the update …

Apple takes Animoji Karaoke to the next level in Grammy show ads

Apple has two new cool animoji ads and it aired them at the Grammy’s to showcase the fun new iPhone X feature to a wide audience.

Both ads are basically animoji karaoke interpretations of popular songs.
The first one has an alien singing Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” with a special appearance by Mr. Unicorn. It’s all set in a psychadelic universe filled with cat, panda and robot emoji, and you can see it below.
The second one called “Amigos” has a different set of animoji perform “Stir Fry” by hip …

Watch Animoji come to life replacing actors on TV

What if animoji – the coolest iPhone X gimmick – could be the face of the most popular TV shows?
You don’t need to wonder anymore as creative YouTubers from the Corridor replaced the faces of artists in some of your favorite TV shows like Stranger Things, The Office and Full Metal Jacket with… animoji.
It’s a clever trick: the guys over at the Corridor tracked their own faces with animoji while speaking the lines of the characters and then imposed the animoji on top of the actors’ faces.
The result …

Latest Apple iPhone X ad stars the Animoji feature

Thanks to the TrueDepth camera on the Apple iPhone X, and the 3D sensing that makes a 3D representation of a user’s face, Apple was able to create the Animoji feature. The name itself tells you what this feature does. The word is a combination of animation and Emoji, and so what you are seeing on the screen is an animated Emoji. But the magic is in how the Animoji move.

With the TrueDepth camera tracking your face, every movement and expression you make is mirrored by the Animoji character you select. There are about a dozen in the messaging app for you to choose from. Besides Face …

It was bound to happen: Honor demonstrates "better" animoji than the iPhone X

Honor has just announced its latest flagship, which it calls the Honor V10. But the company also laid out its plans for “future innovations”, which included a set of Face ID sensors up on the front with an IR camera and a VCSEL (Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser). And yes, the feature would be used for secure phone lock / unlock.

But Honor didn’t stop at Face ID. Come on, are you new here? Of course, the company also announced its own version of Animoji. They not only have their own unique set of characters (which have more to do with anime than emoji, …

New iPhone X video ads bring Face ID and Animoji into the spotlight

Apple today released four video ads promoting the iPhone X –
the company’s newest, most advanced, and most expensive smartphone yet. All the
videos – embedded below – presents features that are currently exclusive to the
iPhone X.


One of the ads shows how much fun you can – arguably – have with Animoji (which are created with the help of data gathered by the handset’s TrueDepth
camera), while the other three videos are all about Face ID.


As you may know, Face ID is the only biometric
authentication feature on the iPhone X, as the device lacks Touch ID (and a
home button). …

Apple: yeah, the iPhone 8 could do Animoji, but they would be lousy Animoji

Apple has responded to the tempest in a teapot that resulted when the TrueDepth camera was covered in a review, and Animoji still worked, by saying that, yeah, it would somehow work, but the experience won’t be the full quality its developers strive for. 

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, it turns out, which also have the A11 Bionic processor and ARKit support, could have in theory been enabled for Animoji, but the resulting facial expression tracking would be nowhere near the level achieved with the depth mapping available on the iPhone X. That is why Apple isn’t …

The iPhone X doesn’t actually need the TrueDepth camera kit in its notch for Animoji

Apple is betting so hard on the added value of its inimitable TrueDepth camera kit that allows Face ID biometric unlocking and entertaining crowd-pleasers like Animojis, that it made several compromises with the look and app compatibility of the iPhone X (looking at you, notch-y top).

Well, folks were perfectly fine with unlocking their phone via the Touch ID finger scanner, and now it turns out that the Animoji feature may not even need the TrueDepth set, so… Wait, what? Apparently, even when you cover everything in the notch area but the regular …

iOS developer creates stand-alone Animoji app with longer recording time

Apple’s new animated emoji give you a rare opportunity to experience what it would’ve been like doing face mo-cap for a turn of the century CGI film. Doing animoji overdubs and karaoke is all the rаge right now, but with severely limited recording times—just 10 seconds—coupled with the fact that the 3D characters are exclusive to iMessage, it isn’t exactly easy to go wild, unless you want to do some stitching and editing in post.

I made a thing. #AnimojiKaraoke #ACDC #iPhoneX #moneywellspent— Duncan Birnie (@duncanbirnie) …

iPhone X Animoji get a surprising new use

Animoji karaoke is now officially a thing.
Animoji, the animated emoji characters that mimic your facial expressions live as you speak on the iPhone X, turn out to be able to give familiar songs a twist. You can easily sync your favorite song to an animoji and see a chicken head perform Taylor Swift, the pile of poo singing Justin Bieber songs and a trio of a pig, cat and chicken perform The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
What makes this so interesting is that the animoji characters have very detailed facial experessions, so …