These 10 premium Android icon packs are free for a limited time, grab 'em while you can

Ah, custom icon packs! If you’ve been following our various columns on Android customization, then you should know by now that we love custom icon packs around here. And why wouldn’t we? Applying a custom icon set is like giving your home screen a fresh coat of paint!

Along with changing your wallpaper, that’s one of the easiest, hassle-free ways to spice things up. There’s no such thing as having too many icon packs and don’t you believe anyone who tells you the opposite! Joking aside, we do like our icon packs and we also like sharing our favorites with our …

Customization extravaganza: Best new icon packs for Android (June 2017)

Got a custom launcher? If the answer to that question is “yes”, then you’re also probably dabbling with custom icon packs as well. Depending on your tastes, these will either greatly improve the looks of your interface or create a despicable mess of unsightly elements that mar your home screen.
As we want to help you avoid the latter scenario at all costs, we always strive to provide you with the best new icon packs that hit the Play Store on a regular basis. Here’s a bunch of cool new ones that arrived on the store in the past fortnight or so.
Erza<div …

Archos unveils four new Android smartphones for the European market

French Android OEM Archos has just announced the upcoming availability of four new smartphones for the European market: Diamond Gamma, Diamond Alpha, Sense 55S, and Sense 50X.

All four will be launched on the market this summer during of the month of July. The most expensive of the four, Archos Diamond Alpha will cost €299 (after a cash discount of €50), while the Archos Sense 55S will be available for purchase for €249 outright.

Next in line, Archos Diamond Gamma is priced to sell for €199, whereas the cheapest of the four, the rugged Sense 50X will be up …

Sony starts rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat for Xperia XA Ultra

Although slower than other Android OEMs, Sony continues to push the long-awaited Android 7.0 Nougat update to many of its smartphones. Fans who own the Xperia XA Ultra will be pleased to know that their handsets are the next to get the update.

The Japanese company has kicked off the deployment of Android 7.0 Nougat to a couple of Xperia XA Ultra models like the F3211 and F3212. If you have some other variant, then you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Not many details are known about the update, but you should be looking for the new firmware version 36.1.A.0.179. …

Android loses ground, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus still top smartphone sales in the US, Q1 data shows

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech released today its Q1 statistics on smartphone OS data, indicating stronger performance for iOS on local ground in the US, compared to the same period, last year. However, iPhone and iOS sales marked drops in Asia, while Samsung and Android did not perform too well on the other side of the globe, in the US.

The US market was dominated by iOS sales that accounted for up to 36.5% of smartphone sales in the country – a 5.8% increase from last year. In this spirit, iPhone 7 and its larger brother, 7 Plus, remained at the top of the sales …

Android Excellence is Google's answer to the new iOS 11 App Store

The digital distribution services of Android and iOS are set to receive some important updates in 2017. Earlier this month, Apple kicked things off by announcing a major redesign of its App Store coming with iOS 11 in September, and it looks like Google isn’t planning on idling about either. 
On Tuesday, the search engine giant announced and implemented the new “Android Excellence” program to Google Play. Basically, Android Excellence is a place where Google Play editors highlight apps that deliver “great design, technical performance, …

Sony flagship running Android O shows up in User Agent profile, could be the rumored Xperia XZ1

The following piece of news may not exactly be a revelation, but here goes: Sony is working on a new flagship smartphone. The news comes from a couple of User Agent profiles uncovered on Sony Mobile’s site, which also revealed the phone will probably be released with Android O out of the box.
The device’s model number G8341 (or G8342 for the dual-SIM variant) tells us a couple of things: the letter G signifies it’s part of the company’s current flagship line, while the first two digits, 83, could signify it’s another member of the Xperia XZ line. For reference, the …

7 best free fighting games for Android and iOS (2017)

There isn’t a single gaming platform that doesn’t have fighting games. Some of them are quite brutal, such as the latest Mortal Kombat games, while others are quite family-friendly, such as Super Smash Bros. But they all have one thing in common – they are the perfect type of games for the competitive players.

Whether you want to prove you’re better than everyone, or you just want to decide who gets the last slice of pizza, fighting games are the way to do it. They provide level battlefield for the opponents to settle their disputes in, short rounds that make the gameplay enjoyable for casual …

Plex 6.0 makes it possible to play video files stored on your Android phone or tablet

The team behind Plex had been pushing new features and improvements to its application very often in the last couple of months. After bringing Live TV to all Plex Pass subscribers for free, the developers are now adding an important new feature to the Android app.

If you have Plex installed on your Android smartphones or tablet, you will be able to open video files stored on the device’s storage or SD card with the new player. Files like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV and more can now be played without a server. Furthermore, you can even open a video file in another app and choose to play it in Plex …

Chrome 60 beta for Android brings new search widget, lots of API improvements

The newest stable version of Chrome for Android dropped in the Google Play last week, so it makes sense for Google to start working on the next iteration.

Chrome 60 is now available for download in the beta channel and brings lots of new features and improvements into the mix. The most important seems to be the addition of a new search widget that includes a shortcut allowing users to search Chrome using their voice.

Google has also improved the way the browser loads fonts on different websites. Usually, Chrome delays rendering text until the used font is available, which means that …