The LG K8 2017 is US Cellular's first cheap Android Nougat phone

US Cellular recently started selling the LG K8 2017, a very affordable handset that comes to replace the K8 2016.

Previously released via T-Mobile and MetroPCS under the name LG Aristo, the LG K8 2017 can be purchased from US Cellular for just $49.99 on prepay (after a $100 online discount), or for $5 per month over 30 months. As you’d imagine, this is not exactly a powerful smartphone, but, at this price level, you shouldn’t expect it to be anyway.

The K8 2017 sports a 5-inch display with 720 x 1280 pixels, and runs Android 7 Nougat out of the box, being US Cellular’s second Nougat …

Do a Barrel Roll! Capcom releases shoot 'em up arcade classic "1942" for Android and iOS

Japanese video game developer Capcom riding a wave of nosalgia back to your smartphone screens. The company that brought us multi-million-selling franchises like Street Fighter and Mega Man has just released a mobile adaptation of another popular title from the 80’s – 1942.

For those unfamiliar with the game, 1942 is a vertical scrolling aerial shooter that takes place in the Pacific theater of World War II. Players control a plane called the “Super Ace”, and their end goal is to reach Tokyo and lay waste to the entire Japanese air fleet.

The game is …

TAG Heuer teases Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch announcement for March 14

We’re just a couple of days away from a new smartwatch announcement coming from watch company TAG Heuer. Not a newcomer to the smartwatch industry, the Swiss watchmaker recently teased a new product that will be revealed on March 14.

The teaser doesn’t really come as a surprise since sources familiar with the company’s plans confirmed last month that TAG Heuer would be launching a successor to the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch in mid-March.

According to the same source, the wearable device is called TAG Connected Modular, and it’s supposed to feature interchangeable straps and clasps …

New Google Android Taste Test can help you find the "home screen of your dreams"

As of today, Google’s official Android website includes a fun “Taste Test” that takes a few minutes to complete. If you’re in search of a new look for your phone’s home screen, we’d say it’s worth checking this out. In fact, according to Google, you may find the “home screen of your dreams” by taking this test.

The test itself is based on images – you’re presented with various looks and options that you must choose by clicking (or tapping, if you’re on your phone). Do you like your colors warm, or cold? Geometric, or organic textures? Patterns, or randomness? You’ll get to choose …

March security update for Nexus 6 pulled due to Android Pay issue

The March security update for the Nexus 6 has been pulled by Google. Apparently, those who installed the update found that it breaks SafetyNet, which in turn breaks Android Pay. SafetyNet is an API that checks your phone to see if it has been tampered with. For example, it looks for unlocked bootloaders. the flashing of custom ROMs and other things that make a handset less secure. As a result, it prevents apps that require a secure device, like Android Pay, from working.

As a result, you won’t find the March security update among the Nexus Factory Images or Nexus OTA web pages. After all, …

BlackBerry's new app for Android keeps bystanders from stealing information from your screen

Don’t you hate it when you’re looking at your phone and some stranger (or even a nosy family member) looks over your shoulder at the screen, trying to steal some information? Well, BlackBerry isn’t turning a deaf ear to your problem. The company has come up with an app called Privacy Shade that is made for Android handsets. The app allows you to decide which parts of the display you will have covered so that no one can look at your screen and discover information you want to be private.

The Privacy Shade will work with the Quick Settings feature on Android Nougat. Or, you can assign the …

Google keyboard for Android gets live translation update so you no longer have to excuse your French

One could do a lot worse than choosing to stick with Google’s stock Android keyboard, so we understand if you are a happy user. We also have great news for you – Big G has updated the keyboard with Google Translate integration and predicative emoji support. As you start typing, the Google Translate technology will instantly output your phrase in a language of your choice. This greatly simplifies your attempts at multi-lingual communication.
What’s more, emoji and moving GIFs can be chosen straight from the predictive text section instead of having to go inside the …

The ZTE Z986 has been spotted online; includes Android 7.1.1 and a massive 6-inch screen

Throughout 2016 and even so far in 2017, ZTE has proven to know a thing or two about what it takes to create a quality smartphone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Last year’s Axon 7 lineup and ZMAX Pro proved to be some of the best smartphones for their price range, and this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is where we were first introduced to the commendable Blade V8 Pro.

ZTE already has some true winners under its belt, but the company is nowhere near to calling it quits. ZTE took the stage at Mobile World Congress 2017 to announce the Blade V8 Mini and V8 Lite, and a new …

Google Allo's latest update brings support for Android Auto, animated emoji

As it turns out, Allo isn’t quite the success Google wanted it to be, but the company isn’t giving up on it – quite the opposite, actually. An update to the messaging platform’s Android app today has brought support for a somewhat big new feature: support for Android Auto.

After the update, upon receiving an Allo notification, it will be displayed on the screen as well as read out loud, rather than be hidden behind the app’s interface, as was the case until now. Users can now also dictate a message to reply with, or automatically send a prewritten response.
Apart …

Apps like iMovie for Android and iPhone

Apple’s iMovie is part of the iLife apps group that is a signature feature of iOS — iPhoto (now integrated with the Photo app), Garage Band, and iMovie allow users to create quality artistic projects with minimal effort. There’s nothing cooler than feeding your clips and pictures in an app, dragging things around a user-friendly interface, and coming up with a pretty clip in less than an hour.

With simplicity, however, come some restrictions. So, you might want to look at different apps to compile parts of your videos, without them being necessarily more complicated …