Best Cell phablets for 2016

If a big screen for watching videos, playing games or simply to fit more on the screen when browsing, emailing and texting is what you’re after, these are the best phablets available right now.


Apple iPhone 7 Plus Price: £719


Apple’s latest phablet is like a greatest hits from the past two years of iPhone. It looks pretty much the same as 2014’s iPhone 6 Plus, has the same fingerprint scanner as the iPhone 6S Plus, but is now waterproof and has a better camera.

The dual camera on the back is the main attraction, using two different lenses to create an effective 2x zoom and some fancy effects. The home button also doesn’t move any more, but the little vibrating Taptic Engine does a good job of giving you the impression that it does.

One thing the 5.5in phablet doesn’t have is a headphone socket, which means you’ll have to use an adaptor to plug wired headphones into the Lightning port at the bottom. You can’t charge while listening to music, but at least the battery lasts about a day.

The iPhone 7 Plus is also wider and more difficult to use one-handed than other 5.5in smartphones in this group, so it’s worth investing in a good case as dropping it is a real possibility when out and about.

Google Pixel XL Price: £719


Google’s first own-brand phablet runs the very latest version of Android 7.1 Nougat and will get updates before any other Android smartphone.

It has the company’s latest in intelligent voice control, GoogleAssistant, which is a conversational search and personal assistant hiding under the Pixel’s home button for when you need it.

The 5.5in Pixel XL is a relatively simple-looking device, but its subtle wedge shape means there’s no camera lump on the back. The camera is excellent – ranked the best in the business by DxoMark– and it’ll last over a day between charges.

It’s snappy, has a good fingerprint scanner on the back, great screen on the front and is one of the first smartphones compatible with Google’s new Daydream View VR goggles.

But the Pixel isn’t waterproof, like Apple’s iPhone doesn’t have expandable storage, and is pretty pricy compared to the rest of the Android competition.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Price: £520


Samsung’s smaller top-end phablet, the Galaxy S7 Edge has a 5.5in curved screen that makes it the narrowest and easiest to handle in the category. It has more features too, with a great camera, fingerprint scanner, heart-rate reader, wireless charging and various bits and pieces to take advantage of the curved screen.

It is that curved screen that makes the S7 Edge stand out, fitting a 5.5in screen in a body not much larger than a 5in phone. The only real downside is that picking a case for it could be difficult.

The S7 Edge is waterproof, and has a microSD card slot for expanding the storage. It lasts a day and a half between charges and is compatible with Samsung’s Gear VR headset too.

It doesn’t run the latest version of Android yet, but an update to Android 7 Nougat is already in testing and is expected to be available to all in 2017.

Huawei Mate 9 Price: €699


If you want a really big screen – bigger than all the others in this lineup – the Mate 9 is for you.

The front is pretty much all screen with a 5.9in display and small bezels at either side making it more manageable than you might expect. Not everyone will be able to use it comfortably with one hand, but the curved back, chamfered edges and good palm rejection make it easier to hold on to than even some smaller-screened competitors, even when it weighs a good 20g more.

The screen isn’t as sharp as some others, but the Mate 9 will last around two days between charges. It’s superfast too, has dual-sim support, expandable storage and has an extremely rapid fingerprint scanner on the back.

It has two cameras on the back, one monochrome and one colour, which work together to improve detail and low-light performance. You can also use them in interesting combinations – shooting in true monochrome is great fun.

Huawei’s version of Android – Emotion UI based on Android 7 Nougat – has many more power and notification controls than you would normally find, and looks a little different from Android on most other smartphones.

OnePlus 3T Price: £399


The OnePlus 3T is the successor to the excellent OnePlus 3. Now it has a faster processor, a larger capacity battery and better cameras.

It’s 5.5in screen is slightly less sharp than rivals with the same size display, but is vibrant and colourful with good viewing angles. It’s also got narrow bezels, which combined with a curved back and chamfered edges make the 3T easier to grip than most.

You have a choice of 64GB or 128GB of storage, but cannot add more. It has two sim slots for using two phone numbers simultaneously, and a rapid charging technology called Dash Charge.

The battery lasts a day between charges and the phone has the fastest Qualcomm processor on the market, matching the Google Pixel XL. The fingerprint scanner on the front is excellent and the camera’s pretty good too.

It doesn’t yet run Android 7 Nougat, but an update to the latest version is promised before the year is out. The OnePlus 3T is a great all-round device for less money than most of the rest.

Top Upcoming Mobile Phones with Latest Android Kitkat Version

Year 2014 will shake the world with sound beat of multifarious offering which soon going to jumble up the excitement of future technologies surprisingly on tip of the toe, by means of upcoming Smartphone’s with latest Android KitKat version whose little bit of achievability already shown in the year 2013.

Hereby, move on to the roll of top Smartphone’s that are going to be uncovered in 2014 with full fledged new technologies as stated below:

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the first Smartphone of 2014 with new feature called water and dust resistant like Xperia Z1.

iPhone 6 – Apple will soon rhythmic on beats of upcoming offering expected to be launched in November with version of iPhone 6. Undoubtedly, each offer from the renowned face brilliantly leaves strong footprints in the mind of user.

LG G Flex – G-Flex will be a forthcoming phone of 2014 which expected to be under price tag of about 59,000, though, it is most awaited offering so far due to its special feature integration called self healing capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy F – this will be the upcoming phones with latest android OS especially for its premium aluminium casing. No more details have been uncovered by the official sources yet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Samsung has not only famous for its Smartphone but also for Note introduction. Galaxy Note 4 will comprises some special features like have 8 core processor, Aluminium premium body, wireless charging at par.

Sony Xperia Z2 Avatar – Xperia Z2 Avatar will surely grab your attention by means of its 506 ppi resolution with promising features such as wider global coverage, smoother screen orientation transition and network compatibility.

Samsung Galaxy Lite – it is most awaited biggest offering which is expected to release in Mobile World Congress Event February 2014. Moreover, it will be available in midnight black, white, lime green and in orange colors.

Huawei Glory 4 – This phone will be inexpensive but still functional android handset that eventually sports on octa-core processor.

HTC Butterfly 2 – HTC Butterfly is also from the upcoming offering of 2014 Smartphone series which is 5.2 inch full HD display that encompasses extensive features like super sound sterio speakers, Ultra pixel camera respectively.

Blackberry Z50 – this upcoming phone Z50 is a successor to Z30 and Z10 which will surely entice business confers by means of its significant features.

Blackberry Q30 – Blackberry Q30 is another new bee with special integration of speed accuracy, good performance are some of the clear features of Blackberry Q30 that expected to be launched in quarter of 2014.

HTC M8 – HTC is going to begin its new flagship with the codename M8 with latest android version Kitkat 4.4 accordingly.

Top Upcoming Mobile Phones with Latest Android Kitkat Version

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The Growing World Associated With Android

When Google looks into the future it looks extremely bright for their Android smartphone platform. If you don’t want to go that far you could at least say that the future looks much more bright then it did around 2 years back when the Android smartphone platform made its debut. Back then it was just one single smartphone and didn’t have much in terms of add-on application offerings.

Within the keynote presentation there were some very impressive stats brought forward.

* 100,000 brand new activations of an Android system every day

* 50,000 fresh products and services throughout the Android Market ever day

Google also unveiled it new version of Android and it appears that this version is far more of a technological leap of the mere version 2.2 number would suggest. One example of how these version numbers don’t indicate when a software may have made a genuine breakthrough.

Some of the interesting and breakthroughs offered within the version upgrade bundle that were out line within the presentation are:

* Much quicker performance

* Flash support – While it’s true that Adobe Flash can sometimes be stupid and seem somewhat evil but sometimes you just have to watch a video or use some type of an interactive widget

* Backup built in

Perhaps the only complaint that many will have is the wait as many of the cell phone service providers/manufactures are not getting the upgrade right away. For example, HTC has noted that only those cell phones shipped in the second half of 2010 will be getting Froyo. All of the others will be running the existing Adroid software.

One other thing would be the battery life should have been among the advertised Froyo features.

Some other evidence of the healthy state of the Android is on full display just down the hall and one floor down from the keynote auditorium. There is a glass case and it is filled with 54 different tablet computers and Android phones. It allowed for the attendees to view the current and a lot of the upcoming Android phones from places like:

* Sony

* Samsung

* LG


* Motorola

It is safe to say that if there is not now there will soon to be a cell phone or tablet PC that matches your size and shape needs – although much of the hardware is admittedly not as elegant as that of the iPhone.

Perhaps with the given line up, people will finally stop asking about the Verizon iPhone.

The Growing World Associated With Android

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Feature Dual Camera, Edge To Edge Display & More Claims Media

Samsung’s managed to stay in the news consistently for 2016. Not only has the Korean manufacturer launched two new devices this year, but one of these has also become a public safety hazard. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is now the smartphone with the highest amount of explosions to its name. The device has been banned on airlines, is facing recalls and witnessing suspended production. While the fate of the Note 7 might be sealed soon, more information about the upcoming Galaxy S8 has surfaced.Take a look below to find out more.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumored With Same Set Of Features Once Again

When we talk about high end mobile devices, only a handful of manufacturers come to mind. Samsung and Apple have been at odds for the top mobile device for quite a while. Whether it’s the Korean tech giant’s Galaxy S lineup or Cupertino’s iPhone, the duo ensure that competition remains as tough as ever in the flagship segment. To that end, some more details have surfaced about the Samsung Galaxy S8 today.

As 2016 comes to an end, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched by the manufacturer very soon. The device has a rumored launch date of February 26th, which leaves a time frame of four to five months for the device. For features, the Korean media claims to have some more information for the device. According to the Koreaherald, Samsung’s started to place orders for more expansive components this year.

Today’s information stands in line with what has surfaced previously for the device. For starters, looks like the Galaxy S8 will also make the upgrade to dual camera next. LG, followed by Apple have both introduced the feature and Samsung’s tendency to stay in line with market features compels the Korean manufacturer to make a similar change. We’ve also seen speculation surrounding the home button increase for the Galaxy S8. Sources suggest that the device will feature the home button and fingerprint reader incorporated within its display.

It’s highly likely for these features to make it on the S8, as we’ve heard similar claims for the iPhone 8 as well. Earlier rumors have also pointed towards the removal of the 3.5mm earphone jack on the device. Audio peripherals will connect using Type-C connectivity, should Samsung adopt the latest specifications. More information will surface on the device in the future. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Sony Xperia Z7 Release Date Rumors Q1 2017 – Z7, Z7 Mini, and Z7 Premium

Sony has been somewhat unpredictable over the course of the last couple of Xperia Z smartphones as they seem to be doing what many said they wouldn’t be doing. It all started just after the Xperia Z4 launched as it was believed that Sony Inc was moving away from launching two flagships per year.

This was very soon dismissed as the surprise release of the Xperia Z5 months later which was more of a remake then an entirely new concept. This leads us into the present day with the Xperia Z6 believed to debut during the 1st ½ of 2016 and new Sony Xperia Z7 release date rumors.


With Sony once being one of the most prominent smartphone manufacturers globally it was believed they would be getting out of mobile manufacturing all-together, but now we know this isn’t the case with new rumors coming in on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z7. The Japanese mobile manufacturer has seen some new innovations in the past couple of Xperia smartphones, and the same is expected with the 2017 release of the Xperia Z7.

We’re now hearing something a bit more definitive as rumors suggest the Xperia Z7 release date will be during Q1 of 2017. While this has yet to be confirmed, it seems highly likely as Sony is looking to once again looking to become an industry leader. We’re hearing more power, and cooler processor, and a stunning 30MP are some of the goodies in-store for us.

It sounds as though the Xperia Z7 will make it to all markets worldwide, despite early rumors suggesting otherwise. Aside from the standard Z7, we’re also likely to see a Mini and larger Premium model. The Z7 could feature a 4K 5.2” display running Qualcomm’s 820 SoC on-board, along with a 30MP rear-facing camera.

We’re still holding out for the possibility of seeing the next generation Snapdragon processor, but the 830 SoC doesn’t look to be ready until the Z7 debuts. The Sony Xperia Z7 Mini is likely to be a smaller variant coming in at 4.6 inches while a Xperia Z7 Premium could be significantly larger with a 5.9” display.

We’ll still waiting for the confirmations, and as soon as we get more on the Xperia Z7 release date along with all specifications you can bet you’ll set it here first.

Samsung is still at the top in UK Android market

The record breaking success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have almost surprised everyone in the world especially the rivals of Samsung. In addition to this many companies are promising for challenging this handset such as HTS and the Sony for providing a wonderful gadget and are far better than the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now in the market of Androids Samsung is at the top position, Sony has acquired the second position of the seller of Android handsets and HTC is at the third position.

Sony has worked very hard and has positioned the HTC at third number. In Blighty during the last 3 months Sony has sold about 500,000 of its Android handsets whereas HTC on other hand has sold out 440,000 handsets.

But still both are very much far away from the sales of Samsung Galaxy S3. The sales of Samsung device are 3.2 million which a crazy sale of the Android blowers moreover on calculating its sale is six times sales of Sony devices. So no mobile company can lag behind this Samsung Galaxy s3 and Samsung is actually a real champ of this mobile industry. Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals @

At present Sony is a leading Android drive and has launched the official handset called the Xperia T. This is really a budget handset within the appearance of Xperia E and is a special handset moreover would go to capture the market in the month of January. Sony executive Dennis van Schie have stated that in the near future Sony is coming up with a flagship Sony model and would go to fight with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iphone. In addition to this he also provided a hint that the company is planning of making Windows handset very soon. According to the rumors Sony is planning of functioning on the top of coming up Nexus smart handset that is designed for Google. Generally the Nexus devices are flagship Android products so the reality is that Google has selected Sony.

Sony has advertised its novel handset in the movies called Skyfall and has not hurt Sony wishes. On the other hand HTC is little bit struggling moreover its latest handset HTC Butterfly seems to be a big challenger for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This latest handset would not be entering the market of UK and is a 5 inch gadget along with the 8 mega pixel camera. Well Samsung is really on the top of android phones market and it seems it will rule for long time.

Samsung is still at the top in UK Android market

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Newest Android Phones in 2012

In 2012, Apple has brought us a new gift — iPhone 4S, and HTC brought us HTC One X. And now, Samsung brings us a great gift — Samsung Galaxy S III. So, which one is the best? We are so confused when we make a choice among these mobile phones. Here, I want to discuss the distinct features of Galaxy S III.

S beam:
Samsung Galaxy S III has a great connection function. Samsung Galaxy S III is provided with a newest connection technology. That is S beam. With S Beam, just place two Galaxy S III phones back-to-back and you can transfer photos, videos, documents and more. In just three minutes you can successfully share a 1GB video file–it’s fast, easy, and you don’t even need a Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

Smart Stay:
Samsung Galaxy S III is really smart. With the Smart Stay feature, the screen display will remain bright as long as you’re looking at the phone. Set it down, and it dims instantly. Because the front-facing camera can identify your eyes–while reading an e-book or browsing the web, for instance–it recognizes how you are using your phone and provides a bright display accordingly.

S Voice:
Like the Apple Siri, the S Voice feature enables the Galaxy S III to actually listen and respond to your words: tell it to wake up, snooze, take a photo, answer a call, send a text message or play a favorite song. If you’re text messaging with a friend, you can easily switch to calling them instead with the Direct Call feature. Simply lift the phone to your ear, and it automatically dials their number.

These unique features make Samsung Galaxy S III be unique in Android phones. We can say that Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the most successful Android phones, and it is one of the most comparable competitor to Apple iPhone 4S.

Now I want to introduce you an Android phone from Google. If you live in USA, you should be very happy. Google declined the price of Galaxy Nexus. You can save $ 50 now. If you are finding a gift, a Galaxy Nexus is a good choice.

Google is the focus of the world in recent days. Firstly, it released Android 4.1 in Google I/O, and Google Nexus 7 became one of the Android tablets. Now, this must be a good news for you if you want to buy a Galaxy Nexus. Galaxy Nexus’s price in Google Play is declined $ 50.

The original price of Galaxy Nexus in Google Play is $ 399, and now it is dropped to $ 349. Let’s view some details of this phone. Galaxy Nexus can support 5-band 3G network, and it can support GSM network from 200 operators in the world. Galaxy Nexus adopts a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED Contour Display, and it resolution can up to 1280 x 720. It has a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, and a 1GB RAM, so Galaxy Nexus must can run smoothly. It is equipped with two cameras, a 5.0 MP Continuous auto-focus in back, and a 1.3 MP in back. The most importance is that Galaxy Nexus will be carried with Android Jelly Bean firstly. If you have bought this phone, you can upgrade your Android to Android Jelly Bean in July.

There is a pity that the price of Galaxy Nexus is only dropped in USA. Maybe some days later, users in the whole world can share the discount.

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Newest Android Phones in 2012

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Dream new smartphone could see this AMAZING design

Samsung could be planning a major redesign for its next big smartphone.

The Galaxy S8, which is set for release early next year, will offer a number of upgrades and improvements – but could also come with a great new feature.


It’s something previously seen in the troubled Galaxy Note 7 device, which waspulled from sale earlier this year following a number of incidents and fires.

Now a website from Samsung’s home nation of South Korea have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come sporting a curved-edge display.


Much like previous Samsung smartphones, this feature will allow for notifications to be displayed on the side of the device, giving more room on the main screen.

However it seems that unlike past release, both versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a curved display, rather than just the premium edition.


Previously, Samsung has only put a curved display in the more premium edition of its flagship smartphone – as seen recently in the Galaxy S6 and S7 edge devices.

Reports out this week have also suggested that Samsung, in keeping with its previous launches, is planning two separate Galaxy S8 phones for next year.

So alongside a normal Samsung Galaxy S8, there will also be a bigger device, called the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus.


The rumours say that the standard Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a 5.7 inch screen, making it slightly larger than the 5.5 inch Galaxy S7 edge released earlier this year.

This would also be a significant upgrade on the current flagship device, the 5.1 inch Galaxy S7.

However the Galaxy S8 plus may be the company’s biggest device to date, reportedly sporting a 6.2 inch nearly edge-to-edge display.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also reportedly set to come with a super-smart AI voice assistant called Viv as Samsung takes on the likes of Apple and Google.

Launching such a service would also allow Samsung to reduce its dependence on Google’s own Now assistant.


Samsung is also expected to follow Apple and ditch the industry-standard 3.5mm headphone port.

Nokia D1C Android Smartphone Spotted on GeekBench, Revealing Specifications

We all know – and most of us are eagerly awaiting – Nokia’s upcoming return to the smartphone market. In August, a report cited a Nokia executive to claim the company would launch four Android-based devices in the fourth quarter of 2016. Since then, a number of contradictory rumours have surfaced regarding the name and features of the upcoming devices. In late August, two Nokia-branded Android devices – Nokia 5320 and Nokia 1490 – were spotted on GeekBench. Now, a new Nokia device, named D1C, has made its way to the benchmark site.


While the Nokia 5320 is touted to be a high-end device with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 powering it, the D1C appears to be in the mid-range level. The website mentions a Qualcomm octa-core processor powering the handset clocked at 1.4GHz with Adreno 505 GPU and 3GB of RAM. The device is likely to run Android 7.0 Nougat according to the listing.

GeekBench gave the D1C a score of 656 single-core performance and 3120 in multi-score performance which is decent for a mid-range device. Being a benchmark page, the information on the device is still limited.

Nokia’s comeback has been highly anticipated since May when the Finnish company granted HMD Global the exclusive license to create Nokia-branded Android mobile phones and tablets for the next 10 years.

Nokia has already launched an Android-powered device with the N1 tablet, which was received positively by the public, as well as the Z Launcher for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. However, Nokia will be aiming to make a bigger splash with its upcoming smartphones.

With the D1C, Nokia is now expected to launch at least three smartphones before the year ends with no information yet on when the Finnish company is likely to hold the launch event.

LG Wins 21 CES 2017 Innovation Awards

LG has announced that they have won a total of 21 CES 2017 Innovation Awards for a range of devices which include their new LG OLED TVs, the LG V20 smartphone an more.

CES 2017 kicks off in January and LG are expected to show off a number of new devices at next years Consumer Electronics Show.


The Consumer Technology Association (CTA™) is recognizing LG Electronics (LG) for groundbreaking innovations in technology and design with 21 CES 2017 Innovation Awards, including recognition for the company’s ultra-premium LG SIGNATURE product portfolio, OLED TV and the high performance LG V20 multimedia smartphone. This marks the fifth consecutive year that LG OLED TVs have received a CES Innovation Award, the official industry recognition for the most innovative products introduced at the largest annual consumer technology trade show.

CES 2017 also marks the 50th anniversary of the world’s largest tech trade show, which LG and its Zenith subsidiary have been a part of since its founding in 1967. LG was recognized in 11 highly competitive categories including Home Appliances, Home Audio & Video Components and Accessories, Wireless Handsets, Wireless Handset/Accessories, Video Displays, Smart Home, Headphones, Tech for a Better World, Eco-Design/Sustainable Technologies, Portable Media Players, and Computer Peripherals. The award-winning products will be exhibited at CES 2017 in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2017.

You can find out more details about the 21 CES 2017 Innovation Awards that LG has won at the link below.