29.1 million Americans don't make purchases on their smartphones for some reason

VentureBeat turned up some interesting stats on smartphones’ relevancy to online shopping. Although $140 billion worth of sales were entirely made on smartphones in 2016, a significant count of American consumers – 29.1 million, to be exact, are yet to jump the gun and order something online completely through their mobile phone.

There’s still hope for these millions of people, however. Their numbers have been coming down over the last six months, while the number of mobile shoppers has been steadily increasing. About 60% of US consumers carried out a purchase through …

How many apps do Americans keep on their phones on average? Not that many, really

Ever wondered how many apps people in America keep on their smartphones nowdays? In search of the truth, Neumob went and asked 1000 Americans this same question. Here are the results – people aged 18 – 64 generally have somewhere between 6 to 15 downloaded apps in rotation. More specifically, these are apps that they downloaded personally and didn’t delete. The survey doesn’t cover applications that came pre-loaded on smartphones, or were downloaded and eventually deleted due to poor performance.

Neumob discovered that the chief reason behind deleting an app is slowness. If an app is slow …

Republican congressman says low-income Americans have to pick either one: new iPhone or healthcare

GOP Rep. Chaffetz: Americans may need to choose between “new iphone… they just love” and investing in health care https://t.co/5Hxwn2uOl5— New Day (@NewDay) March 7, 2017
Donald Trump, the controversial 45th President of the United States, known more for his colorful persona rather than for any specific economic or health policy, is ushering a brand new healthcare plan that will repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as Obama care. And he’s got a bunch of Republican Congressmen behind his back, defending the new plan.
Problem …