Deal: Huawei Watch 2 (Carbon Black) is 20% off on Amazon

Huawei started to sell the Watch 2 in the United States back in April, but the Classic model went on sale one month later. The former was priced to sell for $300, while the latter is available for purchase for $370.

However, for a limited time, Huawei Watch 2 can be had for just $239.99 on Amazon, 20% cheaper than the standard retail price. The Carbon Black model seems to have the biggest discount ($60), but two other Huawei Watch 2 models are on sale as well.

Customers who want a more expensive version can buy the Huawei Watch 2 Classic (Titanium Grey with …

Error allows consumers to grab the Amazon Echo Dot for free; Amazon cancels the orders

You might have thought that Lady Luck was on your side on Friday when consumers had a brief window of opportunity on Amazon’s web site allowing them to order the Amazon Echo Dot for free. This is the version of the Echo that resembles an overgrown hockey puck. Normally priced at $49.99, a “technical error” took the price down to $0 for a very short period of time. That was followed up with a note stating that the product was out of stock on the Amazon site before the Echo Dot returned online at its regular price.

The so-called “technical error” had to do with a promotion for audiobook …

Deal: Motorola Moto G5 Plus now costs just $179 at Amazon

Motorola’s Moto G5 Plus is one of the best affordable smartphones currently available in the US, so we’re happy to inform you that the handset can now be purchased for $50 off its regular price.

Amazon is selling the unlocked G5 Plus (with 32 GB of storage space and 2 GB of RAM) for $179.99 – that’s the lowest price we’ve seen for the handset thus far. This isn’t the Amazon Prime version of the phone (which comes with ads and Amazon offers on the lock screen), but the regular variant that normally costs $229.99. Mind you, only the Lunar Grey model is available at …

Amazon will sell the Essential Phone too, launch date to be announced next week

Essential Products, the company behind Andy Rubin’s new smartphone, has just announced it has gained new strategic investors that poured no less than $300 million into its business. Among the most important partners Essential Products confirmed today, there are names like Foxconn, Amazon’s Alexa Fund, as well as Chinese company Tencent Holdings.

Furthermore, the US-based company confirmed that Best Buy and Amazon would be its primary retailer partners in the country, while Sprint will be the only carrier to offer the Essential Phone.

Best Buy has been known …

Deal: Get 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free with purchase of HTC U11

HTC U11 is probably one of the most underrated flagships launched this year. Moreover, not many deals on the smartphone were available since the U11 made its debut on the market, and they certainly did not look so good as those offers on other flagships like the Galaxy S8/S8+.

Nevertheless, if you’re still waiting for a better deal on the HTC U11 that might or might not come, here is a promotional offer that’s aimed at music lovers.

For a limited time, customers in the United States who purchase the HTC U11 will receive 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited. …

Unlocked LG X Venture now available in the U.S. through Amazon

As we told you early on Monday, the rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is now official and at least for now, it remains an AT&T exclusive. But Samsung’s handset isn’t the only phone that is designed for those with butterfingers. Earlier this year, back in May if we might be so precise, the LG X Venture also launched on AT&T. Like the Galaxy S8 Active, the LG X Venture will take a wallop or a fall, and continue to operate perfectly.

So what happens if you are a klutz and AT&T isn’t your carrier? Well, the word we heard today is that the Galaxy S8 Active won’t always be exclusive …

BLU smartphones are back on sale on Amazon “after a false alarm”

Earlier this week, Amazon halted sales of some BLU smartphones due to security concerns. Apparently, some of the phones launched by the US-based company were suspected of sending private user data to unknown servers in China.

Even though BLU denied security reports claiming its smartphones fail when it comes to user privacy, Amazon removed some of the company’s handsets from its store.

However, the affordable BLU smartphones that everyone loves to buy on Amazon are now back on sale. According to BLU, this was just “a false alarm,” so those who’re looking …

Unlocked Asus ZenFone AR is cheaper on Amazon than the Verizon-bound model

Asus ZenFone AR recently went on pre-order at Verizon, one of the few placed where Android fans can purchase the high-end smartphone. The good news is Amazon is selling the unlocked version of ZenFone AR as well, and it’s much cheaper than the Verizon model.

If you’ve already placed your pre-order with Verizon and purchased the Asus ZenFone AR for $649 outright, you probably made a mistake. Amazon now offers the unlocked version of the smartphone for just $599, but there’s a catch.

While Verizon sells the 6GB RAM/128GB version of Asus ZenFone AR, Amazon offers …

Amazon pulls all Blu models from its online store due to fear of backdoor Chinese software

Back in November, we told you that Miami based smartphone manufacturer Blu was one of several OEMs who had at least one smartphone model compromised by software made by a Chinese company called Adups. Allegedly, the software was designed to keep track of the buying decisions made by Chinese smartphone owners by capturing their personal data, and was not meant to appear on U.S. phones.

Blu originally said that it removed the Adups software from all Blu phones that contained it. However, back in December, we told you that some security researches were still finding the Adups backdoor software …

Deal: BeatsX wireless in-ear headphones cost less than $100 on Amazon

BeatsX, the wireless earbuds featuring Apple’s W1 chip, made their debut on the market, after months of waiting, back in February for $150. Several months into the year and the in-ear headphones have already been discounted by 33%.

For the first time after their release, the BeatsX earbuds are available for purchase for less than $100. Amazon has both the Gray and Black versions of the headphones on sale for just $99.

Even though the retailer has the price hidden, adding the product in the cart will reveal its discounted price. Keep in mind that the Blue …