Allo is a quality app, but Google isn't giving it a real chance

To say that Google has had a confused and confusing strategy with its communication apps is something of an understatement. For a while, it looked as though Hangouts would be the focus of Google’s efforts — it had messaging, voice chat, group video chat, and it was available across mobile and desktop platforms. Then Google decided to blow it up.

Now, Google has pushed Hangouts towards enterprise users and split it into Meet and Chat. The idea was for Hangouts Meet to be the group video app and Chat to be the text messaging app, although in practice Chat still doesn’t exist as a standalone …

How do you do, fellow kids: Google Allo scores… meme support

Google Allo just got updated, and no, it still has neither SMS support nor a full-blown desktop client, but it now allows you to… scour the web for memes and send them to your pals.

Hard to grasp, we know, but it really looks like Google is trying to entice your average millenial with hip and trendy features that could win them over from Instagram, Snapchat, and other popular messaging apps.

Located inside the emoji search button right next to Send message button is a neat new feature that enables you to search for memes.

The …

Google Allo is getting in-chat translations, adaptive icon support

Image source: Android Police

Google’s chat app Allo is receiving another update, this one adding in-chat translations for everyone and adaptive icon support for users running Android 8.0 Oreo.

The translation feature is pretty simple to use. All you need to do after you update, is to long-press a message and the Google Translate icon will pop up at the top of your screen. Tap the icon and the message will be automatically translated. To hide the translation, long press the message bubble again and tap “Undo.”
Interestingly, …

Google Allo is finally available for desktop, but not everyone can use it

Allo — Google’s nth chat app — continues to grow. It ticks all the basics — stickers, optional encrypted messages, expressive messages where you can change the size of your text bubble, and doodling — and has a couple of unique features, like smart suggested replies and Google Assistant built in for an endless feed of dad jokes. The app’s on par with the competition for sure, just a bit late to the party and lacking something truly exclusive to pull people away from WhatsApp and Messenger.

Allo has now made another major jump — it is now available for desktop computers! …

Google Allo updated with full-screen video support, performance improvements

Earlier this week, Google pushed an interesting update for the Allo app, which added Selfie Clips, the ability to capture your own GIF and share it with your friends. Today, the app received another update that brings one new feature among other things.

Well, it looks like Google Allo users will now be able to watch videos on full screen. Aside from the fact that you can watch videos in full-screen mode, right in the chat, the update doesn’t bring any other new features into the mix.

However, the changelog mentions some performance improvements, which are …

Google Allo update brings incognito mode for groups, link preview, more

Google continues to add new features and improvements to its Allo application on a monthly basis. While one of the previous updates brought support for Android Auto and animated emoji, the new version of the app includes even more enhancements.

Google Allo’s head of product has just tweeted about the new features the Android app is getting in the latest update. The most important seem to be the fact that users will be able to do backup chats and restore them whenever they wish.

Secondly, Google Allo gains incognito mode for groups, which means that group messages will not be …

Future update to messaging app Allo could bring a "Quick Selfie" feature and more

Google’s Allo messaging app could be soon receiving a number of new features. According to a report published yesterday, one of the new features coming in an upcoming update is called “Quick Selfie.” With the update, a new camera icon is added to the side of the text entry field. Tap that button and the shutter button, and you’ll be given the opportunity to send your selfie to the person on the other end of your chat, or you can throw it out. 

The same report says that Allo could soon offer a way for you to backup your conversations, and bring them back using a new backup and …

Google Duo updated with audio-only calls option, Allo gets the ability to share files

Google Duo, the application that many though it would replace Hangouts, has just received a small but meaningful update today. Alongside Duo, another Google app, Allo received the same treatment on the Android platform.

At a dedicated event in Brazil, Google made several announcements about how it plans to make the internet easier to reach and its products to work better in markets where coverage is scarce.

Google launched Duo last year in an attempt to bring high-quality video calling to users on Android and iOS. Today, the search giant announced it added …

Allo update makes it easier to access Google Assistant in chats and more

As we’ve said before, Google Allo is one of the underrated gems of Google’s software portfolio and deserves more credit than it has gotten (even if Google has consistently bungled its chat app strategy). We’ll hold out hope that the app gains steam, but it seems unlikely at this point. Even so, Google is continuing to work hard on the app in the hopes that people start to switch.

The latest addition to Allo is one that seems obvious, but somehow didn’t exist until now: a button to call up the Google Assistant within a chat. Previously, if you were chatting with someone, the Assistant …

Google wants your honest opinion on Allo

Remember Allo? It is Google’s latest instant messaging app and it was supposed to supersede Hangouts and bring the delights of using iMessage over to Android. Instead, it launched in a bare-bones state, thoroughly failing to excite users and deliver on its promises, and after a handful of updates that also didn’t bring anything substantial or exciting to the table, the Allo promptly slipped into vast void of apps no one cares about.

All is not lost, however! Google is intent on pulling Allo out of life support and bringing it back into the limelight, and it needs …