Passengers on Hawaiian Airlines flight got to kiss 2017 goodbye twice


Back to the Future is real, just not the way our ’80s selves imagined it would be.

Last night, Hawaiian Airlines Flight HA446 took off in Auckland, New Zealand in 2018, and arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2017, proving that time travel is real — sort of.

The flight technically left Auckland at 12:05 am on January 1st, before arriving in Honolulu at 9:45 am December 31st, having crossed multiple time zones.

Time travel is possible!
Flight #HA446 just took off from New Zealand in 2018 and will land in Hawaii back in 2017!

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) December 31, 2017 Read more…

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Fllike wants to be the Yelp of airlines

Flying used to be a glamorous endeavor. In the 1970’s, even those flying coach could enjoy legroom and a half-decent meal. But then airlines started cutting back. As fuel prices rose, amenities began to vanish. Now, flying sucks. Not even a free prostate exam (thanks TSA!) makes up for flying Spirit.


One person who knows this especially well (flying, not complimentary TSA prostate exams) is Chris Holmes, founder and CEO of Fllike. This iPhone app lets you review your flight from your iPhone in just a matter of seconds, sharing it with other users of the app.

Holmes believes that as more people use it, it’ll build a picture of quality across the airlines, allowing consumers to make more informed decisions about who they fly with. Holmes believes that “eventually Fllike will offer a great picture of airline performance regardless of price.”

The app lets you give each element of your flight a score ranging from one to ten. Once you’ve keyed in your flight number or scanned your boarding pass, you can rate the seats, the crew, the timeliness, the food, and even the quality of the aircraft by swiping on a slider.

This desire to make the flying experience more bearable comes from a personal place. “I work for a soap company. My role is in business development. This means that I take around 50 flights every year,” he explained.

“This is all about customer experience, and providing a platform for people to share that in a simple and beautifully designed way.”

Fllike lands at a time when the fight rating market is heating up. There are incumbents like Skytrax, of course, who are the industry leaders. And two weeks ago, one of the most popular travel apps, Tripit, introduced a feature that lets passengers review the flights they take.

But there are some key differences.

Fllike is a damn sight better looking than Tripit. And in the coming months, it will allow users to book flights straight from the app.

“You’ll be able to see each airline’s score before you book. What better than flying an airline your trusted friends have already rated?”

You can download from Fllike from the iOS App Store. An Android version is expected to land early next year.