80-year-old man's reaction to using a mobile phone for the first time is super adorable


There is something particularly sweet about watching an elderly person mastering a piece of technology for the first time.

It’s happened before, and it’ll hopefully happen many, many more times to come.

Today’s video comes courtesy of a man from Phoenix, Arizona, who shared footage of an adorable 80-year-old man practicing a phone call on his new mobile phone.

teaching my boy how to use his new phone, look at his reaction when the call went thru 😹😹😹😹 pic.twitter.com/ImwOldWOGg

— chapis. (@chapisssss_) February 13, 2018

What an awesome dude. Read more…

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Adorable little kids imitate CNN anchors to celebrate black excellence


BREAKING: These children are perfect.

A new video by Because Of Them We Can features five tiny little kids dressed up as black anchors from CNN, including Don Lemon, Bakari Sellers, Angela Rye, Symone Sanders and April Ryan. Because Of Them We Can celebrates figures from black culture, past and present, to help challenge persistently negative stereotypes.

Watch and coo loudly. Read more…

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This stunning kitty is like two adorable cats in one


Meet Quimera, the (maybe) chimera.

This striking creature looks like two cats in one. One side of her face is orange, with an amber eye; the other is black, with a blue eye.

Though Quimera’s name means “chimera” in Spanish, it’s unclear if she’s a real chimera (i.e., an individual made up of cells from two or more different embryos) or just a normal cat who happens to have some unusual markings.

Quimera may remind you of another two-faced cat that stole the internet’s heart a few years ago – Venus, whose face was half black with a green eye and half orange with a blue eye. Basically, the reverse of Quimera’s look. Read more…

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This parrot potty almost makes bird poop adorable. Almost.


Polly want a potty? 

Parrot potty training is a thing – and Japanese bird owners have apparently taken it to the next level with a potty that’s just for parrots. It looks kind of like an ashtray with a bird-shaped perch attached.

The parrot potty pictures are labeled with a hashtag referring to Japan’s unofficial Toilet Day, which falls on November 10.

As everyone knows (right?), the real Toilet Day falls on Nov. 19. So why is it different in Japan? Because “in Japanese, the numbers 11 and 10 can be read as ii toire, meaning ‘nice toilet.'”  Read more…

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Toddler has adorable reaction every time she hears this song


While most little kids don’t have a refined taste for music, this little girl named Abby has made it clear that she has a love for ’80s pop rock.

As demonstrated by her father, every time Abby hears the tune “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by the band The Proclaimers, she stops what she’s doing, puts a huge smile on her face, and starts rocking out. 

We’re siding with Abby here, the song is an instant mood booster. Read more…

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Watch an adorable one-month-old rhino calf greet his adoring public


Kendi the black rhino was born on July 17 at the Cincinnati Zoo. Since then, he’s been venturing outside with his mom, Seyia, for short stints, using the time to get used to being outside and greet his adoring public.

Friends, he is very cute and small. He also lives at the same zoo as Fiona the Hippo, who is the de facto queen of America. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice. Read more…

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