Conan's "iPhone Basic" is for those with severe smartphone addiction

Amid complaints that Apple is responsible for smartphone addiction and should do something about it, the company introduced Screen Time earlier this week at WWDC. The feature measures how much time an iPhone user spends on certain apps. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook had to admit that after checking out Screen Time, he discovered that he was using his company’s own product too much.

The guys at the Conan Show took Apple’s new Digital Health initiative and created a parody commercial for the perfect iPhone model to break a smartphone addiction. Called the ‘iPhone Basic,’ the …

Stanford students put down their iPhones to protest device addiction

No, it doesn’t have the impact of the student sit-in to protest the Vietnam war that took place at Stanford in 1966. But you might consider this to be the 21st Century version of that event. Students from the California university staged a protest this past weekend at the Apple Store in Palo Alto to protest device addiction. More specifically, the group (named Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices or SSAAD) were complaining that Apple wasn’t doing anything to stop users from constantly checking their iPhone and iPad devices.

Holding signs in front of the store in protest of Apple’s …

Apple will add new iPhone parental control features to tackle child smartphone addiction

Apple has vowed to introduce new parental control features to iPhones and other iOS devices. These tools will help parents control and limit phone use in order to prevent child smartphone addiction. 
Cupertino’s declaration comes as a response to a public letter published by two major shareholders who urged the tech giant to investigate the negative effects of excessive smartphone use with younger users and take direct action against it. 
An Apple spokesperson issued the following statement to Bloomberg:

We think …