Instagram now allows users to add hashtag and profile links to their bios

Instagram announced today that it will now allow subscribers to add hashtag and profile links to their bios. The live links will take Instagram users to a hashtag page or to another subscriber’s profile. Adding a hashtag or profile link is a snap. Tap on Edit Profile and go to the section marked “bio.” Type in a “#” or an “@” and you will see a list of recommended hashtags and profiles. Select the ones you want to highlight in your bio, and as we said, they become live links.

With the new feature, Instagram subscribers can link to any hashtag or profile that they want to. Keep in mind however, …

Instagram might soon add 'Portrait mode'

We recently reported that Instagram could potentially add voice and video calls to its app. However, it seems like there’s even more stuff hidden in the application’s code – a Portrait mode icon has been found, hinting at the feature’s possible appearance.

Portrait mode simulates the look you’d get out of a professional camera by blurring the background in your photos, thus making the subject stand out. While it was popularized by the iPhone, the feature can now be found on many Android models as well, including the Galaxy Note 8 and the Google …

Microsoft to add new features to Office for Android and iOS in March

If you’re an Office user, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a lot coming for Microsoft’s apps package this month. Both Android and iOS users will be getting quite a lot of new features at some point in March.

For the time being, these features are available for Office Insiders only, but they will be released to everyone very soon. Also, some of the new features require Office 365 subscriptions, but most of them don’t, so let’s have a look at what’s to come to Office for Android and iOS in March.

The most important new feature is the ability to see where others are working on your …

Google to add new languages and features to Google Assistant as the virtual helper goes global

Google announced today that its digital virtual assistant, Google Assistant, is taking its act on the road. And by on the road, we mean that Google has plans to make Assistant available to consumers all around the world. Already offered in eight languages, by the end of the year Google Assistant will be available in more than 30 languages. 95% of the eligible Android devices worldwide will be able to install Google Assistant by the time 2018 comes to an end.

The first new languages to support both the Android and iOS Google Assistant app over the next few months will be Danish, Dutch, Hindi, …

Google app for Android will soon add new features to edit and share screenshots

The upcoming version of the Google app for Android comes with a tool that will allow users to share and edit screenshots. Currently in beta, version 7.21 of the Google app features a toggle switch in the Accounts & privacy menu called “Edit and share screenshots.” When enabled, taking a screenshot in the Google app will allow a preview to appear on the screen. At the same time, users will have the option to share the screenshot as is, or edit it.

Selecting edit will open up a simple editor that allows the user to crop the screenshot, and draw doodles on it. There are seven colors that …

Google Assistant to expand to 38 more countries, add 17 languages this year

Do people in countries that support Google Assistant take the virtual personal helper for granted? After all, there are many countries where Google Assistant is not yet available. At the Digital News Initiative Summit that took place in Amsterdam, Google reportedly announced that it will be launching its digital assistant in 38 new countries this year. That will bring to 52 the number of countries that support Google Assistant.

The countries that will receive the virtual digital sidekick include Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Saudi Arabia and more. In addition to rolling out to more …

Google may soon allow Maps users to add or remove places they visited

Google has just released a new beta version of Maps for Android and it looks like the app comes with a very important feature that’s not available in the stable iteration. The new feature will allow Google Maps users to manually add or remove places they have visited at any given time.

If you check your Google Maps app under “Your places” and “Visited” tabs, you’ll notice there’s a list of places where you’ve been. However, taping the three dots to the right of each place won’t allow you to remove, you’ll just be able to view them in your Timeline.

The good news the beta version of …

Starting today, you can add GIF stickers to your Instagram stories

Instagram is always working on improving the user experience by making little changes or additions to the app. Starting today, those who post stories on Instagram will get another tool to use that can make the content they post more interesting to view. Instagram is now allowing stories to contain GIF stickers, which you can easily find through GIPHY. And if that isn’t enough to make you jump for joy, you will soon be able to upload stills and videos of any size, which means that your contributions won’t have to be edited to fit the current portrait layout.

To add an animated GIF sticker …

Because of course: Instagram might soon allow you to add Giphy GIFs to your Stories

In case your Instagram stories have felt a bit lackluster recently, a new change might soon allow you to spice thins up by including a GIF inside, graciously supplied by Giphy. All facts seem to be pointing out that Instagram and Giphy are partnering up to bring the latter’s vast content library to the super-popular social network. 

Select users have noticed that they can search Giphy’s coffers straight from the story-creation interface within Instagram, but as of now, it seems to be soft-launched to select average Joes only and not included into any widely-available version …

Apple will add new iPhone parental control features to tackle child smartphone addiction

Apple has vowed to introduce new parental control features to iPhones and other iOS devices. These tools will help parents control and limit phone use in order to prevent child smartphone addiction. 
Cupertino’s declaration comes as a response to a public letter published by two major shareholders who urged the tech giant to investigate the negative effects of excessive smartphone use with younger users and take direct action against it. 
An Apple spokesperson issued the following statement to Bloomberg:

We think …