Latest Apple iPhone X ad stars the Animoji feature

Thanks to the TrueDepth camera on the Apple iPhone X, and the 3D sensing that makes a 3D representation of a user’s face, Apple was able to create the Animoji feature. The name itself tells you what this feature does. The word is a combination of animation and Emoji, and so what you are seeing on the screen is an animated Emoji. But the magic is in how the Animoji move.

With the TrueDepth camera tracking your face, every movement and expression you make is mirrored by the Animoji character you select. There are about a dozen in the messaging app for you to choose from. Besides Face …

Groovy Nokia 8 ad features doughnuts, glowing roller skates, and Android Pay

HMD Global loves to show off the Nokia 8. The Finnish company has been doing a lot of promotional videos for the affordable flagship ever since its August debut, and the latest one focuses on alt girls, house music, doughnuts, and glowing roller skates the convenience of using Android Pay.

The clip is only 21 seconds long, but we have to admit that it does a pretty good job of displaying just how easy it is to make quick payments on the go. On the other hand, whoever wrote the video description must have had a hard day at work. 
Unlocking …

Motorola to Samsung: We love your new Galaxy ad, but here's a better ending to it

A few weeks back, Samsung released a video ad showing a
lifelong iPhone user switching to a Galaxy Note 8, ultimately suggesting that
everyone should “upgrade to Galaxy.” Today, Motorola published its
own take on that ad. More exactly, a different ending to it.


Motorola took to Facebook to say this to Samsung: “We
loved your ad, but we think you forgot the ending.” As you can see below, in
Moto’s vision, the ex-iPhone user – who just got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – comes
home to his girlfriend/wife, and shows her a recording of them on the new
phone’s edge-to-edge display. But she’s …

Latest Apple holiday ad features the iPhone X and AirPods

Apple is known for tugging at your heartstrings during the holiday shopping season. So perhaps we should say that Apple is known for pulling at both your heart and purse strings during the holidays. This year, Apple has some new products to splash across your television set and mobile screens. First among them, of course, is the Apple iPhone X, which stars in the spot along with the Bluetooth powered AirPods.

It’s a snowy afternoon in the city and young woman is walking on the sidewalk listening to some tunes through her AirPods. She whips out her new iPhone X and we see that she …

In case you missed it, check out T-Mobile's new ad starring Nick Cannon for its Apple iPhone 8 BOGO deal

If you caught Sunday night’s American Music Award, you might have seen T-Mobile’s new ad starring Nick Cannon. The ad focuses on a BOGO deal being offered by the nation’s third largest carrier as part of its #HolidayTWOgether ad campaign. With this deal, consumers will be able to buy an Apple iPhone 8 and get a second one for free. The 30-second spot apparently takes place on Christmas Eve when Santa and his son (little Saint Nick) make a loud arrival down a chimney.

Pops urges Junior to take notes. First, Santa tells his son that T-Mobile gives you two iPhone 8 units for the price …

Apple's new ad hints that with the iPad Pro, we are close to a post-PC world

Apple says that with the iPad Pro and iOS 11, a post-PC world is closer than we think. And that is the focus of a new ad for the device that was released yesterday by Apple. It isn’t until the very end of the commercial when you understand what Apple is trying to say in 60 seconds. A young girl named Scout (maybe 11 or so) hops on her bike, carrying her iPad Pro in a bag. It’s a busy day for this young iPad Pro user as she meets a friend on an apartment stoop, and works on a report about insects (using the camera to take a picture of a praying mantis).

Our heroine then sits down …

Latest Apple iPhone 8 Plus ad shows off Portrait Lighting feature

The latest television commercial for the Apple iPhone 8 Plus features the company’s new Portrait Lighting feature. From Studio Light, which shines light on the subject’s face without creating shadows, to Stage Light, which isolates the subject by dissolving the background into a sea of black, Portrait Lighting is available on the Apple iPhone 8 Plus (and the iPhone X when that model is released in November). In addition to Studio and Stage Light, Contour Light uses deeper shadows to highlight the edges of the face and creates more contrast. And Stage Light Mono removes the background, replacing …

Ad watchdog group tells T-Mobile to stop calling its 4G LTE network faster than Verizon's

Both T-Mobile and Verizon have made claims in their ads that their 4G LTE network is the fastest in the U.S. Both can’t be right. So when T-Mobile said in an advertisement last year that its LTE pipeline was faster than Verizon’s LTE network, Big Red filed a complaint with the National Advertising Division. Part of the Better Business Bureau, the NAD reviews national ads for truthfulness. After reviewing the situation, the NAD ruled that T-Mobile should stop claiming that it has the fastest 4G LTE network.

For its part, T-Mobile relied on crowd-sourced data compiled by apps offered …

Check out Apple's new ad for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but don't miss the fine print

Apple’s latest ad for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is interesting if you keep your eyes on the fine print at the bottom of the screen. For example, the commercial shows the new 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions of the iPhone getting splashed by water. In fine print on the bottom of the screen, Apple reminds you that liquid damage is not covered under the warranty for either phone. We also get to see the two handsets charging wirelessly on an AirPower mat. And while any wireless charger using the Qi platform will currently work, the ad tells us that the AirPower mat and software will be available …

Television ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is about a phablet-based relationship

On Friday, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was officially launched in many countries, including the U.S. and Canada. At the same time, Samsung released a television commercial for the latest version of its high-end phablet. The ad is all about watching the Galaxy Note 8, its Live Message feature, and the S Pen digital writing instrument help a burgeoning relationship grow. From the first Live Message sent by a girl to a guy sitting right across from her at a party, we see the two communicating back and forth using their Galaxy Note 8 handsets. As the commercial progresses, we can feel the bond …