Check out SNL's hilarious ad for the Amazon Echo "Silver"; it's the smart speaker for the elderly

If you’re planning on buying your parents or grandparents a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo, you need to view this gut busting funny satire of the product that appeared on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. Called the Amazon Echo “Silver,” this fake product is said to have been co-developed with AARP and is made for the elderly. Because of memory issues that arise with this generation, it is specially designed to respond to any name that sort of sounds like Alexa, including “Excedrin.”

The ad features a running gag about users’ loss of hearing, but there are also other funny …

Apple's latest ad for the iPhone 7 Plus "focuses" on Portrait Mode

Apple has released the latest ad for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, and once again it focuses on the Portrait Mode available with the dual-camera setup. This allows you to use the depth of field information gleaned from the two cameras on back to create a professional looking blur. The commercial is titled “The City,” and no doubt you will soon see this spot played during your favorite shows like Married at First Sight, the NBA Playoffs and Sunday Night Baseball.

The 1 minute television commercial opens up in a large Asian city. It’s the classic love story. Guy meets Gal, one million people …

TV ad for LG G6 has the new flagship swimming with the fishies

Many of you know that when someone is said to be “swimming with the fishies,” it means that the person has been murdered. More specifically, the murder usually resulted from an execution. LG has just released a new ad for the LG G6 that shows the phone swimming with the fishies, perhaps signifying the manufacturer’s decision to kill off the modular build attempted with last year’s LG G5. Once Motorola and Lenovo launched the Moto Z line, LG could easily see the error of its ways.

But we’re pretty sure that there was no such symbolism in the commercial. Actually, the spot is showing …

The Galaxy S8 is 'infinitely amazing', according to Samsung's latest ad

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is currently everywhere, and despite the fact that it has yet to launch, Samsung has been aggressively marketing it. Said marketing doesn’t pass by YouTube either, as you can see by the video below.

The ad covers mosdt of the key features of the Galaxy S8, keeping the “unbox your phone” theme, as an S8 handset is constantly floating in the middle of the screen. However, we now get a new slogan in the end too – “infinitely amazing”.

We’ll know for ourselves whether or not the phone is infinitely amazing, once we get to use it for a little longer. However, the …

Leaked Target ad for April 2nd includes pre-order deals for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Target’s weekly circular newspaper ad for the period ranging from April 2nd to April 8th has leaked, and it shows that the discount retailer will be taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S8 during that period. It also shows an image of the Galaxy S8 with its luscious dual curved edge screen, thin top and bottom bezels, and the rear-facing fingerprint scanner. There is no pricing listed on the ad. We should get that information on March 29th when the both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are officially unveiled in the media center of the world, New York City.

Target says that if you pre-order …

Samsung Galaxy S8 teaser ad airs in South Korea, might be hinting at some interesting features

If you’ve lost count of all the rumors, leaks, and teasers about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, worry not – we did too. At this point, we can’t help but suspect that Samsung might be behind the barrage of leaked material, but whether intentional or not, the effect of this “campaign” has been clearly beneficial – our interest grows proportionally to the amount of released information.

The latest Galaxy S8 teaser video released in South Korea is a perfect example of the above statement – it doesn’t reveal that much at a first glance, yet it might hint at some interesting …

Watch Scarlett Johansson skewer Ivanka Trump in 'SNL' perfume ad


Sexy Amber. Bombshell. Mademoiselle. With perfumes like these, you can smell like anything you want. 

And if you’re Ivanka Trump, you can smell “Complicit.”

Statuesque blonde host Scarlett Johansson was a dead ringer for statuesque blonde first daughter Trump in Saturday Night Live‘s spoof perfume ad, which featured Johansson walking through a gilded room with a gaggle of women admiring her — at first.

“A woman like her deserves a fragrance all her own,” the seductive voiceover says. “Because she’s beautiful. She’s powerful. She’s…’Complicit.'” Read more…

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Forget Facebook and Google: The ad world thinks this tech giant is 'terrifying'


The mad men and women of the ad industry have plenty of reasons to toss and turn at night.

Money is increasingly trickling from television commercials to digital media — a market that Facebook and Google currently have in a duopolistic chokehold. Inter-agency competition is at a fever pitchUnconventional upstarts are eating their lunch. If Don Draper were around today, there’s a good chance he’d work at Facebook.

But it’s not internet advertising giants that keep the industry’s top chief up at night. Nor is it his three-month-old daughter.


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Check out the Super Bowl 51 ad starring Google Home; it's Deja Vu

Just the other day, we told you that Google had spent some serious cash in order to run at least one ad during tomorrow’s Super Bowl 51. While we figured that the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL would be starring in the commercial, it turns out that the Google Home will be the subject matter of at least one spot. The problem is, the ad is the exact same video clip that Google posted on YouTube back in October. That means the ad will not mention the new Netflix integration that allows users to select a movie or television show to stream over a Chromecast device.

It seems a bit odd …

T-Mobile previews its Super Bowl 51 ad starring Justin Bieber, T.O. and Gronk

T-Mobile previewed its star-studded ad for Super Bowl 51 today. Starring a nerdy-looking Justin Bieber as a Celebration Expert, the ad takes us through the history of touchdown celebrations starting with the caveman days. In a bit of perfect casting, injured Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski donned the animal skins to show off the moves used back in the days when a man cave was a real cave.

Former All-Pro wide receiver Terrell Owens also demonstrated some of the moves that he was known for. T.O.’s most famous celebration, which involved the use of a sharpie to sign the football that …