Action Launcher receives a major update with loads of new features

If you’re among many of Action Launcher’s fans, you’ll be happy to learn the Android app has just received a significant update that expands its functionality further through new features and improvements.

First off, developers announced the application’s name had been changed from Action Launcher 3 to just Action Launcher. Also, the new name comes along with a new icon that fits better.

A new animating, Android O-style clock icon for the Google Clock app is now available to Action Launcher users. The new clock can be used as a standalone widget as well, …

'Stranger Things' action figures come with a special treat


Since you’ve already binged Stranger Things twice, and played the VR game, the only thing left to do is to start making up your own stories using the new Stranger Things action figures. 

Funko unveiled six official, Netflix-approved action figures for characters from the show including Eleven, Lucas, Mike, Will,
Dustin, and the Demogorgon.

Image: FUNKO

All clad in the outfits they wear in the series, the ’80s-themed action figures even sport the Adidas and Puma gear seen in the show. But aside from retro fashion, one particular branding addition will stand out for hardcore fans: Eggo waffles.  Read more…

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HTC U 11 video leak shows off Edge Sense in action, and more

A video leaked out this afternoon from an unknown third party that shows how the Edge Sense feature will work on the HTC U 11. The phone is expected to be unveiled by the manufacturer tomorrow, and the video has already been removed by YouTube. However, it has been posted on another site. The video reveals some of the functions of Edge Sense, a new feature that opens some applications when the bottom sides of the unit are squeezed together. Edge Sense gives the phone’s user the ability to snap a picture by using Edge Sense like a shutter button.

Squeezing in the sides also opens …

The FCC’s site faces net neutrality comment attacks again after John Oliver’s call for action

Two years after the Federal Communications Commission passed the net neutrality rules that prevent content providers from paying ISPs for a faster pipeline to customers, the debate about the regulation heated up again in the last month, as FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced plans to reverse the regulation introduced by Obama’s administration. And just as it happened before, the FCC’s site faced a massive flood of comments discussing net neutrality after comedian John Oliver called the public for action.

According to Reuters, more than 100,000 comments have been registered since Sunday and …

Smartphone 4K HDR in action: check out the Sony Xperia XZ Premium's display

Sony’s latest high-end smartphone just made its debut at MWC 2017, and its biggest feature is a bit of a blast form the past. Sony was ahead of its time back in 2015 when it introduced the Xperia Z5 Premium, the first smartphone ever to squeeze a 4K screen’s worth of pixels into a tiny, pocket-friendly form-factor. While other manufacturers have been content to top out at quad-HD ever since, Sony’s stepping back up to the plate with its sophomore 4K smartphone effort, introducing the new Xperia XZ Premium.

We already got an early look at this 4K phone, but our initial …

Action Launcher 3.13 beta released with many UI and App Shortcuts enhancements

Chris Lacy, the man behind Action Launcher, has just released a new update for one of the most popular launchers for Android devices. According to him, the changes are only available in the beta version, but a public release is not far away.

Action Launcher 3.13 beta brings a couple of well-worth improvements such as Pixel Launcher’s UI styling for App Shortcuts (previously known as Quickcuts).

App Shortcuts is another aspect that received some enhancements, so Action Launcher users will now be able to use them in combination with Shutters. Also, App Shortcuts can now be dragged and …

Class Action suit says Apple forced iPhone users to upgrade to iOS 7 to save it money

You might recall that a patent infringement suit that was originally filed by VirnetX against Apple back in 2010 reached its most recent conclusion last October with a jury ruling that Apple had to pay the plaintiff $302.4 million. As it turns out, internal Apple documents that were released as part of that trial have lead to the filing of a Class Action suit against the tech titan. Apple is charged with breaking FaceTime on purpose in 2014 for devices running iOS 6 and lower, thus avoiding payments it would have to make monthly to Akamai for relaying data.

Some background information is …

Enjoy The Action Of Live Cricket Wherever You Want With Live Streaming

2016 ICC World Twenty20 is set to start in March 2016. This edition will be the sixth edition of the tournament and is being highly awaited by cricket fans all over the world. It is well known that World Cups are epitome of the sport and this time the world cup will come with excitement of T20 Cricket. It certainly is a tournament that the entire world awaits.

Ways of Watching Live cricket

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Another benefit that comes mostly when you buy World Cup Live Streaming, there are no interruptions to annoy you while watching matches. Imagine something like and ad pop up during a critical moment of the match, such situation can be avoided by paying for you watch.

High Definition Streaming:

If you have a compatible device and good internet connectivity, live streaming is also available nowadays in high definition. Watching world cup matches in HD quality while still away from home is something you would certainly want.

Why Should You Pay For Live Streaming of World T20 2016

As mentioned before, paying for live cricket streaming has several benefits, when compared to free cricket streaming. Non-Delayed and uninterrupted streaming are amongst the major benefits you get if you buy ICC World Cup t20 2016 Live streaming. Subscription to live streaming is offered by several sites. They are available in different packages and each package have their own benefits.

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