Chinese company will operate local Apple iCloud accounts, starting February

In a bid to comply with the China’s cloud computing regulations, Apple has granted permission to local company Guizhou on the Cloud Big Data (GCBD) to operate Apple iCloud services on the territory of mainland China. The contract between the two companies comes into force next month, iCloud accounts outside of China won’t be affected by the change.

Apple has confirmed that both companies will have access to the data stored on the cloud servers. GCBD is owned by the Guizhou provincial government in southern China, where Apple last year invested $1bn …

Telegram receives major update that adds multiple accounts support, themes, quick replies

Telegram is one of the not so many messenger apps that are getting major new features on a regular basis. The last update of the year brings Telegram users themes, support for multiple accounts, as well as quick replies.

For iOS users, the developers have added a new Appearance setting, which allows them to choose between four different themes. Some of these themes even allow users to further customize the look of the app by picking an accent color.

Now, for Android users, Telegram has brought support for multiple accounts. Starting with version 4.7, Telegram users will be able to …

Microsoft now allows SMS Organizer for Android to monitor Bank Accounts and Vrtual Wallets

Microsoft’s free app, SMS Organizer, filters out all of the crap that you don’t need on your SMS app. Spam is removed, reminder cards are sent with quick action links, and your incoming messages are classified into different categories like Personal, Transactions and Promotional. Doing this organizes your SMS inbox. Clicking on the unread filter quickly shows you which messages you have yet to read. We first told you about this app, which is still only available in India, back in August, and there are many Android users hoping that SMS Organizer heads to their area. Microsoft, are you reading this?

The …

You can log with two Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber accounts on the Galaxy Note 8, here's how

Being a productive powerhouse, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is packed to the brim with useful features, many of which remain neatly hidden until you really delve into the phone’s deep settings menu.
One of these allows you to log in with two separate messaging accounts on the device, giving you the means the keep your work and private stuff separate from one another. Nifty, right?
Well, what do you know, we always strive to be as helpful to you as possible, thus we will now show you how to enable and use this feature.
First …

WhatsApp reveals plans to launch business accounts in the coming weeks

WhatsApp has just announced that it has already started working to implement some business features to its messaging application. The company owned by Facebook is expected to launch enterprise accounts in the coming months, but for now, WhatsApp is just testing these features.

Not many details have been provided on how they will exactly work, but WhatsApp revealed that it will introduce verified business accounts, which will allow people to identify a business from another person.

Furthermore, the company announced that it is now testing different tools that …

Facebook cracks down on bogus 'likes' and zombie accounts in battle against fake news


News isn’t the only thing that’s sometimes fake on Facebook.

The social network said Friday it has shut down a massive spam operation that generated thousands of “inauthentic likes” on publisher pages.

The announcement comes days after the company claimed to have deleted 30,000 fraudulent accounts in France ahead of the country’s presidential election.

The scam targeted in the more recent crackdown operated at a more sophisticated level than the French network, according to Facebook’s security team. 

The fraudsters used various technical tricks to mimic human behavior, like running traffic through proxies to create the impression that the accounts were spread across Asia and the Middle East instead of a centralized data center. Read more…

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Google Home app update shows multiple user accounts may come soon

One of the more annoying things about Google Home in what we got at launch compared to what we saw in the prerelease videos is that Home was tied to one specific Google account. Of course, the annoyance of that is somewhat limited since Home also can’t create calendar entries or do any messaging, so the effects of a single account end up being more related to the searches, music and videos that end up in your history, coloring your future recommendations.

However, the latest version of the Google Home app for Android makes it look like Google is working on bringing multiple account …