PayPal retires the ability to send money via BBM, effective immediately

PayPal made quite a few announcements in the past concerning the integration of its service into many popular chat apps like Messenger and Skype. One of the apps that allowed users to send money via PayPal was BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), but that’s not the case any longer.

The option disappeared from the newest BBM beta builds without any explanation, so people thought it must be just a bug that BlackBerry would address it in the final version. Unfortunately, PayPal came forward with an official statement that sheds light on the matter.

PayPal is always evolving our customer …

Google Chrome soon to get ability to mute autoplay videos, improved features

Google is expected to introduce new features for Chrome users, as the search giant is already testing a couple of them in the beta channel. Chrome beta version 64 has already been released and those who want to test it will be given the opportunity some of the new features Google plans to bring to all browser users in the coming weeks.

The first thing Google confirmed it will add to Chrome is an improved pop-up blocker, which is meant to prevent sites with abusive experiences from opening new tabs or windows. Apparently, many Chrome users complained some sites include …

WhatsApp rolls out the ability to delete sent messages, but you'll have to be quick about it

It looks like WhatsApp has finished testing the ability to unsend messages that you feeling are inappropriate and wish you could take back. Yes, you will finally be able to delete WhatsApp messages that you sent to a contact, but you’ll have to be quick about it.

Although WhatsApp did not yet announce anything related to the new feature, the FAQ page of the application has been recently updated to reflect the addition of the new functionality. The new feature is called “Delete for everyone” and will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users.

In …

Hangouts Meet finally gains in-call messaging ability in latest update

Hangouts Meet is the enterprise part replacing the now defunct Gchat service. Google announced back in March that it will discontinue Gchat and provide consumers with two new services instead: Hangouts Chat and Meet, as well as Allo and Duo.

The former is aimed at enterprise users, while the latter targets consumers. Hangouts Meet is supposed to offer a video calls service, and it’s just been upgraded to provide in-chat messaging capabilities.

According to Google, the chat functionality was the most requested feature in Meet since the service was launched …

Uber adds ability to book rides for others who lack smartphones

Uber’s had a tough time in the news lately, only last week
seeing the
resignation of its CEO, Travis Kalanick. This, however, is a new week! And with
that comes a new feature from the ride-sharing company – the ability to book
rides for someone else, regardless of whether or not they own a smartphone.


While the person who requests the ride must still be
billed, entering a pickup address other than the GPS location of the requester will
automatically prompt the user about booking the ride for someone else. At this
point, the user can select a rider from their address book …

Amazon introduces new Echo Show with a touchscreen and ability to make calls

This morning, Amazon introduced its next-generation Amazon Echo device, the Echo Show. As expected, the new smart speaker includes a touchscreen, and will allow users to make phone calls over the internet. With the screen, Echo users will have a new way to interact with Amazon’s AI personal assistant Alexa. The new model takes on the form factor of an office intercom instead of the tall cylinder design seen with the current version of the Echo.

As we told you yesterday, Amazon has a huge 70.6% share of the U.S. market for smart speakers. Google Home is second, and many other tech …

Google Maps updated with ability to edit roads on Android and iOS devices

As many of you probably know by now, Google had killed the Map Maker in the Maps application at the end of March. However, starting this week, a new option is available to all Google Maps users on both the Android and iOS platforms, the ability to edit roads, which is supposed to replace the now defunct Map Maker.

According to Google, one of the most requested features to bring to Google Maps from Map Maker is the option to add and edit roads. Well, it looks like this week the search giant has launched the first part of a refreshed editing flow in Google Maps aimed at road segment editing.

It’s …

Microsoft Teams for iOS updated with video calls support, ability to create new channels

A significant update has just hit Microsoft’s Teams app for iOS devices. As the title says, the update brings video calls support into the mix, as well as other new features.

If you’re using Teams on your iOS device, upgrading to the latest version will allow you to connect face to face using the newly added video calls feature. Also, you can easily add or remove team members.

Another notable change included in the update is the ability to create new channels. Moreover, Teams users can now rename group chats and add new members to existing conversations.

The image viewer has …

Google Duo updated with audio-only calls option, Allo gets the ability to share files

Google Duo, the application that many though it would replace Hangouts, has just received a small but meaningful update today. Alongside Duo, another Google app, Allo received the same treatment on the Android platform.

At a dedicated event in Brazil, Google made several announcements about how it plans to make the internet easier to reach and its products to work better in markets where coverage is scarce.

Google launched Duo last year in an attempt to bring high-quality video calling to users on Android and iOS. Today, the search giant announced it added …