Honor 8 update adds 3D panorama mode, lots of new features

Despite the fact that Honor 8 will not be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo, the smartphone keeps getting new features and improvements. It’s true that the Chinese company may change its mind and decide, by popular demand, that the Honor 8 is worth of a major software upgrade, but until then, let’s see what the newest update brings into the mix.

First off, there’s a new 3D panorama mode that will allow Honor 8 owners to shot 3D dynamic images. The new mode can be accessed via the Camera app, so you’ll have no issues in triggering it whenever you want.

Another important addition to the Honor …

Mystery ZTE phone gets certified by Wi-Fi Alliance with Android 8.1 installed; is it the Axon 8?

ZTE is not a brand that dominates the conversation around the dinner table in the states, although its profile might have received a little boost with the release of the ZTE Axon M. The dual-screened folding phone (yeah, we said it) may not offer the form factor that the Samsung Galaxy X will, but these are still early days for this category. We digress. What we want to discuss now is a new mystery model from ZTE that was just certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Carrying the model number Z2321U, the Wi-Fi Alliance lists the device as an LTE/CDMA Multi-Mode Digital Mobile Phone. More interesting …

Samsung wants you to spend less time on your Galaxy Note 8, says this Thrive app can help

Starting with the premise that “your phone is useful, but sometimes you need to put it down,” Samsung this week introduced a new free app for its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. Called Thrive, the app allows you to block all notifications (including calls, texts, and anything that’s app-related) for customizable periods of time, whenever you need to just disconnect from your handset. The Thrive app features auto replies, letting those who call or text you know that you’re taking a break from your phone. If you want, you can make a VIP list with people who are allowed to reach you at any time. There’s …

Deal: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is nearly 25% off on eBay

If you live in the United States, there are plenty of choices if you want to purchase Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy Note 8. Many carriers and retailers offered great Note 8 deals in the last couple of month, but only if you signed a long-term contract.

The smartphone sells for $950-$960 outright, basically, a small fortune. However, in case you don’t want to pay that much for the Galaxy Note 8, your best bet to find a good deal is eBay. There are some downsides though, such as the fact that most unlocked smartphones sold on there won’t work on CDMA networks …

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 now come with free AKG wireless headphones (US only)

If you’re not waiting for the Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy Note
9, and you’re in need of a new high-end Galaxy right now, Samsung Mobile USA has a cool
offer that you should know about. The company is currently offering a pair of AKG on-ear wireless headphones for free with the purchase of a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+,
Galaxy S8 Active, or Galaxy Note 8. Both unlocked, and carrier models are
included here, although (for some mysterious reason) all Sprint models are excluded.


The AKG wireless headphones that Samsung is giving away – model number AKG Y50BT – are normally priced at $180. They offer …

Samsung to provide Olympians with a special, limited edition Galaxy Note 8

You may have heard that we will be having another bout of Olympics this year. Yup, it’s the year of the Winter Olympics and it will be hosted by none other than South Korea. As you probably know, it’s a pretty huge event, which attracts mind-boggling amounts of people and needs tons of funding in preparation for the influx of sports teams and observers alike. With South Korea as the host this year, you can be sure that Samsung is among the main partners for the event!

So, Sammy will be welcoming all the Olympians as well as the supporting staff that is working tirelessly to make this event …

Deal: Save $250 on Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, and S8+

If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, or want to become
one, and you need a new high-end Android phone, Best Buy currently has a pretty
attractive deal for you. The retailer lets you save $250 on the Samsung Galaxy
Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8+, and Samsung Galaxy S8, as long as you’re buying
them with a monthly Verizon Device Payment.  


The $250 savings aren’t instant, but will be reflected in reduced monthly
payments over 24 months. At the end of this period, you’ll end up paying $686
for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (instead of $936), $590 for a Galaxy S8+ (instead
of $840), and only …

Honor fails to keep its promise, says Honor 8 will not receive Android 8.0 Oreo

Last month, Honor’s CEO, George Zao said in an interview that his company plans to release Android 8.0 Oreo update for Honor 8 and Honor 8 Pro very soon. The first of the two, Honor 8 was very well received by the press and consumers alike, which made Honor’s decision to offer the update looks even smarter.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Chinese company changed its mind merely a month after the statement of its CEO. Honor India has just confirmed that due to “hardware and software limitations,” Honor 8 will not be getting Android 8.0 Oreo.

… …

T-Mobile will update its Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and Galaxy Tab E to Android 8 Oreo

T-Mobile recently revealed that it’s going to update two of
its affordable Samsung devices to Android 8 Oreo: Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, and Samsung
Galaxy Tab E 8.0 (both launched last year with Android 7 Nougat on board). This is
newsworthy because cheap phones and tablets are often neglected when it comes
to new software updates. The Galaxy J7 Prime and Tab E are joining a bunch of
high-end Samsung phones in the waiting line for Oreo, including the Galaxy Note
8, plus all Galaxy S8 and S7 models available on T-Mobile (or course, we
already knew that these would be updated to Oreo). At …