As Americans balk at $700+ flagships, Samsung may refurbish the S8 as midranger

It was somewhat inevitable, and easy to predict, but now it’s unfurling before our very eyes. People using their phones longer, that is. After the demise of the two-year cell phone contract, and when the full price of a phone without carrier subsidies was oh-so-painfully revealed to us, the length of time that subscribers kept their current handsets started to gradually increase.

Top-tier manufacturers like Apple and Samsung predicted and sensed the upgrade slowdown, and started raising prices to offset the slump in demand for the latest and greatest. This culminated in last …

LG settles suit over bootlooping; class action members get $425 cash or $700 rebate

Members of the class action suit filed against LG over the bootlooping experienced on several of its devices, now have a decision to make following LG’s settlement of the legal action against it. Those who are part of the class action need to fill out and submit a “Proof of Claim” survey by February 12th to receive either a $700 rebate toward the purchase of a new LG handset, or $425 in cash.

The law firm that represented some owners of the LG G4, LG G5, LG V10, LG V20, and the LG built Google Nexus 5X, Girard Gibbs, took the case after several units of these phones continued to try and …

Deal: Unlocked LG V30 now costs less than $700

Last month, LG officially released unlocked variants of its
V30 and V30+ smartphones in the US,
selling them for around $800 and around $900, respectively. Now, the unlocked LG V30
can be bought for just $674.99 if you’re getting it from B&H – that’s at
least $125 off the phone’s original price.


B&H does not say if this is a limited time offer, so we
don’t know if you should hurry up and order the unlocked LG V30. In any case,
if you think you need this high-end smartphone right away, you can buy it via the source
link below.


The unlocked LG V30 works on pretty much …

Galaxy Note 7R (FE) speculated to come on July 7 with a $700 price tag

Samsung has long been reported to be preparing a refurbished version of its notorious Galaxy Note 7 for some markets, but the company is yet to confirm the pricing and availability details. A Korean media, however, speculates that the so-called Galaxy Note 7R (or FE – from Fandom Edition) may be coming on July 7 and with a $700 price tag.

If the information happens to be correct, it may mark a release date delay for the Note 7R and a price, which is higher than expected so far. As a reminder, the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 was previously reported to be set for a …

LG V30 slated for August 31 announcement just before IFA 2017, to cost ~$700 in South Korea

A recent report from Korean media outlet ETNews claims that LG will unveil its next top-tier handset, the LG V30, at the upcoming IFA trade show which will take place in Berlin, Germany, from September 1 to September 6. Supposedly, the phone will become official on August 31, just a day before IFA kicks off, which is not unusual at all — such high-profile phone announcements usually happen just before a major expo kicks off so that they get as much media coverage as possible. 
If we judge by LG V20’s arrival last year, which also coincided …