Best OnePlus 6 cases

The OnePlus 6 is here.

And the verdict is that it’s a brilliant, fast phone for a very reasonable price and it brings us closer to times when our phones will look like just one giant screen up at the front.
With its tiny bezels and a glass back, the OnePlus 6 is a gorgeous piece of industrial design, but beauty has a price and in this case, the price of a glass phone is that it can fall and when it falls it can shatter into pieces, leaving you with costly repairs.
So as much as we don’t like it, we have to recommend that you use a case …

OnePlus 6 battery life test results: above average

The newest OnePlus 6 has just gone through our proprietary battery life test and the results are in.

We have been using the new OnePlus 6 for more than two weeks now and it has all been a breeze as the phone gets us through a full day with ease, but to get a true understanding of its battery life we had to compare it on equal terms with other devices.
The OnePlus 6 features a 3,300 mAh battery and the latest Snapdragon 845 system chip on board. While the chip is new, the battery is the same size that we have seen in the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. With a …

OnePlus 6 teardown: glass makes it much harder to repair

The new OnePlus 6 features the company’s most beautiful and refined design with a beautiful glass back and elegant lines, but all beauty has a price and in this case the price of this glass design is that it makes the phone much harder to repair, according to a OnePlus 6 teardown by phone surgeons from iFixit.

But before we get into the bad, let’s start with the good: the first step of the teardown, the actual process of taking the back cover off the phone is easier on the OnePlus 6 than on other glass phones. The reason for this is the longer cable that connects the fingerprint …

This Redmi 6 picture leak hints at Xiaomi notch takeover, specs in tow

After invading Europe this week, Xiaomi will hopefully continue its march towards US shores, as its phones are some of the best value-for-money offerings there are currently, and recently its boss vouched to never cross the 5% profit threshold. The Mi Mix 2s, for instance, which has 82% screen-to-body ratio even without sporting a notch, comes with Snapdragon 845 processor, a ceramic body, and starts from 499 EUR/USD, while the Redmi Note 5 Pro, which the OnePlus 6 holds nothing against but the faster chipset, can be had for half that.

That is why it is mildly exciting when a new Xiaomi …

HTC U12+ vs Galaxy S9+ vs OnePlus 6: specs comparison

The HTC U12+ is now official, inheriting the mantle from the HTC U11 and aiming to help HTC hold its diminishing ground on the already jam-packed Android market.

With a Snapdragon 845, 6GB of RAM, 64 or 128GB of native storage, the HTC U12+ is as well-spec’d as any other self-respecting flagship device out there. Of course, it has its fair share of unique features that add tons of merit, namely thanks to its four cameras, promising audio capabilities, and intriguing color options. 
HTC U12+

<div class="quick_specs_tooltip_style …

OnePlus 6 Review

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a phone, but still want a phone that looks great, runs fast, has no bloatware and is reliable in the long term, OnePlus has been the company you go to in the past few years.

A technology rebel that started with the bold slogan “never settle”, OnePlus quickly accumulated a loyal group of followers that swore by a device that cost nearly half the price of other flagships, but still had the latest specs. And with OnePlus it is all about that one device: the company does not make any other phones, so all of its focus lies solely on this …

Which OnePlus 6 version should I buy? Mirror Black vs Midnight Black vs Silk White comparison

With lots of fanfare, OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 6 the other day, its 5th-gen flagship device that wants continues to challenge the established order and offer top-of-the-line specs at a rather stomachable price tag.

Joining the fray with its efficient 19:9 display aspect ratio, bezel-busting design, and thin frame, the device looks every bit modern, just like the majority of contemporary mid-range and flagship phones that aim to maximize the precious screen real estate, even at the stake of getting a controversial display notch up front.

That’s probably enough …

OnePlus 6 Q&A: Ask us anything!

Our OnePlus 6 review just arrived, and the bottom-line is  rather clear – it is quite hard to overlook this device. Although it probably no longer has the very same “flagship killer” mentality interwoven within, the OnePlus 6 is definitely a phone that wants to make a splash.

However, there always remain questions that might have been left unanswered in our review or you might just want to learn more about a niche aspect of the device – no matter the reasoning, we now give you the chance to ask us anything you wish to know about …

LG G7 vs OnePlus 6 poll: and the winner is…

Both the OnePlus 6 and LG G7 ThinQ are two top-tier smartphones that are about to be released in the following weeks. Both have been announced and we know what they have to offer.

While they look pretty similar (did you notice that the wallpapers in the header image have been swapped?), they do have some minor differences… and one major one — the price. The OnePlus 6 starts at $530, while the G7 is expected to cost around $700 at launch.

As far as under-the-hood diversities? The G7 has a wide-angle secondary lens, while the OnePlus’ assistive camera is there to help with night shots. …

What would you rather get: LG G7 or OnePlus 6?

We saw a couple of high-tech smartphones be revealed recently — the LG G7 ThinQ and OnePlus 6. Both check all the boxes for a trendy, 2018 flagship — huge screens with notches up top, shiny glass backs, dual cameras —, and both retain “archaic” connectors like the 3.5 mm headphone jack. They are also powered by the latest-and-greatest Snapdragon 845 processor.

They have their differences, though. The LG G7’s dual camera features a normal and a wide-angle lens, while OnePlus doesn’t use a different lens for the secondary camera, but has that assistive sensor in there to help with night …