Update absurdity: Samsung's 2017 Galaxy A phones are still on Android 6

Here’s a riddle: octa-core processor, great battery life, glass-metal body, IP68 water/dust resistance, released in 2017. Which Samsung smartphone comes to mind? We wouldn’t blame you if your answer is either the Galaxy S8 or S8+, as both of these flagships possess such characteristics.

However, these features can also be found on another series of Samsung phones introduced in the last 7 months and 21 days. Namely, we’re talking about the company’s A lineup and its three representatives for this year – the A3, A5, and A7.

While the three handsets do differ …

Xiaomi launches the white Mi 6 today

Over the past couple of years, Xiaomi has been gathering a lot of momentum in its main target markets, India and China, and is expected to officially enter US grounds in around two years time. The company announced its new Mi 6 smartphone this April, offering Android fans quite an affordable, elegant and powerful handset to consider in the year ahead. The March-June period subsequently turned into Xiaomi’s most successful quarter ever, with 23.16 million shipped smartphones and brave forecasts for the whole year.

Upon unveil, the Chinese tech company announced that the latest Mi 6 will …

Xiaomi Mi 6 Review

In the smartphone world, most of the time the public’s gaze is pointed at your Samsungs and Apples and LGs; the brands that make the flashiest and most eye-catching devices out there. But they are far from the only players on the market, especially once you enter markets such as China where the no-compromises approach doesn’t work out nearly as well.

So it’s no surprise that Xiaomi, one of the bigger smartphone makers in the People’s Republic, would make its flagship device, the Mi 6, so seemingly pedestrian: it has already proven it can do new and weird with the Mi MIX, …

Nokia 6 is already selling like hotcakes on Amazon

It’s been less than 24 hours since Nokia 6 went on sale in the United States and the smartphone has already become the best-selling handset on Amazon. HMD’s Nokia 6 is followed closely by Lenovo’s Moto E4 and, surprisingly, Alcatel A30.

Nokia 6 is available for purchase on Amazon for $229.99, but Prime members can get it for just $179. It’s also worth noting that the US retailer is selling the dual-SIM version of the Nokia 6, which will only work on GSM networks used by AT&T and T-Mobile.

Keep in mind that if you decide to go for the Prime Exclusive variant, …

LG Q6+, Q6, Q6a vs Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs Nokia 6: specs comparison

LG just announced the Q-lineup of devices, featuring the Q6, the Q6+, and the Q6a, which takes a few pages from the LG G6′ book and borrows that FullVision 2:1 display that LG is quite proud of. 
Granted, the efficient screen-to-body size ratio, the slim bezels, and the lack of a camera bump at the rear of the device could very well be the biggest highlights of the Q6 lineup, as the rest of the hardware specs are not exactly what we’d call exciting and awe-inspiring. On top of that, the lack of fingerprint scanners on any of these devices is a let-down, …

Chinese version of Nokia 6 (TA-1000) gets official support for Google services

Nokia 6 made its debut on the market back in January, but the phone remains China-exclusive. Starting this month, Nokia 6 will be available for purchase in the United States, while Europeans are expected to get it later.

However, the Chinese variant of the Nokia 6 does not come with support for Google services, whereas the international model has them installed by default. Well, it appears that HMD Global was concerned about the issue and decided to allow Nokia 6 owners in China choose whether or not they want to install any of Google’s apps on their phones.

The …

HMD decides to remove the notification LED from the global version of Nokia 6

Here is something that might be of interest to Nokia fans anxious to get their hands on the latest smartphones introduced by HMD Global earlier this year. Nokia 6, the first handset HMD made available on the market (China only), will have different global variants that are supposed to hit the shelves in early August.

Even in China, two Nokia 6 models are available for purchase, but they’re not different when it comes to hardware. The only difference between the TA-1000 and TA-1003 versions is the fact that the latter comes with Google services, whereas the former …

Nokia 5 and 6 market release delayed until August in the UK

Having a world-renowned brand to back up your products before they get released on the market can have its pros and cons. HMD Global is one of the companies that benefited from massive media exposure in the last couple of months due to the launch of its new Nokia smartphones.

Unfortunately, that kind of publicity can put a start-up like HMD in an awkward position, as many retailers and carriers report huge interest from customers for the new Nokia smartphones. As such, HMD is having troubles meeting the high demand for its devices even before they were actually …

Copper Nokia 6 to be released in the US in August

Last week, HMD Global announced that the Nokia 6 would be officially released in the US in early July via Amazon. Now, we know exactly when the handset will start shipping, and we also know that one of its color variants won’t be released before August.

Amazon says it will release the Nokia 6 on July 10, though this is true only for the silver, standard model, and the black, Prime Exclusive model (which comes with “lockscreen offers and ads” from Amazon). There’s also a copper version of the Nokia 6 (both with, and without ads), but this will only be released on August 18 – so you’ll …

HMD made some software and hardware changes to the international version of Nokia 6

Although HMD promised to release all its Nokia-branded smartphones globally by the end of June, it looks like many markets won’t be getting two out of the three Nokia handsets until July.

The Nokia 6 is the first Android smartphone launched by HMD, but the device was a China exclusive for many months. The international variant is supposed to hit European markets very soon, while customers in the United States will get the Nokia 6 in early July.

However, there are differences between the Chinese and global variants of the Nokia 6, and one of them is the amount …