AT&T 5G Evolution launches today with the help of Samsung's Galaxy S8

Remember that faster mobile network that AT&T promised back in February? This is now a reality, at least in select parts of Austin, Texas, where AT&T just switched on what it’s calling “5G Evolution.”

According to AT&T, 5G Evolution “offers twice the speeds of [its] 4G LTE network.” Mind you, this is not true 5G. Actual 5G standards have yet to be finalized, so we won’t be seeing any real 5G networks before 2019 the earliest. Nevertheless, 5G Evolution is now here to “pave the way to the next generation of faster speeds,” as AT&T puts it.

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Smart bandages will use 5G data and nano-sensors to help doctors track a wound

Imagine a bandage that will report to a Doctor via 5G wireless on how well a wound being covered is healing. Swansea University in the U.K. will begin trials inside of the next year on this so-called smart bandage. Besides using next-gen wireless service to send reports on the wound to health care professionals, the bandages employ nano-sensors to track any improvements in the injury..

With the information from the bandages, Doctors will be able to monitor a wound and recommend a treatment plan based on how well it is healing. Doctors will also be able to track how active the injured …

AT&T buys spectrum for 5G service with its $1.25 billion deal to buy Straight Path Communications

Seeking additional spectrum for the upcoming move to 5G, AT&T will purchase Straight Path Communications. The nation’s second largest carrier today made a $1.25 billion bid for the company. That works out to a price of $95.63 a share; Straight Path’s shares are responding with a massive gain of $53.27 or 146% to $89.75 in afternoon trading. The firm is one of the largest owners of 28 GHz and 39 GHz millimeter wave spectrum.

Both AT&T and industry leader Verizon have been purchasing companies with millimeter wave spectrum, which will be used when 5G networks are built. AT&T previously …

5G standards body expects to launch service a year earlier than expected

2020 is year that many people are looking forward to for various reasons. One reason is that 2020 is supposedly the year when 5G service will launch around the world. Or is it? According to 5G New Radio (5G NR), whose 5G platform is expected to become the global standard, the next-gen wireless service might actually be ready to go by 2019. That is one year earlier than expected. This was repeated by some of the two-dozen or so companies that belong to the 5G NR such as Qualcomm, AT&T, Sprint, Intel and Deutsche Telekom. The nation’s largest carrier, Verizon, has its own standards for 5G.

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Verizon to provide pre-commercial 5G service to customers in 11 markets by the middle of this year

Verizon, eager to take the lead in what promises to be a very competitive rollout of 5G service, announced today that it will provide pre-commercial 5G wireless connectivity to “select” customers in 11 markets. This will take place sometime in the first half of 2017. The markets involved include: Ann Arbor , Atlanta , Bernardsville (NJ), Brockton (MA), Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Sacramento, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Verizon says that it’s 5G Technology Forum partners are working on commercializing chipsets, infrastructure and consumer devices that will meet the 5GTF specifications. …

ZTE is looking into the 5G future with the ZTE Gigabit Phone

The 5G era is not too far away. However, most smartphone manufacturers are in no hurry of exploring it, trying to focus on solid present-day devices, instead of dreaming about the future. But other brands, such as ZTE, are looking to push towards new and exciting technologies, as they try to play with the big boys.

This is probably why ZTE just announced that it will have a “forward-looking” device on display at MWC – the ZTE Gigabit Phone. According to the Chinese company, the handset will be setting new standards for download speeds, at 1 Gbps. This should allow …

How to tell if an iPhone is Locked or Unlocked to a specific network

When buying a new (or second-hand) iPhone you should always check that it is unlocked. An unlocked iPhone can be used on any phone network, and is worth more money than a locked iPhone. This feature looks at how to check if an iPhone is locked or not.


How can I tell if an iPhone is unlocked? Does it say in the Settings somewhere?

It’s important to know how to check an iPhone’s network status. Apple iPhones come in two flavours: locked and unlocked. An unlocked phone can be used on any phone network, while a locked phone can only be used on the network the phone is locked to.

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An iPhone that can be used on any network is described as “unlocked”. The iPhones you pay full-price for (typically from the Apple Store) are unlocked by default. But an iPhone bought from a network, usually as part of an on-going network plan, is locked. This is normally for a set period, 18 or 24 months, and the cost of your contract covers part of the cost of the iPhone device.

Which iPhones are locked and unlocked?
It’s not possible to tell, just by looking at the handset, whether an iPhone is locked or unlocked. Apple does not allow other phone companies to brand iPhone devices. You don’t get Three- or EE-branded iPhones, for example.

To confuse matters even further, some phones are locked when sold, but are unlocked at a later date when the original owner has paid for the initial contract.


The simplest method of checking if an iPhone is locked or unlocked, and the one we’ll use first, involves a quick look in the Settings app.

You’ll need to be able to power up the iPhone and access the cellular settings (you may need to enter the four-digit passcode). Follow these steps to check in iOS if an iPhone is unlocked:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Mobile (if the device is set to American English it will say “Cellular” instead).
  3. Check for an option named Mobile Data Network (or Cellular Data Network)

If you see an option for Mobile Data Network then your iPhone is most likely unlocked. This option should not appear on locked iPhones.

This method is reportedly not 100 per cent effective, however. If you need to know for sure – if you’re buying a second-hand iPhone, for example, and want to know if you’re paying a fair price – you should use a SIM card to check that it is unlocked. We’ll walk through that method next.

How to check if an iPhone is unlocked using a SIM card

It’s best to have two SIM cards, from different networks. One is usually the SIM card you own, and then other will be the one in the iPhone. Follow these steps to check that the iPhone is unlocked:

1. Make a phone call using the current SIM card. Make sure it connects.
2. Power off the iPhone. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and use the Slide to Power Off option to switch off the iPhone.
3. Use the SIM-card ejector tool (or a paper clip) to eject the SIM card from the iPhone.
4. Insert your new SIM card.
5. Press the Sleep/Wake button to wake up the iPhone.
6. Make a phone call. Check that the iPhone can connect a call using the new SIM card.

If the phone call does not connect with the new SIM card, then the iPhone is locked.

5G Standard Finally Defined as 20Gbps Speed at 2018

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has agreed on a preliminary definition for 5G standard. Recently a conference was held from June 10th to 18th where the speed more than 20Gbps more than was attributed to 5G.


So if a mobile network should provide a data speed at up to 20Gbps, it would be termed as 5G. The current 4G LTE mobile networks operate up to the speeds of 1Gbps which is about 20 times slower than the 4G networks.

Now let’s talk about the real speeds that users will get. 5G is expected to deliver an actual speed varying from 100 to 1000 Mbps that is again a 10 to 100 times increase over the usual 4G speeds. If these standards are fulfilled as promised, the current internet speeds would seem like the vintage 56k modem.

Just like the term IMT2000, which was used for 3G services, the 5G services are likely to be named IMT 2020. The currently popular 4G services were named as 4G advanced. According to the ITU, “WP 5D (Working Party) will define in detail the performance requirements, evaluation criteria and methodology for the assessment of new IMT radio interface.”

With 5G, the next-gen 4K and 8K online video playback will be more viable and this could also be used to cater millions of IoT devices inside a large are together.

The ITU expects the commercial 5G to be used from the year 2020 after its international spectrum distribution in 2019 and it is expected to be showcased at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

5G Network with 1TB Download Speed Coming

How would you like a download speed of 1TB per sec on your smartphone? Sounds unbelievable, doesnt it! Researchers at University of Surrey have managed to achieve a breakneck speed of 1TB under test conditions, while testing Fifth Generation Mobile Telephone or 5G network in University of Surrey labs.


This was disclosed by Professor Rahim Tafazolli at the #V3 Enterprise Mobility Summit. Professor Rahim Tafazolli is the director of the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at University of Surrey and has been overseeing the 5G tests.

Prof.Rahim told V3 that, “it was the first time in the world that such speeds had been achieved, far faster than any other tests such as Samsung’s 7.5Gbps results.”

Explaining the working of 5GIC, the professor said that it had been researching on the latest technologies which can support 5G services. The technological innovations meant that the research team had been able to achieve the 1TBps results. “We have developed 10 more breakthrough technologies and one of them means we can exceed 1TBps wirelessly. This is the same capacity as fibre optics but we are doing it wirelessly,” he told V3.

Prof. Rahim said that the research team carried out the tests in lab conditions over a distance of 100 meters using transmitters and receivers build by them. He added that they will conduct test outside the university premises in late 2016 or early 2017 and hoped that they could hold a public demonstration in early 2018.

Hoping to stay ahead of other research teams from South Korea, Russia and Japan, the professor stated that, “We want to be the first in the world to show such high speeds.”

Ofcom believes that speeds of 50GB/s is possible on 5G networks when they are deployed commercially but 1TB seems a bit far fetched in the tough physical conditions outside the university test labs. But the professor does not think so, he says that this speed seems achievable provided they can come up with higher latency and reliability.

“An important aspect of 5G is how it will support applications in the future. We don’t know what applications will be in use by 2020, or 2030 or 2040 for that matter, but we know they will be highly sensitive to latency,” he said. “We need to bring end-to-end latency down to below one millisecond so that it can enable new technologies and applications that would just not be possible with 4G,” he added.

Though 5G is only on lab stage right now, commercial deployment of 5G networks will hopefully be started by the year 2020.

Dual sim WiFi TV Android cell phone KK N9 (Nokia N9)

Key Specification about dual sim WiFi TV Android cell phone KK N9: mp3,mp4,FM,camera,bluetooth,quad-band
Android mobile phone, Nokia N9 style, Dual sim dual standby, WiFi, TV, GPS, MP3 mp4 players, FM radio, Bluetooth, Camera bank and front, Display: 3.6-inch WQVGA 240*480 Resistive Touch Screen, Operation frequency: GSM quad-band 850/00/1800/1900mhz


More Information about dual sim WiFi TV Android cell phone KK N9:
1. MTK 6516
2. Android 2.3 Operating System
3. Quad Band
4. WiFi IEEE 802.11b /g
5. Dual SIM Card Dual Standby.
6. 3.6″ Resistive Touch Screen
7. Support Memory Extension
8. A-GPS (GPS optional)
9. Global Analog Signal Reception TV PAL/NTSC/SECAM

Band : Quad Band GSM850 / GSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900
Dual SIM Card : YES
Analog TV : YES
Camera : Front Camera 0.3MP;Rear Camera 2.0MP
Screen : 3.6″ WQVGA Resistive Touch Screen 240*480Pixels,262K colors
Color : black, blue, white
Standby Time: 180h
Battery : 1600mAh
Dimension : 116*61*12mm
Language: Multilingual
RAM : 512M
ROM: 256M
External Memory: Support T-Flash Card up to 32GB
MP4 :YES (Support RMVB Format)
Audio Recording :YES
Java:Can be download from internet by client