Deal: Get the Moto Z2 Play for just $5 per month at Verizon ($288 off)

If you’re not particularly interested in the recently announced Moto Z2 Force (or maybe you find it too expensive), but you still need a new Moto Z from Verizon, you may want to purchase the Z2 Play this week, as it’s now offered for just $5 per month.

Normally, Verizon is selling the Moto Z2 Play for $17 per month over 24 months (or $408 outright). But starting today and through Sunday (July 30), the carrier allows customers to save $288 on the handset, in certain conditions.

If you’re signing up for an Unlimited plan, you can get the Moto Z2 Play for …

Wonder why the OnePlus 5 was rebooting when dialing 911? Here is the official explanation

Many OnePlus 5 owners reported last week issues with their phones when trying to dial emergency numbers. Even though the problem did not affect all OnePlus 5 devices, it was a wide spread issue.

The issue was spotted sometime at the beginning of the last week when some OnePlus 5 owners tried to call 911 or 999 and their smartphones rebooted. A few of them were able to replicate the issue and even capture it on video.

A few days later, OnePlus released a small update that fixed the issue for OnePlus 5 devices. Today, the Chinese company issued a statement …

Battle of the Snapdragons: Moto Z2 Force Edition vs Galaxy S8+ vs OnePlus 5 vs LG G6 specs comparison

The Moto Z2 Force is official, and of course, this commands a specs comparison with the rest of the flagships out there, namely the profound troopers the Galaxy S8, the OnePlus 5, and the HTC U11 all are.
We called this one “Battle of the Snapdragons”, and it’s pretty fitting, given that they all have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 on deck. 
That’s the common denominator here, but how do the rest of the specs compare? There’s literally nothing stopping us from finding out, so let’s just jump right into it!
SpecsMoto …

Moto Z2 Force Edition size comparison vs Galaxy S8, S8+, LG G6, OnePlus 5, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

After Samsung, LG, HTC, OnePlus, and a whole trove of other popular and lesser-known smartphone makers have already made their flagship devices official so far in 2017, it’s finally time for Motorola to unload its heavy artillery and treat us all to a proper flagship that will rival all the trendy flagships on the market.
Specs-wise, the Moto Z2 Force Edition is quite comparable with the majority of its rivals, and rest assured it doesn’t fall much behind in any category… But how does the  Moto Z2 Force compare against just about any flagship out there …

OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Portrait modes compared

Dual cameras are all the rage in smartphones these days. Different companies have different ways of approaching the setup – Huawei, for example, last year started employing a monochrome shooter alongside the main camera in some of its phones, while LG has opted for a wide-angle lens as a supplement since the G5. And then there’s Apple and OnePlus who use telephoto lenses instead.

Whether you like the stunning black and white shots of the Huawei P10, or how much of a scene you can fit into one photo using the wide-angle camera of the LG G6, is entirely up to personal …

July 2017 security update starts rolling out to T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Note 5

T-Mobile subscribers with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might be feeling a little more secure today as the phablet has started to receive the latest security update. This isn’t much of an update as these things go, since it weighs in at a paltry 24.39MB. Included with the new files is the July 2017 security patch. The Baseband Version is N920TUVS4EQG1. When you receive the notification telling you that the update has arrived on your Galaxy Note 5, there are certain things you need to do in order to make sure that the update is properly installed.

Before you proceed with the downloading and installing …

Results: same price, different beasts – would you buy the LG G6 or OnePlus 5?

OnePlus started its career in the smartphone world back in 2014, with the super-aggressively priced OnePlus One. A flagship-specced phone for $300? Yes, please! The company quickly garnered fandom and started to sneak its way into the limelight. With each year, OnePlus has also been inching towards a more respectable price-tag, too. Of course, that’s the cost of growth — it’s unrealistic to maintain an operation that barely makes a profit on its product. So, now, the OnePlus 5 costs either $480 or $540, depending on which storage / RAM variant you go for.

All the …

911 dialing issue fixed in latest OnePlus 5 update

OnePlus has just released an update that fixes the 911 dialing bug experienced by some OnePlus 5 owners. As you may know, the issue became viral on Reddit over the past couple of days, after a user reported, and subsequently uploaded a video of his OnePlus 5 unit rebooting whenever he tried to call the emergency number. 
Although it was later found out that other Android phones also experienced the same problem, the Chinese manufacturer was certainly quick to react. The company’s tech support team contacted the user and now an OTA …

OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus selfie comparison: Battle of the doppelgängers

Now that the OnePlus 5 has been out for some time, and many of the big questions have been answered, it’s time for those of you out here debating whether to buy one to get a bit more into the specific and the personal. And what could be more personal than the selfie — possibly the best way to expose oneself to the world in nitty-gritty detail, for better or worse.

But to answer the question “Will I look good when taking a selfie with the OnePlus 5?” (barring the obvious answer that yes, you will, provided you take said selfie from a good angle and …

OnePlus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 selfie comparison: Let's go on an adventure

Here’s a scenario: you’re at a party and someone drunkedly proclaims “let’s take a selfie!” Everyone is on board, obviously, despite the terribleness of the idea (it’s never fun waking up and seeing those 70+ likes on a picture you don’t remember posting). But here’s the big question: which phone do you use?

The following article will most definitely not answer that question — unless your friends group is exclusively limited to Samsung Galaxy S8 or OnePlus 5 users, of course. However, it will hopefully point you in the right direction of what to …