Moto Z2 Play is certified in China: 5.5-inch screen, 4GB RAM and 20% lower battery capacity

The Moto Z Play has made a name for itself thanks to the 3510mAh battery it sports. Add to that large capacity cell the power sipping Snapdragon 625 chipset that is found under the hood, and you have a phone that allows you to walk right past the outlets in your home, the office, the airports, or in the library. But the sequel to the phone, the Moto Z2 Play, is apparently not going to give users the same opportunity to go without a charge for two to three days.

With the Moto Z2 Play getting certified by Chinese regulatory agency TENAA (which is similar to the FCC in the U.S.) we understand …

TrendForce analysts predict there won't be 4GB of RAM for 2017 iPhone

Analyst agency TrendForce argues that increased prices of LPDDR4 RAM is slowing down growth in smartphone RAM this year. The company says “intensifying competition” and “spiking prices” are to blame for a lower than expected increase in the “average memory content” of this year’s smartphones (3.2GB rather than 3.7GB), and rising memory prices are going to impact Apple’s upcoming iPhones as well.

According to the analysts, if Cupertino wants to maintain its typical annual shipment targets of 200 million units and counting, it will have to settle for 3GB of RAM in …

Moto X (2017) variant appears online as model number XT1805; device sports 4GB of RAM

We have previously shown you images of a phone that is allegedly the Motorola Moto X (2017). With the model number XT1801, the device is rumored to carry a 5.5-inch display featuring a resolution of 1080 x 1920 (FHD). A Snapdragon 625 chipset powers the unit with 3GB of RAM inside. Today, another variant of the Moto X (2017) has surfaced, this one sporting the model number XT1805 and featuring 4GB of RAM. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the device, a fingerprint scanner in front and the front-facing selfie snapper has a flash of its very own.

This version of the Moto X (2017) …

This guy got his Nexus 5X upgraded to 4GB RAM like it was nothing

Here’s a wild story from the bowels of the XDA Board, where humble everyday men turn to kernel-swapping, CPU overclocking, ROM flashing maniacs at night. User Cathair2096 allegedly bought a Nexus 5X in Hong Kong, and like many disgruntled owners, he caught the dreaded bootloop bug just as his warranty expired.

Instead of getting a cheap Chinese flagship, he sent that Nexus to a repairman for reanimation. Said repairman straight up offered to stick an additional 2GB of RAM as he worked on replacing the system chip, and the rest is history.

The screenshots …

BlackBerry Aurora going official on March 9 with mid-range specs, but packs 4GB RAM and 32GB storage

The Aurora is a new mid-range BlackBerry-branded smartphone that will soon make its debut in Indonesia. BlackBerry Aurora went on pre-order on the first day of the month, and it should have been available for purchase starting March 3.

However, it looks like PT BB Merah Putih, the company handling the distribution of BlackBerry smartphones in Indonesia, won’t be launching the Aurora until tomorrow, March 9.

The smartphone will be available in three colors including Gold, Silver, and Black. Customers who pre-order the Aurora for $262 will also receive a free …

Huawei executive: No more than 4GB of RAM is needed on a smartphone

Last year, the first smartphone to ship with 6GB of RAM was launched, and since then we have seen manufacturers like OnePlus include 6GB of RAM on the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. But as you might expect, not every phone manufacturer believes that 6GB of RAM is needed. For example, Huawei executive Lao Shi recently noted on his weibo page that 4GB of RAM is enough on a phone for it to scroll smoothly. Mr. Lao also added that many Huawei phones work better with 4GB of RAM than they might with 6GB of the stuff inside.

RAM, which is an acronym for Random Access Memory, is used to store parts of …