Nokia 8110 4G rumored to arrive in the US in Q2

Recently unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, Nokia 8110 4G (aka “the banana phone”) is reportedly headed to the United States. The Finnish company HMD announced the feature phone will be launched in Europe in May for €89, but hasn’t made any statements regarding its US availability so far.

However, the same sources that confirmed the Nokia 1, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6 2018 will be launched in the US now say another Nokia-branded handset will be released in the country – the 8110 4G.

As far as the timeframe goes, it appears that HMD plans to make the banana phone available …

Remembering the Motorola ATRIX 4G, the phone that was too ahead of its time

Coming back from covering this most recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I’ve been reminiscing about past shows – about how mobile used to have stronger presence. In the last several years, however, that hasn’t been the case at all! Nowadays, most companies reserve their major flagship announcements for Mobile World Congress, which makes perfect sense when you consider it’s THE showcase event for mobile.

Going back to this most recent CES, checking out Razer’s Project Linda concept made old memories rush back into my mind. For those of you that are unaware, Project Linda is …

Nokia 3310 4G quietly launched in China, expected to go global in March

As expected, HMD has just unveiled the 4G version of the Nokia 3310, the only feature phone released by the Finnish company to date. The new Nokia 3310 4G is meant to be introduced in those countries where the 3G model is not available or hasn’t been that successful.

Although HMD did not issue any official statements regarding the Nokia 3310 4G, the feature phone is now listed on Nokia China official website. Apparently, the handset will be available for purchase at China Mobile brick and mortar stores in early February.

However, we expect the feature phone to be introduced in other …

Samsung found guilty of infringing on 4G technology patents owned by Huawei

Back in May 2016, Huawei filed a lawsuit against Samsung in China for infringing upon some of its patents. After 8 months, the Chinese court finally ruled and its decision isn’t good at all for Samsung.

The South Korean company was found guilty of infringing on two 4G standard essential patents related to telecommunication technology and equipment owned by Huawei. Moreover, the court found that Samsung delayed the negotiations on purpose probably because it knew it infringed on those patents.

Apparently, this was a very complicated case since it took the …

Here is the highly-anticipated 4G Nokia 3310, the only feature phone you'll need

It’s no surprise that HMD Global wants to launch a 4G version of the Nokia 3310. Since the 2G model wouldn’t work in all countries, HMD released the 3G Nokia 3310, which is available in the United States as well but to cover even more markets a 4G model is absolutely necessary.

However, a much better Nokia 3310 that will feature 4G support will be launched next year. The feature phone was recently certified at TENAA, the Chinese regulatory commission, which suggests we might not have to wait too long for the device to go official.

There are no differences …

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray looks back at 4G LTE in 2017, and ahead to 5G by 2020

On a recently released video, T-Mobile’s Chief Technical Officer Neville Ray recited his thoughts on the year about to end, while looking ahead at what the future might bring for the nation’s third largest carrier. Ray discussed the 600MHz spectrum that T-Mobile won in the FCC’s auction of airwaves no longer being used by television broadcasters. The low frequency airwaves travel farther and penetrate buildings better than spectrum carrying higher frequencies. T-Mobile wasted no time employing some of its newly owned 600MHz spectrum for 4G LTE.

With the spectrum won by T-Mobile from …

Minneapolis may be cold, but it has the fastest 4G speed among 35 major U.S. cities surveyed

Minneapolis is a cold, cold city during the winter. But when it comes to mobile data speeds, Minneapolis is a hot, hot city. Data compiled by Open Signal has discovered that during the third quarter of this year, the average download speed in Minneapolis was 21.5Mbps. Detroit was second with an average speed of 20.77Mbps. Minneapolis and Detroit were the only major stateside cities to average an LTE download speed of 20Mbps or higher during the three month period.

The slowest of the 35 major cities on the list was Las Vegas, which had an average LTE download speed of 11.65Mbps, a bit more …

OnePlus 5 receiving OxygenOS 4.5.11 update, fixes YouTube video lag and 4G+ issues

OnePlus 3 and 3T are not the only ones getting monthly updates, as the Chinese company is taking care of its newest flagship smartphone as well, the OnePlus 5.

Although it wasn’t officially announced, a new OxygenOS 4.5.11 update is now being pushed to OnePlus 5 devices. Many users have already captured the update and shared information about what’s bringing into the mix.

At first glance, this is a bug fixing update that addresses some issues OnePlus 5 owners reported about in the last couple of months. The most important one is supposed to fix a problem …

Ad watchdog group tells T-Mobile to stop calling its 4G LTE network faster than Verizon's

Both T-Mobile and Verizon have made claims in their ads that their 4G LTE network is the fastest in the U.S. Both can’t be right. So when T-Mobile said in an advertisement last year that its LTE pipeline was faster than Verizon’s LTE network, Big Red filed a complaint with the National Advertising Division. Part of the Better Business Bureau, the NAD reviews national ads for truthfulness. After reviewing the situation, the NAD ruled that T-Mobile should stop claiming that it has the fastest 4G LTE network.

For its part, T-Mobile relied on crowd-sourced data compiled by apps offered …

T-Mobile matches its rivals, bumps data speeds on the Series 3 Apple Watch to 4G

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is more attuned to his customers’ wishes, hopes and desires than any other executive in the industry. So when T-Mobile subscribers complained that the Apple Watch Series 3 would be limited to data speeds of 512kbps (basically 3G), Legere looked into the matter. Today, the executive disseminated a tweet with good news for T-Mobile customers.

According to Legere, T-Mobile’s new Apple Watch plan will provide 4G LTE speeds for Apple Watch users at the same $10 per month rate that it was going to charge for 3G. Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 3 started yesterday …