Verizon quietly starts new lower priced carrier Visible; unlimited talk, text and data is $40 a month

Under the radar, Verizon earlier this year created a carrier called Visible. The service costs $40 a month for unlimited talk, text and data in the U.S. over Verizon’s 4G LTE network. To subscribe, you need an invite to join Visible’s early access program from a current subscriber. If you happen to have received an invitation, download the app from the App Store (Visible is iOS only at this point), fill out the necessary personal information including the invite code, and Verizon will send you a SIM card the very next day. Put the card in your phone and activate the service. 

The data …

Deal: Apple Watch Series 1 gets a $100 (40% off) price cut at Walmart

Walmart, Best Buy, and Newegg are running various deals on the Apple Watch on Mother’s Day, but the promotion is likely to extend for a few more days or while supplies last. Out of the three major US retailers, Walmart seems to have the best deals on the Apple Watch Series 1, but you’ll have to hurry since some of the models are already out of stock.

We’ve managed to identify two Apple Watch Series 1 models that still appear in stock and have their prices cut by $100. First off, the Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Sport Band (aluminum case) is on sale for just $149, which means the smartwatch …

Learn how to code with ReactJS for less than $40


There’s a reason coding is one of the most in-demand skills to have on your résumé. Whether you’re building the next million dollar app or social media platform from scratch, adding personal touches to your blog, or troubleshooting an everyday tech problem, it’s useful in just about every industry. 

A quick search will tell you there is no shortage of tools and languages to learn, all of which boast various levels of difficulty. But if you’re looking to dip your toes into coding with a tool that’s sure to take you places, you might want to give React a try.  Read more…

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T-Mobile fined $40 million for using false ring tones on calls to rural areas

The FCC announced today that T-Mobile has been fined $40 million for not improving the delivery of calls made to those living in rural areas. In the FCC Consent Decree order announcing the fine, the agency accused the nation’s third largest carrier with inserting phony ring tones, giving a caller the impression that his/her call was going through. In reality, the connection was never made, and the phone owned by the recipient of the call never rang at all.

Besides making the caller hang up thinking that no one was available to answer the phone, using the false ring tones also shielded T-Mobile …

Qualcomm confirms all smartphones supporting Quick Charge 4.0 technology

Each top-tier mobile chipset launched by Qualcomm comes with Quick Charge. The technology has evolved throughout the years, so the latest smartphones equipped with Qualcomm’s newest chipsets should support Quick Charge 4.0/4.0+.

To make it easier for consumers who want the latest quick charge technology in their smartphones, Qualcomm published the list of all devices compatible with Quick Charge 4.0/4.0+. In case you’re expecting the list to contain at least several devices, you’ll be completely disappointed.

There’s only one device that Qualcomm confirmed it’s fully compatible with …

Deal: Bose QuiteComfort 25 headphones on sale for 40% off, you save $120

Among the best audio companies in the United States, Bose’s portfolio contains quite a few high-quality headphones. More importantly, the company’s headphones are prices are pretty balanced, so they’re a pretty good alternative to high-tier products.

For example, the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones aimed at Android users cost around $300. However, Newegg is running a sale on Bose’s headphones, so customers can buy a pair for just $180.

The same pair of headphones is available for iOS users, but the discount is much smaller: $60. Still, if you’re using an iPhone, you can get the Bose …

Deal: The Moto Z Play is on sale for just $270 (40% off) at B&H

The Moto Z Play is probably one of the best-selling Motorola smartphones in the United States and B&H somewhat confirms it. The mid-range handset was part of the retailer’s promotional offer before the New Year’s Eve, which allowed it to become the top seller smartphone on B&H’s online store.

Although the previous promotional offer included more Motorola smartphones, only the Moto Z Play has been tagged as “Top Seller” by B&H. If you missed the sale, the US retailer has the Moto Z Play on discount again and, more importantly, you can get it for the same …

Save 40% on the Moto Z Play at B&H; other Moto models are also on sale

Here is an opportunity for you to save 40% on the first-generation Moto Z Play. B&H is offering the phone for $269.99, which is a whopping $180 off of the usual $449.99 price. Powered by the Snapdragon 625 chipset, the Moto Z Play has superb battery life thanks to the use of this power sipping SoC and the inclusion of a 3510mAh battery. The 5.5-inch AMOLED display carries a 1080 x 1920 FHD resolution. 3GB of RAM is inside along with 32GB of native storage, and the camera combo weighs in at 16MP in back and 5MP in front.

There are many who will tell you that the Moto Z Play is a better …

Belkin halts sales of $40 iPhone X 'InvisiGlass Ultra' screen protector after consumers complain it cracks easily

Protecting the screen on your phone is important, especially if it’s the $1,000 iPhone X we speak about and when you consider that cracking it could cost you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs.
That is why a simple case and a screen protector go a long way.
One of the more popular options for a screen protector for the iPhone X is the Belkin ‘InvisiGlass Ultra’, a costly $40 screen protector that you can have installed with a special machine at Apple Stores. For this price, you expect to get an excellent product …

Chinese tech stocks slump after report that Apple has cut its iPhone X orders by 40%

Apple is a company that can make or break the fortunes of its suppliers, that is why when reports started emerging yesterday that the Silicon Valley juggernaut has cut its suggested iPhone X order forecast from 50 million to 30 million, a lot of Chinese tech stocks experienced quite a ravaging, swimming in a sea of red, as you can see in the stock exchange snapshot below.

All it took is one report in a Taiwanese publication for Apple’s supplier Lens Technology to plunge 8%, for instance. The report said that Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant, where the iPhone X is assembled, stopped hiring …