Nokia 3310 Review

The famed Nokia 3310 is back, and the hype around it is real. While some are eager to get their hands on this feature phone, others are skeptical that HMD will deliver on its promises of a better 3310.

We here at PhoneArena don’t have the habit of reviewing feature phones, especially in such a low price range (between $60 and $70 in Europe), but for the successor of one of the most iconic devices in history, we had to make an exception. So, let’s get straight into it.

What’s in the box:

Nokia 3310Micro USB wall charger3.5 mm headsetQuick start guideWarranty

The …

Nokia 3310 unboxing: It finally arrived

The Nokia 3310 is the only feature phone that has generated any buzz whatsoever in recent years. It signified the return of the former mobile king, but does it have anything in common with its now 17-year-old predecessor? Let’s find out in our unboxing video below.

In the box:
Nokia 3310;Battery, packed separately;Headphones;MicroUSB wall charger;Quick start guide;Warranty;

The U.S. version of Nokia 3310 works on T-Mobile's network only

 Nokia 3310, the feature phone that will probably beat all the other Nokia-branded smartphones announced by HMD Global earlier this year when it comes to the number of units sold, will be launched in the United States by the end of the month.

Introduced as a 2G feature phone that supports GSM networks only, HMD promised to work with carriers in the United States in order to find a solution to the issue. Unfortunately for Nokia fans, EDGE coverage on GSM networks is a bit of a problem in the U.S.

As such, the Nokia 3310 might only work on T-Mobile. The Federal Communications …

This $12 clone of the Nokia 3310 looks almost convincing until you realize the terribleness of it

Smartphone clone artists never cease to amaze us. They can build a visually convincing replica of almost any upcoming phone just by looking at some blurry images. They can also re-build a $50 phone, the Nokia 3310, and sell it for $12. That’s what, two movie tickets? One expensive movie ticket? You get the point – it’s mighty cheap.

Such is the case with Indian manufacturer Darago, whose Nokia 3310 cover version almost looks like the real thing… until you put it by the original side and have a gander at the awful, awful display. Whereas the new Nokia 3310 has …

UK retailer Clove stopped pre-orders for the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3310 at HMD's request

Yesterday, we told you that UK retailer Clove had stopped accepting pre-orders for the Nokia 3310 feature phone, and had resumed taking pre-registrations. While a pre-order reserves a phone for the consumer who puts down money to make sure that a unit is held for him/her at launch, a pre-registration simply alerts the consumer via email when pre-orders are starting. Yesterday, there was concern by some Clove customers that  pre-orders were canceled, although that doesn’t seem to be the case.

An email sent out by Clove to customers today states that the pre-order option was taken down, …

Nokia 3310 pre-orders canceled by Clove UK?

Late last month, the refreshed Nokia 3310 feature phone was made available for pre-orders from Clove UK. Reservations were being taken for the phone in a variety of colors including Warm Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, and Grey. Priced at the equivalent of $67 USD pre-tax, all of the units were to be released in the middle of next month. But as you can see from the accompanying screenshot, something has changed at Clove. Instead of being labeled pre-order, you can now only pre-register your intention to reserve the handset when that option becomes available once more.

The original Nokia 3310 has …

Nokia 3310 is now shipping, all Nokia phones to be launched globally this quarter

According to Nokia’s Twitter account, the new Nokia 3310 is now shipping. This was announced with a playful little video, which you can see at the end of this article.
However, we’re not sure what this means exactly, as no retailers have been listed on Nokia’s site as selling the device. We assume that the new iteration of the iconic handset is probably on its way to stores around the world, though, as the UK retailer Clove Technology is already accepting pre-orders. However, those that decided to buy their new feature phone via Clove will have to wait until mid-June …

5 feature phone alternatives to the new Nokia 3310 to consider, before the behemoth returns

We are not too far from the release of a revamped version of the Chuck Norris of phones, the new Nokia 3310, which is due to launch in Europe in the next days. Whether they actually need it or not, we bet quite a few people would order it, just to display in their memorabilia. Or just to drain more hours playing Snake. I mean, why not, since it will only cost about $60 – well worth for a Snake console, right?

In case, however, you have not been mesmerized by its, let’s admit it, slightly mundane design, the ‘rehab’ phones market already offers great 3310 alternatives. Summer …

Nokia 3310 sales start next week in Europe, but price is slightly higher

We’ve already reported a couple of times about the new Nokia-branded handsets that are supposed to hit the shelves in Q2, but here is something new that might put you on the fence regarding the Nokia 3310 (2017).

Unveiled back in February at Mobile World Congress 2017, Nokia 3310’s suggested retail price was set to €49. Although it’s a feature phone, the new version of Nokia 3310 is a breath of fresh air for fans of the brand who were willing to buy just to use it as their second phone.

However, it looks like many European markets have put a different price …

All three of Nokia's Android smartphones could be released in May, new 3310 in April

We’ve previously heard of HMD Global’s plans to release its four devices, the Nokia 3, 5, 6, and the new 3310, simultaneously across 120 markets this summer. If the latest leak we’ve come across turns out to be true, then that means we might just have found out all four of the phones’ worldwide release dates.

The news comes from Chinese-language website Vtech, and specifically concerns the devices’ release dates in Malaysia. The first released phone will reportedly be the new Nokia 3310, the refresh of the classic feature phone which inexplicably stole …