Over 3000 Android apps tracking children per new study

We have written about the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) before. A new automated study found over 3,300 apps on the Google Play Store that exhibit behavior which could violate COPPA. Some my ask why the Play store is mentioned but not the App Store. It appears that the information for Apple’s marketplace is more limited and was outside the scope of this study. In any case, the law in question requires parental consent before collecting certain bits of information on children. This act mostly pertains to sites or apps that have content directed towards children. If it is reasonable …

Crazy: The iPhone X can cost over $3,000 on Amazon

Amazon is not among the official channels that are offering
Apple’s iPhone X, but various third-party vendors can use Amazon’s platform to re-sell the new handset. Right now, if you’re searching for an iPhone X on Amazon,
you’ll find that you can order one for prices significantly higher than those available at Apple and
major US


One particular third-party seller says it can ship the
iPhone X in 2-3 days – which sounds nice, given that stock shortages are
expected to affect the device’s general availability. However, to get the iPhone X in
2-3 days from said vendor, you’ll …

BLU readying another affordable smartphone with 3,000 mAh battery

It looks like a BLU R1 HD sequel is now in the works and will probably be officially introduced in the coming weeks. Few details about its specs are available at the moment, but at least we have several pictures showing the smartphone from all angles.

BLU R2 has been recently listed at FCC (Federal Communications Commissions), so it will probably not be long until the smartphone gets revealed. The documents filed at FCC confirm the R2 will be powered by a 3,000 mAh battery.

Also, the affordable smartphone will sport a 5-inch display and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. The …

Lenovo: Moto Z2 Play will feature a 3000 mAh battery

Although the Moto Z2 series of smartphones has not been announced, Lenovo confirmed its existence on Twitter. More exactly, answering a question from a fan, yesterday, Lenovo mentioned the Moto Z2 Play – an upcoming smartphone that should replace the original Moto Z Play (released last year).

The only thing that Lenovo revealed about the Moto Z2 Play is that the handset would come with a “non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery.” This confirms a previous rumor, and means that the new battery will, sadly, be less capacious than the battery found inside the original Moto Z Play (a 3,510 mAh …

Facebook will hire 3,000 new employees to scan the site for violence and hate

Looking to halt a trend toward the streaming of violent acts in real time, Facebook announced today that it will hire 3,000 new employees whose job will be to monitor the site looking for  acts of violence and hate. The 3,000 new hires will join the company over the next year and will be added to the 4,500 employees who already have the task of scanning Facebook for violence. Both live video and video posted after the fact will be part of the content to be examined.

Besides violence, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the 7,500 will remove posts that are not …