Malware found in wallpaper apps infects 21 million Android devices via Google Play

The second largest outbreak to hit the Google Play Store that we know of is called ExpensiveWall, a new malware discovered in wallpaper apps, which is said to be responsible for the infection of 21.1 million Android devices.

Check Point’s researchers discovered the malware early last month and issued a statement that contains all their findings related to ExpensiveWall.

Unfortunately, the malware infected at least 50 apps on Google Play, which were downloaded between 1 million and 4.2 million times before they were removed.

The ExpensiveWall malware was “packed” inside wallpaper …

All 21 times the Emmys threw shade at Donald Trump


The first time the Hollywood glitterati had a chance to sling barbs at Donald Trump as a sitting President, it was the Screen Actors Guild Awards — just a few weeks after his inauguration. By our count, they seized their opportunity to throw shade a total of 13 times.

Well, after another eight or nine months of this administration, the gloves are really off.

It started with Stephen Colbert’s opening song — who didn’t see that coming? — and continued through the night.

Here are all 21 times the stars of TV expressed displeasure with Trump at the Emmys: Read more…

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Android 8.0 Orellete (not Oreo) said to be announced on August 21

File this under rumors since the information comes from an unnamed source, but it looks like Google won’t be launching any Oreo cookie tomorrow. The search giant has decided to tie the launch of its next version of Android to the solar eclipse.

A Google teaser with the file name GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4 was briefly available on G+, hinting to Android O’s market name.

Well, with less than 24 hours left until the official reveal, a new rumor points to a completely different naming for the Android O. Cliff Wade, customer support manager for Nova …

Google schedules Android O (Oreo?) unveiling for Aug. 21

We knew that the official release of Android O was on the way after Google dropped the last Android O beta on early testers, and now Google has given the date and time when that announcement will be made. And, Google may have also tipped its hand as to the nickname of the release, unless it is just trolling us all again.

Google has decided that it will release Android O on August 21st during a livestream from New York City that starts at 2:40 pm EST, in order to coincide with the solar eclipse that will be making its way across the United States that same day. This date has been …

Android O "most likely" to be released on August 21

Reports about the upcoming release of the Android O are a bit confusing. Although Google is expected to launch the new version of the mobile platform this month, we don’t know when exactly the search giant will push the release button.

According to a report coming from AndroidPolice’s David Ruddock, Google might have pushed the release of Android O for Pixel beyond the August 21 date. He also claims that he’s got unverified information that Google plans to give the Android O its market name on the day of the solar eclipse, August 21.

A more recent piece of …

Asus to launch ZenFone AR in the UK on July 21, but its price will break the bank

Asus hadn’t been selling smartphones directly in the UK for quite some time, but the Taiwanese company had a change of heart recently. The mighty Tango-enabled Asus ZenFone AR will be officially launched in the UK and pre-orders will go live on July 21.

The ZenFone AR will be a costly device to purchase for those who want a taste of Google’s Tango project. Customers in the UK will have to come up with £799 to buy the high-end smartphone. The good news is Asus will offer some incentives to those who purchase the ZenFone AR.

Assuming you have that much money …

Asus ZenFone 4V will be unveiled in Europe on September 21

Asus has been struggling to decide when to announce the new ZenFone 4 family. Although previous rumors claimed the smartphones could be unveiled as early as May, it now looks like Asus will wait until fall to reveal them.

In fact, the company has already started to send invitations for a launch event that will take place in Rome, Italy, on September 21. Since we already know the names of the five ZenFone 4 smartphones Asus plans to launch by the end of the year, we can confirm that the ZenFone 4V will be announced in late September.

The picture above is clear …

UFS 2.1 explained: the storage technology in today's top Android phones

Inside each and every modern smartphone reside two quite important memory chips. One of them, known as RAM, holds memory that can be read and written rapidly, but can’t be stored if power to the chip gets cut off. RAM is where active apps and operating system components are loaded so that they can be manipulated quickly. Needless to say, your phone’s RAM is a vital component, but it rests outside the scope of this article.

Your phone also has a chip for storing data in the long term – apps, photos, music, as well as the operating system itself. This chip isn’t as fast …

Best free Android and iPhone games of the week! (May 21 – 28)

Who’s up for some free games? This week saw some great releases on Android and iOS, such as Fastlane, Iron Blade, Skullgirls, and an awkward new Pokemon game.

Seriously, Magikarp?! Out of all magical beasts in the Pokemon universe? We have a feeling we’re being trolled. Oh well, it’s a game, it exists, we’ll play it.

Check out the slideshow below for the 9 awesome freebies we’ve lined up for this week. It contains all the images, links, videos, and descriptions you need. Enjoy free games and have much, much fun!


Best free Android and iPhone games of the week! (May 15 – 21)

It’s that time of the week again, when we get to sit down and line up a bunch of cool free games that showed up throughout the last seven days! As always, there’s no shortage of good stuff to play, so head to the slideshow below where we’ve picked 10 fantastic free games for you.

Especially the new Lode Runner reboot – it’s a visual feast with gold-standard arcade gameplay. They come complete with links, descriptions, images, and videos so you know exactly what you’re getting.