Walmart’s Black Friday 2017 deals gift a $300 card with an iPhone X or Note 8 plan

Walmart has listed its Black Friday 2017 deals, and for the first time it will feature color-coded sections for different product categories to make the life of holiday shoppers easier in its huge stores easier on Black Friday. You will be able to find the codes on the retailer’s Black Friday circular and store maps. The deals that Walmart announced will be available at 12:01 am EST online on Thanksgiving morning, and at 6 pm local in its stores.

Besides the obligatory best prices on 4K TVs that are a staple for Walmart’s Black Friday rush, the early …

2017 top-tier smartphones that still have a fingerprint scanner on the front

Fingerprint scanners were made popular by the iPhone 5s way back in 2013. Housed in the home button at the front, Touch ID made phone unlocking super simple — press home button to wake the phone, wait for it to scan your finger to unlock. Naturally, it quickly became a trend and is now a standard feature that’s making its way to mid-range and even some lower level phones.

But not every phone has their fingerprint scanner on the front. Some had them installed on their backs, next to the camera, some have them on the side frame. In fact, with the war on the bezel …

Best new Android and iPhone apps (November, 2017)

Another month has passed, just like that, and with it — another zillion of apps has been introduced to the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. As we do each month, we combed through whatever notable offerings we could get our hands on and picked out some of the best new apps that you should check out, either because they are useful, fun, or just plain interesting to see.

It’s no surprise that we have some cool AR apps from Apple, now that ARKit is available, we’ve also got a cool clipboard for iOS multitaskers, and a new Portrait Mode simulator. On the Android end, we’ve got a couple of …

Best new Android and iPhone games (October 2017)

October is not just the month that brought us pre-orders of the Apple iPhone X and wider availability of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it also brought a ton of great new games for iPhones and Android devices.

Creative and inspiring new games!Rather than walk you through all the new games released for mobile, we have just picked the best out there and this month we have 15 selected games. We don’t care whether a game is an RPG, shooter, racer or a puzzle – we look for great quality and a fun, engaging gameplay. That’s …

Best Verizon phones (October 2017)

Verizon is arguably the top telecom in the USA. Big Red’s network offers the most reliable coast-to-coast coverage and some of the highest LTE speeds in the nation, which explains why it has a user base of around 150 million people.
The carrier also supports a very wide selection of smartphones, which might make things a bit difficult if you’re a subscriber on the hunt for your next daily driver. 
This is why we’ve rounded up some of the best handsets Verizon currently has to offer. Of course, what’s best for …

The best LG phones you can buy in 2017: high-end, midrange, and budget

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in the land of smartphones, and there are only a few top names that manage to both stay afloat and innovate every year. LG is among them — despite reporting the tenth consecutive quarter of mobile losses, the manufacturer has at least managed to produce two top-tier devices this year that seem to have won back the favor of smartphone fans and critics around the world.

But LG doesn’t just have two flagships. It makes phones to fit most pockets and needs. So, let’s check out what LG phones are most deserving of your money in 2017!

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Best Samsung phones 2017

The world’s largest phone maker is at the market share top for a reason. Ever since the first Galaxy S, it has been relentlessly pursuing things like OLED display panels or innovative camera tech like Dual Pixel focusing as a market differentiator, culminating in the curved, bezel-less Infinity Display design of the Galaxy S8 or the dual camera of the Note 8 that takes some of the best low-light pictures among its peers. 
A frequent critique towards Samsung is that it has diluted the brand with too many redundant offerings in all tiers …

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) will be released in the US next month, free content on board

Samsung Mobile USA today announced the upcoming
release of a new Android tablet simply called Galaxy Tab A 8.0. The slate succeeds
the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2015), and it’s known in other markets as the Galaxy Tab
A (2017). As its name suggests, the new Samsung tablet sports an
8-inch screen. It’s not a high-resolution display, offering just 800 x 1280
pixels, but that’s because we’re talking about an affordable product here.


Samsung presents the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) as a tablet for
the whole family. The device comes with Parental Controls, Kids Mode, “$100
of premium games, books, …

Best budget Android phones 2017

With a $300 phone, you can do 90% of the things you can do with a $600 phone, they say, and the best budget Android phones we’ve picked for you below certainly prove that urban legend. In the “year of the $1000 phone” when the Galaxy S8 came $100 more expensive than its predecessor, the Note 8 is pegged at $930, the Pixel 2 XL 128 GB is $949, and the iPhone X blasts off at $999, finding the best value-for-money ratio when choosing a phone has become even more important. 
We are here to help, and tell you which ones of the Androids available …

Best Sprint phones (October 2017)

Sprint, the nation’s fourth largest carrier, has some of the cheapest plans out there and one of the widest selections of phones, but which one is right for you?
We look at the best phones available on Sprint so far in 2017, and weigh their pros, cons and price to help you make the best choice for you. Of course, there is no one right phone for everyone and that’s why we have different options, it’s up to you to consider which one works best for your needs.
So let’s waste no time and get started…

Apple …