Latest Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) leak reveals interesting design and color variations

Samsung has been producing some really appealing mid-range phones as of late, with the company’s 2017 A-series handsets providing excellent value for their price. 
If the recent specs leak is anything to go by, the upcoming Galaxy J7 (2017) is shaping up to become another worthy member of this excellent budget-friendly lineup, and the latest render reveals that hardware improvements won’t be the only selling point of the device. 
Reliable tipster Roland Quandt took to Twitter to share a hot new render image of the smartphone …

Best new Android and iPhone games (mid May 2017)

Want to know what are the best new games for iPhone, iPad and Android? We look through all the latest releases and filter the very best ones to give you this round-up of the best new games for mobile. You can play these games on a new Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, iPhone 7, or any other phone that supports the minimum requirements for each of the titles.
This week, at the top we have selected a beautifully enchanting experience, a game called Old Man’s Journey. The release is a puzzle adventure with an atmosphere that you do remember, and a story …

Best Motorola accessories – car charger, headphones, dock, and other essentials! (2017)

Motorola isn’t the phone maker powerhouse it used be, but it is still a highly relevant brand under Lenovo’s competent administration. Fans of Moto or everyone who appreciates well-built, brand-name mobile accessories ought to be interested in this selection.

It features some of the best stuff Motorola has come up with in the accessories space within the past few years – things like the VerveLoop+ wireless earbuds or the TurboPower 30 Universal USB-C Fast Charger.
Check out these nice gizmos and head to their linked Amazon if you feel like pulling …

Sights, sounds, and fire from Google I/O 2017

Like previous events, Google I/O 2017 did not disappoint. Developers were greeted with a number of new features to the tools they use which, in turn, enhance the features we use every day. The biggest difference in the underlying theme this year was the absence of moonshot projects that we had grown accustomed to seeing yearly. That was counterbalanced significantly by the inroads Google continues to make in machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

That was the big push this year, enticing developers to get up to speed with the latest tools to feed, …

Image of molds for 2017 iPhone units shows size comparison between the three models

Tipster SlashLeaks has posted a picture that allegedly reveals molds that will be used in the production of the 2017 iPhone lineup. That includes the Apple iPhone 7s, Apple iPhone 7s Plus and the 10th anniversary edition dubbed the Apple iPhone 8. The image tells us how big each model will be compared to the other units. The Apple iPhone 7s will be the smallest of the three models, and will be the only one of the three to have a single camera on back.

Now, you might expect that the Apple iPhone 8, with its rumored 5.8-inch display, would be the largest. Instead, it is only slightly bigger …

Top 6 best small and compact phones: mini smartphones for one-handed use (2017)

I am looking for a new phone and I want it to be small. Small enough, so that I can use it with a single hand and carry it in my pocket most of the time.
And in 2017, it seems like there is less rather than more choice in this category.
There are much less small phones overall, and there are even less good small phones.
For this particular quest, I was looking for phones that come with a 5-inch or a smaller display, that do not go over 70mm in terms of width, that run well and that provide …

Highlights of Google's developer keynote from I/O 2017

Behind every high-tech service we use today, there is a developer, or a team of developers. Behind those developers, chances are Google is in the picture. While Google I/O has allure for those that are tech enthusiasts, the company has gone back to basics these past couple years and really focused on getting developers the tools they need to bring their ideas to the next level.

At its heart, Google is an ad company, but in serving up such services to us, the end-user (or product), its success lies in not only categorizing information and developing artificial intelligence that benefits everyone, …

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro may indeed come in June, 5-6 million units expected to be shipped in 2017

The anticipated new 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro tablet seems to be just around the corner, and the latest speculations about a possible official announcement in June find another hint coming from hardware manufacturers in Taiwan. According to Digitimes, the mass production of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro has actually started in March or April, and the volume achieved is currently at around 500,000 units a month. What is more, it is expected to reach a level of 600,000 units in July, since the supply chain’s shipments of components for the manufacturers have been increasing …

Google unveils best Android apps selection of 2017 in its Play Awards winners

The Google Play Award picks the very best Android apps, according to Google itself, and the winners for best of 2017 have just been announced.
The 2017 Google Play Award winners include apps in various categories, and if you haven’t tried some of them (we know we have not checked them all out yet), you definitely should take a look.
Out of the 2017 winners, we can vouch for Memries and IFTTT, two great apps that we have been using for quite a long while, and that have proven to be of great help. These and the rest …

Google I/O 2017 keynote: All you need to know

Much to the delight of Android aficionados, Google I/O 2017 kicked off today with a 2-hour long keynote at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Lots of new and arguably exciting things were unveiled on stage, and while we’ve covered a large chunk of those, there’s always something that might have evaded your sight.
But no worries, we are here to the rescue! For the sake of brevity and conciseness, we’ve rounded up all the posts pertaining to the keynote right below: