True bargain: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for $180

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Samsung’s Note line is insanely feature-packed and has recently become incredibly expensive, too, with a starting price of $950. When we reviewed the Galaxy S9+ vs the Note 8, we noted (he-he) that you should only get the phablet if you care about the S Pen stylus, since the S9 has the newer hardware and lower price tag.
And, really, the stylus experience with Samsung’s S Pen is exceptional. Anyone …

Deal: Sony Xperia XA Ultra price drops down to $180, the lowest price to date

Despite the fact that it was launched more than a year ago, the Xperia XA Ultra’s price hasn’t dropped that much. In fact, the mid-range device barely dropped to $200 back in July, but only briefly.

Today, Amazon and B&H have decided to make the Xperia XA Ultra more affordable than ever. Those looking to buy a decent Sony smartphone that doesn’t cost a fortune can now get the Xperia XA Ultra for just $180, which will save them $70 from the MSRP.

There’s a catch though, as both retailers only offer the Graphite Black model at such a low price. The other …

The Logitech Circle 2 is an all-around home security camera for $180

Looking for an easy way to keep an eye on your home even when you are away? Logitech is offering a solution that can do the job for you – a new home security camera called Circle 2.

The Logitech Circle 2 is designed to serve as a simple-to-use, remotely accessed observation tool, which you could use to check what’s happening at your front door or in the living room. The device stands out with its discrete, weatherproof design that makes outdoor, year-round usage an option. There is also a range of additional accessories allowing the camera to be mounted virtually …

Deal: ZTE Axon Pro 32GB on sale for just $180 at Newegg

Once ZTE’s flagship smartphone, the Axon Pro is now on sale at Newegg for under $200. It’s the second time in two months that the Axon Pro is on sale in the United States, but this time the phone has been heavily discounted.

Usually, the Axon Pro sells in the U.S. for around $400 outright, but Amazon and Newegg are running promotions on the smartphone. However, Amazon offers the smartphone for $199.98, while Newegg gives customers the chance to buy the Axon Pro for just $179.99.

Although the price on Newegg’s online store indicates the ZTE Axon Pro 32GB is …