Don't like the iPhone X notch? Here's 15 wallpapers that make it disappear!

The iPhone X’s “notch” has got to be one of the most divisive design choices made by Apple in recent years. The classic iPhone silhouette is one of the most recognizable in tech – heck, even in modern culture in general. A large rectangle with rounded corners and a smaller rectangle within it, positioned atop an even smaller circle. Three simple shapes that, when arranged like that, are universally recognized as an iPhone. But then the iPhone X comes along to erase all bezels and remove the home button, and how does Apple strive to make its silhouette iconic in a new way? …

Deal: Save 15% on the purchase of either one of these 10,000mAh Romoss power banks

From now through Sunday, November 12th, you can save money on the purchase of either one of two specific Romoss power banks being offered on Amazon. If you are constantly watching the battery indicator on your phone and start to get worried when it begins to drop, purchasing one of these devices will forever change the way you use your handset. Instead of holding back with the features on your phone to conserve battery life, with one of these power banks in your pocket, battery life will no longer be an issue for you. And that will allow you to enjoy your smartphone to its fullest potential.

Remember …

Watch Apple's iPhone X and iPhone 8 event in just 15 minutes

Apple held a massive, 2-hour keynote today. In what was the first-ever event to take place at the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Part (aka the spaceship campus), CEO Tim Cook and company introduced a range of new, forward-looking devices, including the industry-disruptive iPhone X, the new-generation iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 3 – now with cellular connectivity.
While we absolutely recommend taking the time to watch the whole thing, we understand some may be unable to spend two hours on this. That’s why we’ve prepared this …

Pre-order the Moto Z2 Force from Verizon for $15 a month and receive a free Moto Mod projector

Last year, Verizon had the Motorola Moto Z Force Droid as an exclusive in the states. For the sequel this year, the Droid branding was removed and today all four major U.S. wireless operators announced that they were taking pre-orders of the Moto Z2 Force. And that, of course, includes Verizon. Not that this is the only change made to last year’s flagship phone. We can start with the addition of a second camera on the back of the handset, allowing users to take pictures with the much desired “blur” effect.

The fingerprint scanner is now a pill shape instead of a square, and the battery …

Samsung CEO confirms Galaxy S8 sales are 15% higher than Galaxy S7's

Reports that Galaxy S8 sales are well behind of those for the Galaxy S7 since launch surfaced last week, even though Samsung hasn’t released any official numbers. In fact, this was one of the reasons analysts claimed Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Note 8 earlier than usual.

However, Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh refuted these reports at a press conference held in Taipei recently. Besides confirming the late August reveal of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, he said that sales of the Galaxy S8 smartphones are well above those of the Galaxy S7 devices.

According to DJ …

Deal: Save 15% when you buy the Asus ZenWatch 3 on Amazon

Since Asus promised to release Android Wear 2.0 for ZenWatch 3 this week, the smartwatch might be more appealing to those looking for a great looking wearable. The smartwatch usually sells in the United States for $229, but you can get it for slightly cheaper for a limited time.

Amazon now offers the Asus ZenWatch 3 smartwatch for just $194.99, 15% cheaper than the retail price. Basically, you’ll be saving $34.01 when you buy the smartwatch from Amazon.

The 15% ($34.01) discount is only available for the Beige Leather Band version, but if you want the Dark-Brown …

You can now buy a refurbished Apple Pencil for $85, $15 off its original price

The Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro is one of the best precision writing tools around: it is accurate, it is great for sketching and it has quickly become a preferred tool for design and graphics professionals.
And now, you can buy it for less. While the Apple Pencil usually sells for $100, Apple now offers a certified refurbished Apple Pencil with 1-year warranty at a $15 discount for $85.
It is a refurbished product of course, but Apple points out that it has undergone a ‘rigorous’ refurbishment process, whatever that …

All you need to know about roaming in Europe after June 15, 2017

Traveling to foreign countries can be fun, but expensive. Using your phone abroad isn’t cheap either when there are roaming fees involved. But the European Union has been making steady progress towards minimizing roaming charges within its borders. In fact, these are to be lifted completely on June 15 by a new regulation, appropriately called “Roam like at home”. So let us now explain how that’s going to affect the way roaming services work across Europe.

What counts as roaming?

In short, roaming is when you are using your carrier’s services abroad …

Watch Apple's massive 2-hour iOS 11, iPad Pro and HomePod event in 15 minutes

Apple put up a massive presentation yesterday at the start of the annual WWDC dev conference. Over the course of 2 hours and 15 minutes, the tech leader revealed many of the newest projects it’s been working on, including iOS 11, the 2017 edition iPad Pro 10.5″ and 12.9″, the watchOS 4 platform, and even the HomePod – a smart new home assistant with a penchant for high-quality music playback.
If you’re passionate about technology, chances are you’d love to watch this exciting keynote. But in a world with ever shortening attention spans, we …

Best free Android and iPhone games of the week! (May 15 – 21)

It’s that time of the week again, when we get to sit down and line up a bunch of cool free games that showed up throughout the last seven days! As always, there’s no shortage of good stuff to play, so head to the slideshow below where we’ve picked 10 fantastic free games for you.

Especially the new Lode Runner reboot – it’s a visual feast with gold-standard arcade gameplay. They come complete with links, descriptions, images, and videos so you know exactly what you’re getting.