The game must go on: Get a PS4 controller charging station on sale for $14


Between your obsession with Monster Hunter: World and your mounting excitement for the upcoming God of War, it’s no secret that your PS4 controllers get quite a workout. Make sure they’re always running with this charging station for PS4 controllers on sale today for less than $14.

If you’re the type who likes to turn off their console completely instead of using Standby Mode, this charging station is great for keeping your controllers juiced up without using the console. Part of the AmazonBasics line of products, it can charge two controllers simultaneously, reaching a full charge in three hours. The indicator lights change from red to green when they’re done so you can get back to harvesting monster parts for armor as soon as they’re ready.  Read more…

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The iPhone X order cuts news erase $14 billion off Apple's market cap

Yesterday’s supply chain heartbreaker of a story that Apple has cut its iPhone X orders by the whopping 40% – from 50 million to 30 million units – is making ripples with investors, it seems, as the tech giant’s stock started well in the red today. Apple saw about $14 billion of its market capitalization evaporate thanks to this rumor, so instead of running unabashedly towards the trillion dollar cap, it’s dipped well below $900 billion now.
All eyes will be on Apple’s first quarterly results after the iPhone X introduction, as the “all-screen” handset is supposed …

Dress it in style: here are 14 elegant and stylish cases for the iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X is out and in the hands of many happy customers. It’s most definitely not cheap, therefore it’s a good idea to make sure that you will be able to enjoy it for longer by wrapping it up in a nice case — at least when you are out and about!

Of course, seeing as the iPhone X is such a hot model, there are plenty of cases out there for it. A premium handset deserves a good-looking bumper, does it not? We combed through a bucketload of cases that are for sale right now and picked out some of the more unique and stylish ones. Check them out below!

Spigen …

All-metal Moto G5S Plus is $50 off until October 14

Released in the US last month, the Moto G5S Plus is
one of Motorola’s nicest affordable smartphones to date, offering an all-metal
unibody construction and an array of pretty attractive features. While taking
pre-orders for the G5S Plus, Motorola slashed $50 off its price, thus offering
the phone starting at $229.99. This promo offer lasted until September 29, but
we’re glad to inform you that it’s now back, so you can once again save $50 on
a brand new Moto G5S Plus.


Both versions of the Moto G5S Plus are included in this deal
– the model with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space …

Essential Phone coming to all Sprint stores on September 14

The wait is finally over
and the Essential Phone will be available for purchase in all Sprint
retail channels on September 14. The only carrier in the United
States that sells the Essential Phone, Sprint announced that, for a
limited time, customers can lease it for $14.58 per month and take
advantage of the best price for fully featured Unlimited data among
national carriers.

Basically, you’ll get 50%
off Essential Phone and you won’t have to pay anything ($0 down) with
18 Sprint Flex Lease payments, thus saving more than $260. On top of
that, the Essential 360-degree camera costs just …

YouTube TV expands to 14 more cities in the U.S., now live in 29 areas

Google’s YouTube TV service is spreading its availability to more areas quite fast. Last month the service went live in 10 cities in the United States and we thought it would take a while for Google to continue to bring YouTube TV to additional regions.

Surprisingly, more than a dozen locations across the country have been added to the list of regions where YouTube TV is available. If you live in one of the following US cities, you’ll be able to subscribe to the service starting today: Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, Columbus, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Louisville, …

Subscriber data on 14 million Verizon customers leaked online, what should you do

UpGuard, the cyber security firm that discovered leaked voter data last month, is at it again, this time going after a Verizon partner that exposed up to 14 million accounts for the world to see. An ill-configured security setting on a cloud server led to having the subscriber data of millions of Verizon customers who phoned customer service in the last six months visible online without protection. 
The data includes phone numbers, names, and, more worryingly, PIN codes that give access to said accounts. Verizon said that no ID theft has occurred because of the …

14 year old taking a bath is electrocuted by her cellphone

This past Sunday, 14-year old Madison Coe was soaking in a tub at her father’s home in Lovington, New Mexico when the unthinkable happened. She either plugged her phone into an outlet while submerged in the bath, or she went to hold her phone which was already plugged in. Either way, the combination of electricity and water resulted in the electrocution death of Coe, who had just graduated 8th grade. For the record, her family believes that the second of the two theories is what occured. That was apparently borne out by the burn mark found on the hand that would have grabbed the phone. …

Asus ZenFone AR could be launched on June 14

Asus unveiled the ZenFone AR back in January at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as world’s first smartphone to pack 8GB RAM. However, even if the ZenFone AR would be the first phone come with such a high amount of memory inside, there’s something else special about it.

Asus’ high-end device is one of few that supports Google’s Tango project. As such, the phone features a set of three cameras that allow it to create indoor, 3D maps. The ZenFone AR has a 23-megapixel primary camera with Sony IMX318 sensors, as well as motion tracking and depth sensing cameras.

Although …

Uber trips will get more expensive as the company adds add route-based pricing in 14 American cities

In a bid to generate further income and recover from its $2.8 billion 2016 losses, Uber is adding route-based pricing to its transport services. In addition to charging customers based on distance, travel time, and regular/peak hours, Uber will also expect more money for covering routes in high demand. For example, riding from the suburbs to a downtown establishment may cost more than the opposite route.

The company has implemented an algorithm to predict what customers are absolutely willing to pay in order to get to a certain destination. The final fare will be …