Subscriber data on 14 million Verizon customers leaked online, what should you do

UpGuard, the cyber security firm that discovered leaked voter data last month, is at it again, this time going after a Verizon partner that exposed up to 14 million accounts for the world to see. An ill-configured security setting on a cloud server led to having the subscriber data of millions of Verizon customers who phoned customer service in the last six months visible online without protection. 
The data includes phone numbers, names, and, more worryingly, PIN codes that give access to said accounts. Verizon said that no ID theft has occurred because of the …

14 year old taking a bath is electrocuted by her cellphone

This past Sunday, 14-year old Madison Coe was soaking in a tub at her father’s home in Lovington, New Mexico when the unthinkable happened. She either plugged her phone into an outlet while submerged in the bath, or she went to hold her phone which was already plugged in. Either way, the combination of electricity and water resulted in the electrocution death of Coe, who had just graduated 8th grade. For the record, her family believes that the second of the two theories is what occured. That was apparently borne out by the burn mark found on the hand that would have grabbed the phone. …

Asus ZenFone AR could be launched on June 14

Asus unveiled the ZenFone AR back in January at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as world’s first smartphone to pack 8GB RAM. However, even if the ZenFone AR would be the first phone come with such a high amount of memory inside, there’s something else special about it.

Asus’ high-end device is one of few that supports Google’s Tango project. As such, the phone features a set of three cameras that allow it to create indoor, 3D maps. The ZenFone AR has a 23-megapixel primary camera with Sony IMX318 sensors, as well as motion tracking and depth sensing cameras.

Although …

Uber trips will get more expensive as the company adds add route-based pricing in 14 American cities

In a bid to generate further income and recover from its $2.8 billion 2016 losses, Uber is adding route-based pricing to its transport services. In addition to charging customers based on distance, travel time, and regular/peak hours, Uber will also expect more money for covering routes in high demand. For example, riding from the suburbs to a downtown establishment may cost more than the opposite route.

The company has implemented an algorithm to predict what customers are absolutely willing to pay in order to get to a certain destination. The final fare will be …

Best free Android and iPhone games of the week! (May 7 – 14)

Another awesome week for free Android and iOS games has passed, delivering blockbusters like Injustice 2 and all-around fun games such as Quarry Driver 3. What, do you have something against simulators of heavy machinery?

As always, the 10 titles we hand-picked are featured inside the convenient slideshow below, complete with images, links, descriptions, and videos. Head right in there and take your pick, everything is up for grabs for free!


Bill Gates barred his kids from using cell phones until they were 14

We know, we know, it sounds ridiculous that the world’s richest man, whose fortune was made in computers and software, hasn’t given his kids full access to cell phones until well into their teens, but Bill Gates is no orthodox man.
“We don’t have cellphones at the table when we are having a meal, we didn’t give our kids cellphones until they were 14 and they complained other kids got them earlier,” revealed Microsoft’s founder in a recent interview. Given that his children range in age between 14-20, we’d only wager to guess that the it was the oldest who wasn’t …

TAG Heuer teases Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch announcement for March 14

We’re just a couple of days away from a new smartwatch announcement coming from watch company TAG Heuer. Not a newcomer to the smartwatch industry, the Swiss watchmaker recently teased a new product that will be revealed on March 14.

The teaser doesn’t really come as a surprise since sources familiar with the company’s plans confirmed last month that TAG Heuer would be launching a successor to the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch in mid-March.

According to the same source, the wearable device is called TAG Connected Modular, and it’s supposed to feature interchangeable straps and clasps …

Super Mario Run sees 37 million downloads, $14 million in revenue in first 3 days

super-mario-run Nintendo’s investors haven’t been happy with the performance of the new iPhone game, “Super Mario Run,” which has led to falling share prices over concerns with the game’s payment model. However, the game has still eked out a respectable share of downloads and revenue, according to new data from app intelligence firm App Annie. Looking back at the game’s… Read More

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