Google is 'arrogant', 'conservative', 'can no longer inovate', says Googler of 13 years as he quits

Steve Yegge, an ex-Google employee of more than 13 years has left the company, and while such a news would hardly ever make a lot of headlines, his last words as he left the technological giant are certainly worth reading.

According to Yegge, who was a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Mountain View, among the chief reasons for his departure from the company is its transformation to a “100% competitor-focused” and not “customer-focused” entity that’s no longer an inspiring place to work at. 

This strategy on catching up and one-upping its rivals on the tech scene …

13 blunt and sweary Christmas cards for your greatest frenemy


Christmas cards are boring, aren’t they?

Santa. Reindeers. Trees and baubles. It’s always the same, every year. We might as well just do away with all together, right?

Well, maybe all hope is not lost.

With its gloriously blunt and sweary range of Christmas cards, UK-based family design company Love Layla is hoping to throw a tinsel-wrapped spanner in the works.

“As a husband and wife team, we employ our family and friends, so the ‘creative process’ is always an entertaining one,” director Stacey Dennis told Mashable, when asked how they come up with their designs. Read more…

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13 times nature was scary AF in 2017


Never underestimate the power of nature — it continues to be filled with the most alarming creepy crawlers in the world.

Every year it seems like there’s no escaping from what nature has to offer. There were 13 times (and definitely more) of nature not holding back from being absolutely terrifying.

There’s no where to run from slithering snakes in gas pumps and bears breaking into your homes. 

1. When spider crabs ripped the crap out of an octopus

They didn’t even have one small ounce of remorse.  Read more…

2. This python attacking a hyena twice its size

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Apple iPhone X is coming to Israel on November 23rd, and will hit 13 more countries on the 24th

Apple plans on releasing the iPhone X in Israel on November 23rd and in 13 additional countries on November 24th. According to Apple, its carrier partners in the specified countries will also be receiving the tenth anniversary model on launch day. This comes three weeks after the initial release of the device, which took place on November 3rd in 57 markets like the U.S., China, Germany, the U.K. and many other countries.

Before Apple started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone X on October 27th, there was concern that the company wasn’t going to be able to meet demand because of problems …

Verizon added 274,000 net new postpaid phone subscribers in Q3, up 13% over last year's figure

The third quarter earnings season is now here, and first out of the gate is Verizon. For the period covering July through the end of September, Big Red added 274,000 net new postpaid phone subscribers. That is a 13.2% gain over the 242,000 added during the third quarter of 2016. Overall, Verizon added 603,000 net new subscribers including 91,000 net new tablet users and 238,000 using other connected devices including wearables. At the end of the third quarter, Verizon counted 109.7 million retail postpaid and 5.6 million retail prepaid connections.

With a retail postpaid churn rate of .75%, …

13 secret Galaxy Note 8 features that you need to know about

Samsung’s phones have always been feature-rich, both in hardware and software. Especially when we are talking about the Note series — a niche device for the power users who always want the biggest, baddest, and best in mobile hardware. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is no exception, decked out to the brim with biometric scanners, curved Edge screen, and the Samsung Experience UI, which is so full of options that a newcomer can easily get dizzy. If this is you, do check out our tips and tricks for the Note 8, which cover all the basic key features of the phone here:

Now, …

13 times 'The Defenders' roasted Iron Fist so you wouldn't have to


So you spent your weekend bingeing The Defenders and no spoilers, but Danny Rand is still the worst. Meeting Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage brings him down a few notches from his high horse of channeling chi, but only after his fellow heroes repeatedly roast him for being an idiot.

Snarky dialogue spoilers for The Defenders ahead, but nothing more.

Luke: “Who’re you?”

Luke: “Just some skinny white kid.”

Luke: “What’s the deal with that fist?
Danny: “I earned it.”
Luke: “You what?”

Danny: “I’m the immortal Iron Fist.” (this isn’t a burn, but try to keep a straight face when he says it) Read more…

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Report: Coral Blue Galaxy S8 and S8+ coming to the US on July 13

An image of the Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ leaked online back in June, and we knew right away the smartphones would eventually make their debut in the United States.

Even though we still don’t have any official information regarding their release, Droid-life has it from trusted sources that the Coral Blue Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be available for purchase in the US on July 13.

Both flagships will hit the shelves at Best Buy, as the US retailer managed to score another exclusivity over a Samsung handset. According to the same source, Best Buy will …

Amazon announces its 2017 Prime Day shopping event – 30 hours of deals in 13 countries

The previous two Prime Days have been a runaway success for Amazon, so the e-tail juggernaut just announced the third. Prime Day is quickly becoming one of the biggest shopping events of the year, and the upcoming one will be very soon, on Tuesday, July 11, with hundreds of thousands of deals exclusively for members of Amazon’s Prime club, wherever they might reside.

What’s cracking? Well, for the first time those with a Prime account will be able to access no less than 30 hours of deal shopping, starting at 6pm PT/9pm ET on Monday, July 10. The deals will …

Galaxy S8 continues to break records in Korea, sales exceed 1.3 million

Samsung has managed to sell over 1.3 million units of its 2017 flagship duo on home ground. Media outlet The Investor reports that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have broken all sales records in South Korea.

It is estimated that between 11,000 to 12,000 units of the two models are sold on a daily basis – a feat that no other high-end handset has managed to achieve in the East Asian country. The strong results have also caused the share price of Samsung Electronics to hit an all-time high of $2,123 on Monday. 
While nobody …