Most recent Sony Xperia phones have a hidden 120Hz display mode that you can't use

The 2017 Sony Xperia XZ Premium wasn’t a huge success for Sony sales-wise, but it had a real stand-out feature in the form of a beautiful, HDR-enabled 4K display. Shortly after the XZ Premium hit store shelves, rumors began to trickle that the phone’s display also has a high frame rate mode of 120Hz, much like the Razer Phone, which launched later in the year. Reports were contradictory, however, as enabling the 120Hz mode allegedly required making modifications to the kernel of the phone, so not many people, outside of developers and enthusiasts, were able to test it and confirm or deny the …

Here's all the games that support 120Hz on the Razer Phone

One of the biggest selling points of the Razer Phone is its “UltraMotion” display, which may not be the brightest one out there, or the most colorful, but it’s capable of running at a refresh rate of 120Hz. This is a boon for gamers, in theory at least. However, in reality, the benefits of the high refresh rate display are lost on games that are not optimized for running at 120Hz.

In fact, when the Razer Phone launched, there was a mere 10 or so games that supported the tech. Fortunately, however, this has changed over the few months since the phone’s launch, …

The reason for those smooth iPhone X gestures? 120Hz touch input sampling

Before actually getting to use the iPhone X last week, we were a bit on the fence about its new gesture-based navigation of swiping up, holding, or flipping through recent apps. Could these really replace the simple act of tapping the legacy home key? 

Our worries, it turned out during the review process, were in vain. Not only are the gestures very intuitive, and easy to become second nature, but also the sheer responsiveness of the display while executing those made us wonder what could be behind the smooth operation. We din’t encounter a …

The Razer Phone has an awesome 120Hz display, and here's how it works

Razer made headlines this week with the announcement of a new product (whose list of design features somehow lacks an array of rainbow-colored LED lights). The Razer Phone, as it is called, is essentially a phone made with high performance in mind – one built around top-notch hardware specs a passionate mobile gamer would demand. One component in particular – that 5.7-inch “UltraMotion” display – makes Razer’s first phone unique and even more worthy of attention than it already is.

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So what’s the …

Razer Phone is here with 5.7" 120Hz Ultramotion display, 8 GB of RAM, and it's insane!

The serious side of mobile gaming
Razer, a leading gaming tech company, is ready to enter the busy smartphone marketplace with a product of its own. Its debut handset is called Razer Phone, and it is not your average smartphone. In typical Razer fashion, it promises a true spectacle.

Understated looks with no blinking RGB lights
The Razer Phone has a classic, rectangular design. Think the entire Sony Xperia series, or the Nextbit Robin from last year. There are no rounded corners to minimize the footprint here. Just an unapologetic, simple rectangle. If you hold the device in landscape …