Deal: Sony Xperia XZ1 on sale for just $380 ($120 off) at B&H

Sony’s last year flagship, the Xperia XZ1 is now on sale in the United States for a price that many would consider a steal. It’s one of the few times that the smartphone’s price drops below $400, as far as we know.

US retailer B&H Video now offers the smartphone for just $380, down from $530 (according to the seller). However, you can find the Xperia XZ1 for $500 outright at many retailers across the country, but that’s still a $120 discount.

The only catch is the deal is only available for the Twilight Pink version of the Xperia XZ1. The other color options – Black, Horizon Blue, …

T-Mobile removes $120 down payment for Galaxy S9+, but only for well-qualified customers

If you already placed a pre-order for Samsung’s new Galaxy S9+ flagship at T-Mobile, then you may soon be able to benefit from a price tweak that will slightly reduce the price of the smartphone.

T-Mobile recently confirmed it has decided to completely remove the $120 down payment for Samsung Galaxy S9+ on JUMP! On Demand. Up until the beginning of March, the smartphone was available for $120 down and $31 per month on JOD, but the carrier will not be asking the down payment any longer.

However, there are a couple of things you should know before placing your Galaxy S9+ pre-order. …

Deal: Bose QuiteComfort 25 headphones on sale for 40% off, you save $120

Among the best audio companies in the United States, Bose’s portfolio contains quite a few high-quality headphones. More importantly, the company’s headphones are prices are pretty balanced, so they’re a pretty good alternative to high-tier products.

For example, the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones aimed at Android users cost around $300. However, Newegg is running a sale on Bose’s headphones, so customers can buy a pair for just $180.

The same pair of headphones is available for iOS users, but the discount is much smaller: $60. Still, if you’re using an iPhone, you can get the Bose …

Deal: Save $120 when you buy the Huawei Watch 2 at Amazon

Besides the Mate 9 bundle that we’ve already told you about earlier today, Amazon has another limited time offer on a Huawei product. For a very limited time, the Huawei Watch 2 is available for purchase for 40% off.

So, instead of getting the smartwatch for around $300, Amazon offers the Huawei Watch 2 for just $170. The bad news is the deal is only available for about 5 hours or so. It’s also worth noting that the two other versions of Huawei’s smartwatch are on sale at Amazon (Titanium Grey and Concrete Grey), but they are more expensive than the Carbon Black …

Deal: You can now grab an LG G6 for just $120 at Best Buy (Sprint model)

Looking at the price, it’s hard to believe that the LG G6 is a flagship launched this year. The smartphone is frequently available for purchase for less than $500 and, in some cases, even lower than $400.

It appears that the LG really wants to get rid of the G6, which wasn’t too popular among Android fans. That’s quite unfortunate since LG G6 is a decent device, so the only explanation could the fact that the competition offered much better products in the same price range.

So, the only thing that could make the LG G6 sell, would be to drop its price. That’s …

The entry-level ZTE Blade X launched at Cricket Wireless for $120

Cricket Wireless recently announced that it has picked up the sequel to the ZTE Blade X Max phablet, which made its debut the at the US carrier back in May. The new smartphone is called ZTE Blade X and it’s slightly smaller and cheaper than its bigger brother.

Starting today, the Blade X is available for purchase at Cricket Wireless, both online or at select retail locations for $120 outright. Specs-wise, ZTE’s entry-level smartphone almost unimpressive, hence the low price.

The smartphone ships with Android 7.1.1 Nougat right out of the box and features …

Buttery smooth: Sharp phone with 120 Hz display compared to Galaxy S8

This year, we saw the first mobile devices with 120 Hz display refresh rates — they were the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9. That’s double the usual 60 Hz refresh rate that’s out on most devices. What does it translate to? Smoother animations and a perception of a faster, more accurate response to the user’s touch inputs.

But what if we told you that there are phones out there that have 120 Hz displays? Yup, a couple of Sharp’s Aquos models have the high refresh rate. But, as you are probably guessing, they are only sold in Japan, as is often the case with Sharp’s high-tech handsets.

How …

Deal: Moto G4 price drops to just $120 (33% off) on Amazon

As Lenovo pushes Motorola to launch more mid-end smartphones, the Moto G4 becomes cheaper and cheaper. Introduced in the United States last year, 4th generation Moto G is now available for purchase for just $120 outright.

Usually, the Moto G4 sells for $180, but for a limited time, customers can pick this one up for 33% off. Moreover, Amazon is selling the unlocked version of the Moto G4, which is fully compatible with all major carriers in the US including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Although the smartphone initially shipped with Android 6.0 …

Spam caller facing $120 million fine from FCC

Spam callers everywhere take heed from the FCC’s latest $120 million proposed fine for a robocall operation. Adrian Abramovich, the leader of such an operation, is facing the hefty fine after a three-month stint of robocalls selling timeshares. A total of 96 million calls went out with 80 million of them verified to be of Adrian’s creation.

While telemarketing calls are not illegal, Abramovich’s technique of spoofing numbers is. Neighbor spoofing, as it’s called, masks the incoming phone number with the same first 6 digits as the recipients, making them much more likely to answer …

Deal: Get a Sprint LG G6 for just $120

If you happen to need a new Sprint LG G6, you should seriously consider buying one before the end of this week. That’s because Best Buy is currently selling the G6 for only $5 on Sprint’s 24-month Installment Billing Plan, so you’ll end up paying just $120 for the smartphone (that’s more than $500 off its launch price). Undoubtedly, this is a rare deal, considering the fact that the LG G6 is a high-end flagship phone that’s only several months old.

The deal requires a new line, with savings being “deducted off the full total price of the device and reflected …