Facebook's Zuckerberg agrees to testify April 10th during a Senate hearing on data privacy

As the fallout from the scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica continues, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been invited to testify at a hearing to be held on April 10th by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. The hearing will focus on data privacy and sources inside Facebook say that Zuckerberg will testify. Also receiving invitations to appear at the hearing are Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Both men might feel the pressure to testify if Zuckerberg agrees to appear. The CEOs who do attend are sure to be grilled relentlessly by committee members.

Last …

Get Super Mario Run for half price starting on Mario Day (March 10th)

Did you know that Mario Day is coming? The little Italian plumber who actually debuted with the launch of the Donkey Kong arcade game in July 1981, has now become an iconic video game character. And every March 10th, we celebrate his existence. Why March 10th? Because the date can be written as MAR10 which sort of spells out his name. And starting on Mario Day, mobile game players can take 50% off the price of the Super Mario Run app.

To refresh your memory, the app is free to download on your iOS or Android handsets. But the portion of the game that comes with no cost will most likely not …

BlackBerry Motion to launch November 10th in Canada

The latest handset from BlackBerry Mobile, the BlackBerry Motion, is expected to make its way stateside to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Thus far though, there has been no official word about U.S. availability for the “all touch” model. Thanks to an announcement made today by BlackBerry Mobile, we do know that the device will be available in Canada starting on November 10th. On that date, the phone will be available from Koodo and in select Bell, TELUS and SaskTel stores priced at $99 CAD (equivalent to $77 USD at current exchange rates) with a signed two-year pact. The regular retail price is …

Final retail packaging for 10th anniversary iPhone cases show the iPhone 8 moniker?

Last week, we saw a couple of reports concerning the name that Apple will give its tenth anniversary iPhone model. Up to now, everyone has called this device the Apple iPhone 8. Last Friday, we passed along a report stating that this version of the iPhone will actually be called the Apple iPhone Edition. The same rumor mentioned that the sequels to the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus will be named the Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus, respectively.

If that wasn’t enough to make your head spin, the very next day another rumor made its way around the water cooler. This time, the …

Report: Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-orders to begin April 10th

The latest rumored information has the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and presumably the Galaxy S8+) being unveiled on March 29th in New York City, and launched on April 21st. That straight line from unveiling to launch is missing one key date. According to word out of South Korea, pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S8 will begin on April 10th. Samsung has delayed the introduction of its flagship phone this year. Various rumors indicate that the delay was forced on Samsung by the delivery schedule for the Snapdragon 835 chipset. Another reports have suggested that Samsung is taking things slow in order to prevent …

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone 8 specs leaked

The year 2017 will be marking iPhone’s 10th anniversary in the market, and Apple is expected to celebrate it in style with a completely new iPhone launch.


The new iPhone is reportedly set to be called the iPhone 8 and not iPhone 7s. Also, the hardware of this new iPhone is already being worked upon at an office in Herzliya, Israel, according to reports by Business Insider, citing an unnamed local employee. This employee also added that the employees at the Israeli facility work on all new Apple products such as chipset, storage system and camera systems used by Apple’s iPhones.

The anonymous Apple staffer intimated that the next iPhone will be significantly different from the last few previous iPhone models, which have been critiqued as being too similar. On the specification front, the new iPhone 8 will be a complete redesign with an edge-to-edge screen with curved glass, a flexible OLED panel concealing the home button, an all-glass body rather than an aluminium one, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, earpiece and FaceTime camera beneath the screen. The smartphone might also have a better rear-facing camera.

An Apple spokesperson said the company does not comment on rumour or speculation.

Apple’s new iPhone on September 10th

Predictions by analysts and tech pundits will be paid heed to and heard by several as fans camp and line up and camp outside is soon to be spectated. The Cupertino Tech giant, Apple Inc. has announced September 10 as the official date for the launch of the newest iteration of its immensely anticipated gadget, the iPhone 5S.

Aside from the flurry of hot rumours, the developers are waiting with abated breath for the official release of the device’s operating system, the hotly awaited iOS 7. The iOS 7 is said to have the long expected major overhaul, both in terms of visuals and functionality. Developers have had been tinkering with the beta version of the OS for quite a while and now eagerly anticipate the release of its official version which is to happen on the same day as the device.

Leading app development companies like Apps Developers Australia (SDI) have already initiated development for adapting to the fresh functionality features of the device. The OS now consists of both a pull down events notifier and a pull up quick settings toggle. Having developed for premium clients such as PepsiCo and Stanford University, only the finest of applications can be expected by such established development companies.

The software has a lot to be talked about, even when it comes to design of the icons, which now have on board the most talked about hardware designer, Jonathan Ive. What is ought to leave us in awe will be the product of the day itself, the iPhone 5S. Like every year, the gadget has an unbelievably long list of rumors. Some of the most prominent being the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner, a not so different change from the iPhone 5 and the imbibed launch of the iTunes Radio, Apple’s own ad supported free internet music service.

But perhaps, the biggest attraction of them, a product which is bound to steal the limelight is the iPhone 5C. ‘C’ is most likely attributed to ‘Colour’, since several leaks have pointed out that the budget friendly iPhone variant will be available in a wide variety of colours and will be composed of a polycarbonate body, unlike its premium aluminium-cased sibling. If the iPhone 5C is indeed more than just another rumor, the tech community and markets are bound to go haywire.

Due to being prohibitively expensive, the masses avoided purchasing the device outright, but now with a variant that won’t burn a hole in the pockets of the masses, there won’t be anything stopping the new iPhone to take the markets by storm. In such a scenario, no business can afford to not have a dedicated iPhone app as that would mean losing out on a lot of potential customers.

With the sales of new iPhone models predicted to skyrocket, iOS app development is bound to shoot through the roof. The options for bogus app developers may also increase simultaneously, but in the end it will only be trusted and reliable app developers like SDI, which will come up with apps, which stand out from the crowd. Have an idea in the mind? Get it translated into the most trendy and robust iPhone app in the latest possible fashion and security.

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