'Find my iPhone' helped authorities arrest a man who stole over 100 phones at Coachella

The Coachella festival started last weekend in Indio, California. And just like any other large gathering of people, it attracted some rather shady individuals. According to the LA Times, one of those people managed to steal over 100 smartphones in one day.

Several people, attending the festival, noticed their phones are missing and managed to activate the Find my iPhone feature. When they tracked the devices, they all independently managed to pinpoint the same man as the one who has their phones – Reinaldo de Jesus Henao, 36 year old of New York.

The festivalgoers …

LG G6 to gain 100 customized apps for its 18:9 display

LG Electronics is planning to increase the number of applications optimized for its 2017 flagship – the G6. The Seoul-based tech giant announced that by next month, its app store will boast 300 apps which will fully support the 18:9 “Full Vision” display of the G6.

At the time of writing, there are about 200 apps which support the unusual aspect ratio on the company’s SmartWorld store, so these numbers suggest that we will see a 50% increase in this particular segment of LG’s digital market. 
As Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ …

$100 nets you a big screen and a fingerprint scanner if you get the new LG Harmony on Cricket

$100 phones just get nicer with every passing year. If you look back a year or two ago, the choices in this price range were mostly rare and borderline offensive to anyone after a remotely decent user experience. Not any longer. Today, a Benjamin gets you something like the new LG Harmony, which just launched on Cricket.

The phone has a simple plastic build with metal accents, but isn’t ugly in any way. More importantly, it has a fairly big 5.3-inch display with a 720p resolution that’s not as sharp as 1080p, but still quite serviceable. There are an 8MP rear camera, …

Sprint Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-orders come with $100 reward eCertificate from Samsung

Samsung promised customers who pre-order the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will receive their phones one week earlier. Otherwise, the phones should hit global markets on April 28, if nothing bad happens.

But that’s not the only advantage you get by pre-ordering either of the two phones, as Samsung has plenty of promotional offers running until April 20 or even after that date. While just about every customers who pre-orders one of the flagships will get a free Samsung Gear VR with Controller, not everyone will be getting the new deal from Sprint.

If you pre-order …

Costco saves you money on the purchase of a $100 Google Play code and a $50 gift card

If you’re a Costco member, the wholesale warehouse club is giving you the opportunity to purchase Google Play codes at a discount. Normally, Costco sells a $100 code for $92.99. That is a $7.01 or 7.01% haircut. But from now until April 16th, Costco will take off an additional $10, which means it will sell you a $100 code for $82.99. That is a $17.01 or 17.01% discount. Codes arrive via email.

If you use Google Play codes often, this is a great deal. You can use the credits to buy paid apps, or to pay for content like songs, movies, television shows and books. You can even use it toward …

Save up to $100 on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ by pre-ordering at Best Buy

ProductLocationCarrier Price
(on Best Buy)Best Buy DiscountTotal SavingsSamsung
Galaxy S8
(Verizon)Best Buy$30 x 24 mo.
($720) $27.91 x 24 mo.
Galaxy S8
(AT&T)Best Buy$25 x 30 mo.
($750)$23.33 x 30 mo.
Galaxy S8
(Sprint)Best Buy$31.25 x 24 mo.
($750)$29.16 x 24 mo.
Galaxy S8+
(Verizon)Best Buy$34 x 24 mo.
($816)$29.83 x 24 mo.
($715.92)$100.08Samsung …

A non-trivial list of the 100+ must-have Android apps in 2017

Android is the world’s most popular operating system by a long shot and it has a gigantic ecosystem of apps with more than 2 million applications on the Google Play Store, but having so much choice often means that it’s hard to find the essential apps, the ones that truly enrich your experience in a meaningful way.

That’s what this selection of essential Android apps aims to do: help you discover the very best of the platform without the tiresome trial-and-error.

Time and time again, we keep on coming back to these appsThis is not a conclusive list, but we’ve …

Best Buy offers up to $100 off the LG Watch Style, no catch involved

If you want a new smartwatch of reputable quality at a reasonable price, Best Buy has an attractive offer. The recently released LG Watch Style normally sells for $250, but Best Buy lets you pick it up for $180 and keep a healthy $70 in your pocket.

All three colors are sold at discount, but the Rose Gold variant is actually $100 cheaper, as it normally sells for $280. Considering that the LG Watch Style is nice and all – it looks okay and runs the latest Android Wear 2.0 – but lacks the convenience of NFC (so no mobile payments) and GPS (no location tracking), $180 is a much sweeter …

Samsung shaves $100 off the Galaxy S7/edge prices across the board, and throws in free memory

Samsung has seemingly dropped the prices of its flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in anticipation of the Galaxy S8 announcement in three weeks or so. While the cuts aren’t as drastic as during the holiday shopping season, they are now across the board, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and unlocked models.

As you can see, Samsung is shaving a Benjamin off all Galaxy S7 and S7 edge prices, and it is also throwing in a free 64 GB card with the purchase of an S7, or a 128 GB one for the S7 edge. That’s not even counting various carrier or BestBuy promos that cut the prices …

More than 100 Play Store apps tried to infect Android devices with Windows malware

In a curious case uncovered by security research firm Palo Alto Networks, 132 apps published on Google’s Play Store were found to contain malware designed for Windows PCs. The apps, which were published by a total of seven developers and some of which had more than 10,000 downloads, all shared the common symptom of concealed iframe tags in their HTML code.

The iframes, which are most commonly used for embedding external elements, such as a YouTube video, in a webpage, tried loading elements from two well-known malicious Poland-based domains. What’s even …