Get these “Epic Platformer” Android games for just $1

Humble Bundle is back with another pack of great games aimed at Android users. The new pack is called “Epic Platformers” and, not surprising, it contains some of the best platformer games you can get on Google Play.

The bundle contains nine games initially, but at least one other will be added next week. You can choose one of the three price tiers, which will offer access to a different number of games.

The lowest tier is priced at $1 and includes access to three platformer games: Devious Dungeon, Devious Dungeon 2, and Eggggg – The Platform Puker. For more …

Best free Android and iPhone games! (May 1 – 7)

What’s up, gamers? Some fantastic games that you can play for free came up last week on both Android and iOS! Check out what’s available in the slideshow and take your pick.

We have 10 brand new titles covering puzzle games, arcade games, strategies, and plenty of other genres in-between. They are all lined up below, complete with images, links, and videos.
Enjoy these games and happy playing!


HMD to support Nokia phones manufactured after December 1, 2016 only

Soon after Microsoft offered to sell its ex-Nokia mobile division to the Finnish company HDM Global, it outsourced support for its feature phones and smartphones to a company called B2X.

B2X is a global service company that provides customer care support for mobiles devices on behalf of major players in the market, including Apple and Microsoft.

However, B2X is only going to provide support for Nokia feature phones and Lumia smartphones that were built before December 1, 2016. HMD confirmed recently that it would offer support to Nokia-branded features phone …

Beats 1 to broadcast live from renovated 5th Avenue Apple Store?

According to a report published today, Apple is thinking about adding broadcasting facilities to the 5th Avenue Apple Store that is being renovated in New York City. The plan is to have Beats 1 radio broadcast some of its programming from the retail location. Currently, one of the DJ’s heard on Beats 1, Ebro Darden, is believed to be broadcasting from a location on West 27th Street in the Big Apple. The store will more than double its size when the renovation, which started in January, is completed. Apple is currently running a make-shift Apple Store inside a former FAO Schwartz store which is …

'Westworld' boss reveals huge moment you probably missed in the Season 1 finale


Westworld won’t be back on our screens until 2018 — so it’s no surprise that the spoiler-averse showrunners, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, kept a lid on any details about Season 2 at the show’s PaleyFest panel on Saturday night.

That didn’t stop fans or the intrepid moderator from trying, of course: They grilled Nolan on everything from whether we’ll see other theme parks in Season 2, like the previously teased Samurai World (“That’d be cool, wouldn’t it?” Nolan coyly deflected), to whether Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) shot park creator Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in the Season 1 finale because she had developed her own consciousness, or simply because Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) had programmed her to. (“Isn’t it more fun to just guess?” Nolan teased.) Read more…

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Instagram hits 1 million advertisers, double the amount it had 6 months ago

Instagram is in demand as a platform for advertisers. Since September, the number of companies that actively advertise on the picture and video sharing app has doubled to one million. A year ago, that number was 200,000. Advertising on Instagram can be quite fruitful for these firms, especially since as many as 400 million people are using the app every day. James Quarles, who is the head of advertising at Instagram, says the appeal of the site goes beyond the raw numbers.

According to Quarles, 80% of Instagram’s users follow at least one business. The idea is to get these Instagram account …

No. 1 best-selling book on Amazon is some very light reading


Michael J. Knowles’ newest book has reached the top of the charts

The actor and conservative news site The Daily Wire correspondent’s 266-page political overview of the Democratic party is, well, quite the page-turner. And a surprisingly quick read, given the subject matter.

Here’s a quick flip through the book, Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide:

Coming soon to Amazon #WorldBookDay

— Michael Knowles 🇺🇸 (@michaeljknowles) March 3, 2017

Yup, it’s filled with empty pages. And has earned Knowles the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s best-sellers book page. He said on Fox News earlier this week that he “took a very long time to research this book.” Funny. Read more…

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Apple may add wireless charging to iPhone 8, but top-end model could cost $1,000

There are rumors swirling around the iPhone 8 suggesting Apple could be planning to offer a major technology leap forward with its 10th Anniversary iPhone, but the highest-end devices may not be cheap.


Business Insider has published a pair of rumors on various aspects of the upcoming iPhone 8. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple will move back to all-glass construction with the iPhone 8 for all three models. The use of glass could make it more difficult to implement the wireless charging support Kuo expects the new device to offer, and overheating could be a problem due to the difference in thermal dissipation between glass and metal. Kuo writes:

Adoption of glass casing & wireless charging unfavorable to thermal system operation for three new 2017F iPhone models; bigger impact on OLED model. The thermal system becomes less efficient with glass casing, as compared to metal casing used previously. Furthermore, wireless charging increases handset temperature. While we don’t expect general users to notice any difference, lamination of an additional graphite sheet is needed for better thermal control and, thus, steady operation; this is because FPCB is replaced with film, which is more sensitive to temperature change of the 3D touch sensor in OLED iPhone.

Kuo suspects that Apple can solve this problem by adding the aforementioned graphene sheet, but that it could increase the cost of the OLED panel by as much as 50%. That brings us to our second rumor. Scuttlebutt suggests the top-end iPhone 8 with an OLED display, wireless charging, and a 5.8-inch screen could hit $1,000 or even more. Mark Sullivan of Fast Company agrees with Kuo on this point. Sullivan expects the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) to offer more RAM, more storage, and possibly higher clock speeds than other Apple devices.

The iPhone 8/X is also expected to offer home buttons and fingerprint sensors built directly into its edge-to-edge screen, a double camera, and 3D-sensing technology provided by Lumentum. Companies like Amazon and Google have played with 3D-sensing technology to varying degrees, and the tech could be useful in augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

Now, keep in mind, that $1,000+ price tag is strictly for the premium model. There would be three smartphones in total: A 4.7-inch model (iPhone 7s), a 5.5-inch model (iPhone 7s Plus) and the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 or iPhone X with higher specs wherever possible. Apple has supposedly tied up OLED suppliers and is working on integrating a much larger battery into the iPhone 8/X. The company is also expected to use both Intel and Qualcomm modems.

For now, it looks like Apple will debut a number of brand-new features for the iPhone 8/X, then roll those features out to the entire product lineup, most likely the following year. That would keep some technologies positioned as halo items for the luxury buyers, while simultaneously ensuring over the long term that these features would be used.

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Some of us will be roaming the show floor live, while others will be back at the TC Booth conducting live interviews with some of hardware’s biggest names, including GoPro’s Nick Woodman, Dan Gilbert (founder of Quicken Loans and Detroit Venture… Read More

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