Strength Master Treadmills – The Review

Strength Master is a fantastic treadmill brand that has rapidly emerged and established itself as a manufacturer of top quality fitness equipment in every corner of the world. The quality fitness equipment includes treadmills produced by Strength Master, which are extremely innovative, packed with very useful features, and available at affordable prices to meet the demands of a growing market.

Located in the Asia, specifically Taiwan, Strength Master was founded in 1994, specialising in the design, development and production of consumer fitness and exercise equipment. Since then the manufacturer has gone from strength to strength and has proven their expertise and potential in what is a competitive market. In recognition of their effort, StengthMaster has earned global awards, certificates and commendations. This has paved the way for Strength Master to compete well in the worldwide market.

With their treadmill range Strength Master have shown great product innovation. They produce treadmills with great specifications while being able to keep the costs low. Two prime examples of quality treadmills in their range which meet the demands of consumers are the Strength Master MI-411 and MI-611. These treadmills are essentially the same, with the MI-611 a more powerful version.

The StrengthMaster MI-611 is the biggest and most powerful in the range. Strength Master has done an excellent job as it meets the needs of the entry-level fitness enthusiast as well as the trained athlete. This is a well-built, sturdy and reliable treadmill that is semi-commercial. Strength Master has really paid attention to detail in every aspect. There is a big running track and fantastic features that are sure to motivate anyone, including a built-in screen, which can play TV, DVD and MP3!

The Strength Master MI-411 and MI-611 both have great specifications. This includes controls to adjust both the speed and incline, including feedback such as distance, speed and calories. With 16 programmes including user-defined programmes and a body fat calculator, Strength Master treadmills aim to provide consumers with powerful features to help them achieve their goals.

Specifically in the aforementioned treadmills, there is also a 7-inch TFT-LCD TV screen that is sure to keep any user entertained and motivated during workouts. This screen can be connected to an MP3 player and includes a TV aerial socket. Composite video inputs mean a DVD can be easily connected. You can also adjust how the screen shows, such as the colour and brightness. Strength Master treadmills are easy to use, so you can play around the screen while adjusting your workout. There is no excuse for getting bored while running on the treadmill, Strength Master have made sure their treadmills are fit for this century.

Another fantastic feature that Strength Master treadmills have is that they have a hydraulic folding system and wheels so are easy to fold and can be moved around with ease. This is great for most consumers as they are manoeuvrable, and practical for home use where space can be limited.

There are good reasons why Strength Master treadmills are sold over the world, they are very consumer orientated, packed with features and are priced extremely well especially in comparison to other treadmills with similar features. Strength Master is a reliable and trustable brand in the world of treadmills, as they continue to grow. For anyone wanting good quality treadmills at a reasonable price, Strength Master really are recommended.

Source: Dave Ashton
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