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Currently, the average price in Sterling Heights, MI, real estate in the home is $ 187,000. Now for Sterling Heights in Michigan real estate from $ 54,500 for their two-bedroom house with $ 499,900 for brick colonial on a premium price of the wooded lot with creek access.

If you are interested in buying Sterling Heights, MI real estate, but have past credit issues or little established credit, you may think you are not at home because the lender will not give you mortgage loan.

But you are wrong, because home ownership can still be achieved with a little knowledge.

If you already have a Sterling Heights, Michigan real estate, but they need to sell your house quickly, because transfer of labor to prevent the closure or for other reasons, you also have the options you may be familiar.

Here we have gathered about Sterling Heights, MI real estate information and describe strategies that troubled sellers or buyers expect you might want to consider.

Facts and Figures

Located in Macomb County, the figures collected in 2000 Census data shows that it is the fourth largest city in Michigan by population, which was 124,471 at the time. The city occupies 36.7 square kilometers in area, north of Warren, and less than 40 minutes northeast of downtown Detroit.

The town was incorporated in 1968. By the time he was known as the town of Sterling, the word “Heights” was added to avoid confusion with a small village named Sterling Arenac County. 2006 Money magazine listed him as one of the best small town living

There are currently more than 600 homes Sterling Heights, MI real estate listings, so if you want to live in one of the best small towns in the country, you should have no trouble finding something that appeals to you. If you need more reasons to look into Sterling Heights, Michigan real estate offices, see below.

Safety and economy

Among cities with populations greater than 100,000, Sterling Heights is 16. The safest city in the country and the safest in Michigan, according to Morgan Quitno Press. City safety is determined to work hard to do a good job the police department and an active community watch network.

American City Business Journals lists as one of the least economically stressed cities in the United States of America. According to the journal, only one major city in Michigan and six other countries are “less stressed”. Economic diversity and large industrial companies such as Daimler Chrysler, Visteon, and General Dynamics to lend to the economic well-being of the city and to attract potential buyers Sterling Heights, MI real estate market.

Sterling Heights was ranked by the Ladies Home Journal as the second best Michigan city and 16 women working in the best city in the country. The average income for women is quite a bit higher than in many other cities. In 2000, the average income per family was $ 70,000, which is much higher than most Michigan cities. The city was given the + and high-level one “family friendly” cities in suburban DC Population Connection, a nonprofit organization.

Shopping, food and other retail businesses in Sterling Heights, Michigan full of real estate picture. Lakeside Mall, with more than 180 stores is one of the largest malls in the Metro Detroit area. In total, 3,500 companies are located within the city limits.

Buying and selling

With everything, Sterling Heights, MI real estate market has to offer, you may find that selling is easy. However, there are currently almost 400 properties classified as an accredited MLS listings Sterling Heights, Michigan real estate market. MLS listings national database of available properties.

Foreclosures are properties that have reverted to the lender payment. In many cases, real estate companies to buy these properties at auction and try to sell them. City and county governments may also take over the properties of non-payment of taxes. Until now it was the other Michigan cities problem, since the property went back to the city, they could not “do” anything with them.

If you won the Sterling Heights real estate, but bruised credit and can not get a bank loan, then your main option is to find a vendor willing to work under such conditions. What are the conditions? Well the best is what is called a lease option (also known as “rent to own) or buy the land contract.

Own a bike is the most effective tool for as long as you have a job and brings in revenue and remain consistent to their financial limits are vendors who will work this time, and you buy your home. This will give you time to repair your credit, you can get a bank loan, and you are living at home and then cash the seller out of the house and buy it.

In short, the rental contract allows the purchase of own home with no bank qualifying / or funding the loan advance.

If you already have a Sterling Heights MI real estate, but they need to sell your house quickly, how to sell your home is to offer seller financing – but what do you do when you sell or rent its own land-based contract. You can actually open their homes to a much larger segment of the home buying market by offering seller financing, because there are many people who want to buy a home you can afford it, but can not get a bank mortgage loan in advance as a credit score.

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