Samsung LCD TV – the Popular and Better Models

The success and popularity of LCD TV in the world today is impressive. Equally impressive are some of the LCD TV models offered by the major brands with great features which ensure unique viewing experiences. If you have decided to buy a LCD TV, it is better to familiarize yourself with the some of the renowned brands offering the same. Samsung is one of the successful companies offering some of the best LCD TV models available in the market today.

Samsung LCD TV Models

Among the few different models of Samsung LCD TV, the LN-T4661F is one of the best models available in the market. Though considered to be in the higher price range, the great picture quality across program formats and the onscreen menu system distinguishes it from other models from well known brands available, giving it a better edge..

The Samsung LNT4061FX television is yet another good model you can choose from the available different models of Samsung LCD TV’s. The important features  like 40” screen size, 1080p supported resolution, HDMI supported standards, widescreen, and available for an array of connector types including USB, audio line-in, audio line-out, composite video/audio input, VGA input, digital audio output, HDMI, component video input, S-video input, and headphones makes it a good choice.

Its other attractions include V-chip, video noise reduction, on-screen menu, and a digital natural image engine. These features make it a better option among all the Samsung LCD TV models available today.

Another smart pick in the wide variety of Samsung LCD TV Models is LNT4665FX. This has the brightest and clearest LCD picture available today. It has 1080p resolution, and the color-saturated 46” picture .The 15000:1 dynamic contrast ratio allows to plot rich blacks and is able to capture subtle details.

The response time for this particular model is 8ms and this helps to give a smooth motion with out any delay between the pictures you see. The 3 HDMI ports and the hidden side speakers offer a great quality sound and connectivity with the digital devices.

You can find many leading brands offering LCD TV’s, but the Samsung has succeeded in creating a niche in the LCD TV market by assuring the customers best quality and value possible. Samsung is a leading and reputed electronics company and you can be assured of better overall experience.

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