Samsung Galaxy S4 Improved Camera vs Apple iPhone 6 Smart Rear Camera 3D photography

In The News Tribe’s previous post we have compared rumoured Display specifications of both the most anticipated smartphones. In Today’s post we will compare Camera functioning of both the phones.

iPhone 6′s Edge in Camera So Far

For last many iPhone series phones, camera functioning remains more or less the same irritating Apple’s fan who overate US tech giant ability regarding innovation. But iPhone 6 could really be an innovative device at least in Camera functioning.


1. Smart Rear Camera

Some reports have suggested that iPhone 6 will be equipped with a Smart Rear Camera, perhaps Sony’s 13 Megapixel sensor with much awaited flash upgradation.

An analyst even predicts that Apple’s iPhone 6 will have a better camera system including f2.0 aperture and enhanced LED Flash Light to give iPhone users a unique experience of snapping their memorable moments.

2. 3D Imaging Camera

3D photography will really be an innovative move, if Apple has decided to integrate it into iPhone 6.

A detailed report in Patently Apple has discussed in length about Apple’s achievement in inventing killer 3D Imaging Camera for iOS devices. International Business Times, based on this report, claimed that Apple could use this 3D imaging technology in upcoming iPhone 6.

““One sensor would capture a polarizing image, while two other sensors would capture two different nonpolarizing images, and Apple’s system would combine the images into a composite,” an earlier report of The News Tribe said.

But still iPhone 6 will not be the first one to use 3D photography as HTC Evo 3D is already using the same technology.

3. Timer for Photographer

Another exciting camera feature could be ‘Time for Photographer’ sensing technology in iPhone 6.

This feature ensures a photographer’s presence in any memorable family event or friends party by sensing his or her face.

An aerial view of these camera functions really giving a look of the Killer Camera for iPhone 6.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Improved Camera

So far, there is no revealing information leaked about Galaxy S4 camera except that it will have 13 Megapixel camera. Galaxy S3 had a 8MP camera.

But Samsung fans are expecting something unusual and innovative in camera functioning of Galaxy S4. One report claims that Galaxy S4 camera aperture could be f2.2, apparently more powerful than rumoured f2.0 aperture of iPhone 6 Camera.

Camera with f2.2 means that Galaxy S4 could take high quality snaps even in low light conditions.



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