Samsung 3D TV: Accessories for Sale

Samsung 3D TV is one of the latest technologies which can be on discount sales on the market and being tested by different viewers today. Viewing it’s not complete without its accessories. The standard advisors all may be the 3D glasses wherein it lets viewers feel the full dimension of your 3D TV. There are other accessories for Samsung 3D TV on sale as well, for example consumers is going to get them if separately.

* Adult 3D Glasses (Battery Type)
Viewers reach enjoy the full dimension of Samsung 3D TV with these set of glasses. It’s got enhanced 3D resolution up to 1920×1080 and it has lightweight frames. There’re very feels good giving the sense of just wearing ordinary stylish glasses. It can take as much as 50 hours of viewing that has a frame rate of 120. Additionally there is a built-in transmitter utilizing this type of model. This accessory is sold separately.

* Adult 3D Glasses (Rechargeable Type)
They have almost identical features when using the battery type even though this type has rechargeable feature as opposed to previous one. Viewers no more should replace batteries ? all they want to do is recharge these its bundle accessory that’s the rechargeable cable. There’s a difference having its viewing hours when compared to the battery type – it only last for 30 viewing hours. Its package weight is all about 400g and its set weight is all about 37.6g together with the rechargeable battery included. Frame rate is about 120 and its transmittance is 35%. It’s got also the identical enhance 3D resolution while using battery type 1920×1080.

* Kids 3D Glasses (Rechargeable Type)
This type is perfect for kids. It has the same features when using the adult rechargeable enter in that the viewing hours about 30, a rechargeable type using a frame rate of 120 and transmittance approximately 35%. Its power socket can be a micro USB cable. To use package incorporates the rechargeable cable, user manual and batteries but they are built-in, no extras included. What’s more , it includes a built-in transmitter. Full resolution viewable using this type of accessory is 1920×1080. This accessory is sold separately.

* Ultra-slim Wall Mount
This is definitely accessory wherein it places the 3D TV onto a wall, like a picture frame. Not only does it make it look elegant about the wall could minimizes the area being consumed devoid of the wall mount. They may be quick to run through using its guidelines included in the package. What’s more , it requires lesser materials that creates this accessory eco-friendly. There are low profile that the distance between within the wall towards the back in the 3D TV is mostly about two centimeters. This accessory is likewise sold separately.

* Push-button control (Touch type)
This is not any ordinary handheld remote control that standard televisions have. Control the Samsung 3D TV utilizing its 3-inch intuitive screen at full color. It gives viewers in order to features conveniently also it even provides a QWERTY keyboard for easier access and employ of internet@tv services just like Twitter or Facebook. This handheld control is not just usable for this model but in addition with models as well including the LEDTV.

There are many accessories for Samsung 3D TV easily obtainable in this market. Quite a lot of which might be not included in the package. Before choosing, look into the bundle of accessories that will be within the Samsung 3D TV deal.

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