Reverse Cell Phone Number Directory – How To Identify Unknown Cell Phone Calls

Getting calls from unknown numbers normally isn’t a problem.  Usually, you can just let the call go into your voicemail and wait to see how the person identifies himself or herself and then decide what to do about the call.

But what if the caller doesn’t leave a message?  And what if the caller is persistent and keeps calling back?  Well, you can just call the number back and deal with them straight on.  That’s one option.  But what if you would rather not do that for whatever reason?  Is there a way to confidentially identify this kind of call?  

The Usefulness of a Reverse Cell Phone Number Directory

Now, if the number calling you was a landline number, you could have consulted the White Pages or a whole host of other online free directories.  But you won’t find cell phone numbers there.  They aren’t considered public domain.  So, the only kind of site that will carry the information you need is a reverse cell phone number directory.  

They get their data from the major wireless carriers.  These carriers began leasing this data to the sites a few years ago.  The sites have to charge a small fee for the results of online searches to offset their costs and turn a small profit.  The cost of the results is about the price of a dinner for one at your local Olive Garden.

Just enter the number into the site.  It will then tell you if it is maintained in their database.  If so, you will find out from what city and state the number was issued and whether the owner’s name is available.  From there you can decide whether to pay for the results.  

The results will tell you the owner’s name, address, map location of address, wireless carrier, how many members in the household, previous addresses, and other phone numbers belonging to the owner.  

This should be more than enough information to ID the cell phone caller and put an end to your problem.  Next time you need to get to the bottom of just who is behind a cell phone number you don’t recognize, just consult a reliable reverse cell phone number directory and you’ll have accurate results in a matter of minutes.

Source by: Alec McEachern
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