Pixel 2 vs iPhone X vs Note 8 vs LG V30 LTE speeds test crowns the Google phone

Apple uses two different modems in its latest iPhone X – by Qualcomm or Intel – with the Qualcomm one being its latest X16 that features prominently in all 2017 flagships like the Galaxy S8, LG V30, or the Pixel 2. It allows for up to 1Gbps download speeds, and will only be replaced by a faster, 1.2Gbps modem when phones with Snapdragon 845 hit the market in the spring. Well, save for the Mate 10 Pro, which already has a X18 1.2Gbps modem inside, but it is not tuned to the US LTE bands to take advantage here. The Intel piece, on the other side, maxes out at 600Mbps, so Apple had to basically …



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