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Earlier this month, Capcom announced it would be porting the original MegaMan games for the NES onto both iOS and Android. However, the company didn’t share any information regarding a time frame other than “sometime in 2017”. Now, Capcom has opened … [Continue reading]

Samsung Champ- Cheapest Touch Screen Mobile

Samsung Champ C3300 comes with the outstanding features available at very affordable price. It is the youth oriented mobile phone with stunning looks. This little and cute small box carries all the big and advanced features. Samsung Champ fetches a … [Continue reading]

Samsung's Galaxy S Family of Phones

Samsung's Galaxy Smartphones have created quite a stir in the Android phones market. One of the biggest assets of the Android offerings by Samsung is the combination of sleek looks and features. The Galaxy S line includes the Captivate, Vibrant, Epic … [Continue reading]

Weekly Roundup: Obama imposes sanctions on Russian intelligence, Snapchat and Oculus eat up startups


 This year, Donald Trump’s U.S. election triumph sent Silicon Valley into a spiral of uncertainty, Facebook addressed its fake news problem, the IPO landscape saw little action and the UK separated form the EU. Snapchat rebranded to Snap … [Continue reading]

My List of Expensive Cars Begins With None Other Than the Bugatti Veyron

There are expensive cars and there are expensive cars. It all depends on your definition of expensive. For a billionaire, the word expensive might not even exist in their vocabulary. For a teenager only just learning to drive and who isn't dirt rich, … [Continue reading]