Samsung Galaxy s7 Pros and Cons


In this contemporary world of technology, gadgets are interlinked with each and every aspect of our life. Especially when it comes to phones and tablets people become very choosy and they go for the best one. Galaxy series has already created a huge … [Continue reading]

Sony Xperia Z7 Release Date Rumors Q1 2017 – Z7, Z7 Mini, and Z7 Premium


Sony has been somewhat unpredictable over the course of the last couple of Xperia Z smartphones as they seem to be doing what many said they wouldn’t be doing. It all started just after the Xperia Z4 launched as it was believed that Sony Inc was … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge 2017 of the Most Buzzing Features of the Upcoming Phablet


The current generation Galaxy S7 Edge is an outstanding phone. Having a larger battery and an eye catching design, it has become one of the hottest devices of this year. But still, there is a room for improvement. Hopefully, the next-generation … [Continue reading]

The Many Types of Red Wine

Wines are of many types. Red wine is a type of wine which is extracted from red, dark purple or blue colored grapes. This wine is red in color. Red wine is produced by fermenting grape juice. The red color of the wine is due to the tannins present in … [Continue reading]